9+ Fastest Cannabis Strains That Flower in 45 Days!

If you’re an impatient grower who can’t wait to harvest after germinating weed seeds, have a look at these fast flowering cannabis strains!

After planting weed seeds, you start dreaming of enjoying that feeling of getting high.

Alas! It doesn’t happen overnight. But, we have a list of cannabis strains that flower with lightning speed.

Yes, that’s right!

Here are the fast flowering marijuana strains that leave you in awe in just 45 days!

The Fastest Flowering Cannabis Strains For Impatient Growers

Our experts at 420ExpertAdviser have handpicked the following list of strains that give you excellent results quickly. Imagine growing a strain that starts flowering in just six weeks!

Exciting, Isn’t it?

But before you start growing, please make sure that it is legal to cultivate cannabis in your region so that you save yourself from legal trouble.


The Gigabud is a hybrid cannabis strain that emerged from crossbreeding the genetics of the famous Northern Lights and Big Bud strains. It turns into a medium-sized plant and provides large quantities of fruity and resinous nugs that are effective for soothing the mind and body.

It’s one of the fastest flowering cannabis strains you could ever find in the store as it requires only a maximum of 5 to 6 weeks to deliver high yields.

While it’s widely known as a photoperiod strain, the auto-flowering version is also available in the market. It carries a THC level of about 16%, making it average in terms of potency.

Regardless of this, it’s still powerful and comparatively easy to grow, making it a perfect strain for beginners.


Hash Plant

Hash Plant Indica comes from Afghani genetics developed in the Northwest United States that was produced by Sensi Seeds in Holland, where it was crossbred to another Afghan species—Northern Lights.

When consumed, hash plant nugs offer the spicy-sharp flavors of smoldering resin glands. The immediate vaporization of these layers of bright trichomes stimulates Hash Plant’s speedy, blissful, and breathtakingly potent high.

Ready to collect in as fast as 40 days from flowering, Hash Plant seeds evolve quickly, in a stout, compact way. The buds of this strain will be super dense, adhesive, and perfect for making hash.

Did you know?

Hash Plant Regular is a multi-award-winning weed strain. It won awards at the Highlife Festival in 2002 and the Copa de la Marihuana in 2004.


Passion #1

This cannabis strain is an Indica variety that people used to grow outdoors in the seventies in California. During the eighties, it made its way over to Holland.

Passion #1 provides dense buds that are dripping with resin. The flowers give a delicious and soft vapor that eases the mind and body, producing a slight euphoria and thoughtful state of mind.

This stable, easy-to-grow regular seed strain grows into a huge plant both indoors and outdoors, completing its flowering period in a mere 6 weeks.

What’s so special about Passion #1?

When planted within garden beds or big pots, she will put out exceptional yields of 250-750g per plant!


Pineapple #2

The second version of the original Pineapple Express is a fast flowering strain that needs only 5 to 6 weeks before getting ready for harvest. It was produced by blending the genetics of the original Pineapple Express with a Skunk strain. 

Not only does it bloom faster, but it also provides amazingly high yields, especially when planted outdoors, where it can grow incredibly healthy.

It has a yield of approximately 700g per m2 when cultivated in a controlled indoor setting, but outdoors, it can provide as much as 900 to 1300g per m2.

It carries a THC level of around 15%, making it average in terms of strength. The classic genetics of this strain makes it resistant to both moisture and mildew. This makes it a perfect choice for growers in humid climates.

Aside from this, it’s effortless to grow indoors or outdoors. That’s why beginners should not have much problem with this strain.


Green Poison Fast

This super quick marijuana strain is a feminized and non-autoflowering variant of the Green Poison strain. Green Poison Fast is an F1 hybrid emerging from the crossbreed of a unique clone of famous Green Poison and 3rd generation of Green Poison Auto.

Growers who are looking for medicinal marijuana strains will love Green Poison Fast as it can reduce anxiety and insomnia in patients. It produces a very soothing and happy high.

With the capacity to resist different types of infestations, Green Poison Fast is one of the best mold-resistant weed strains out there.

Awesome, right?

This fantastic weed strain is ready to cut dense buds coated with rich aromatic resin only 6 weeks after the flowering photoperiod starts. The cannabis plant of this strain will turn out to be strong and will generate a lot of weight rapidly. Final nugs will be very heavy.

But how much will I yield?

You can expect about 500 to 600 gr/m2 yield indoors and up to 700 gr/plant outdoors.


Quick Critical Plus Feminized

Quick Critical + Feminized is the most advanced, fast-flowering weed strain by Dinafem. This strain originates from the blend of an elite female clone of Critical + and a unique reversed (male) female plant of Critical + 2.0 Auto series.

This fast-flowering cannabis strain is very easy to cultivate, expecting little in the way of previous cultivation knowledge. It grows very quickly in the vegetative stage, and given a fair amount of time, it becomes a rather big plant with dense buds.

In less than 50 days, particularly in 42-49 days, the beautiful nuggets of this Indica-dominant hybrid will be ready for harvesting.

What makes Quick Critical + special?

The THC ratio of this strain is between 16% and 20%, which makes this one of the highest THC weed strains on the market.


Easy Bud

Easy Bud earned her fame for a good reason. This strain is not only one of the easiest strains to grow, it’s one of the fastest-growing.

The quick and affective qualities of this strain make her ideal for growers seeking rapid growth and those willing to take their initial step into the world of growing cannabis.

As the offspring of White Indica and ruderalis, Easy Bud offers frosted nuggets featuring a THC ratio of 12% alongside citrusy and natural terpenes. The buds of this strain won’t generate a blast of effects but provide a calming and subtle effect, making it suitable for any time of the day.

Easy Bud will develop into a full-grown plant in as short as eight weeks after germinating these seeds.

You can harvest up to 325g/m² from indoor plants and between 30–80g/plant from outdoor settings!


Green-O-Matic Autoflowering

Green-O-Matic is a hybrid autoflowering cannabis variant that includes Sativa, Indica, and ruderalis genetics of cannabis. This strain is the result of crossbreeding of White Dwarf, Moroccan, and Low Rider.

The plants will have frosty resinous buds. Green-O-Matic will grow short with a quick flowering time. It is ideal for those who have less space indoors and difficult conditions outside.

Quite efficient!

You need to maintain the ideal growing temperature higher than 15 C when growing outdoors. It’s an excellent alternative for urban outdoor breeders. The flowering takes only 6 weeks, and it grows up to 40 cm.

These features also make it ideal for a guerilla grow operation out in the bush, where it holds an outstanding possibility of remaining hidden and out of sight.


C99 x Blueberry Fast

C99 x Blueberry Fast is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that flowers like a rocket!

This weed strain is an offspring of Cinderella 99, Blueberry, and Fast variants.

Because of the high proportion of Thai Sativa traits in this hybrid, the zest of South East Asia comes through strongly when you smoke C99 x Blueberry Fast.

In just 45 days, this strain offers you around 350 – 450 gr/m2 of high-THC sticky buds that will leave you mesmerized.

Awesome, no?

C99 x Blueberry Fast is an ideal choice for impatient growers who love the blueberry flavor.


Dwarf Low Flyer Autoflowering

Dwarf Low Flyer is a fast-growing autoflowering strain with 70% Indica, 20% Sativa, and 10% ruderalis genetics. This super speedy cannabis strain is a result of the crossbreeding of Low Rider, Early Girl, and a ruderalis.

If you have limited space indoors for your marijuana garden, this could be the best choice for you as it grows short up to 2 feet only.

This cannabis plant produces a dense structure that is suitable for small areas and hydroponic systems.

With the flowering period of just 6 weeks, Dwarf Low Flyer Auto is your new ride to the moon!

The strain doesn’t rely on the light cycle and flowers automatically. It gives the best results if you keep the plants 12 to 18 hours in light each day.


Now that you know the names of your future crop, let’s understand the advantages you’ll get by cultivating quick flowering cannabis strains!

The Benefits Of Fast Flowering Strains

By tapping that sweet spot between photoperiods and autos, fast flowering weed strains have a lot to offer. Generally, their impressive blend of high yields and short flowering times is their primary source of interest for most breeders.

But there’s more than that!

Growers raising a fast flowering strain for the first time would notice a wide variety of benefits like:

  • Higher crops than autos
  • Faster finishing rate than photoperiods
  • More yields per season
  • Lower indoor growing expenses
  • They can be cloned
  • Gets more potent in succeeding generations
  • Can be cultivated in almost any climate
  • More resilient plants than autos and photoperiods

Wrapping Up

Previously, growing the fast flowering weed meant reducing yields or even potency.

But no worries! Fast flowering strains have changed that.

Rigorous experimentation and breeding have designed a series of strains that ensure speed without give-and-take; fast flowering and high-yielding are no longer competing features.

As the ideal middle-ground between autos and photoperiods, fast flowering strains are the best of both worlds for feminized cannabis species.

For breeders in a rush, there is nothing actually as appealing as some fast-flowering marijuana seeds. And the cannabis strains mentioned above will surely give you the best results.

Small Piece of Advice

As always, make sure you shower the plants with plenty of tender love and care so that they can raise up to be strong, healthy, and bountiful.

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