Buying Cannabis Seeds In The Czech Republic – Everything You Need To Know Before

The Czech Republic has a popular name as its short-form, Czechia. Since its establishment in 1993, the Czech Republic has embraced a liberal attitude towards cannabis. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast who wants to buy cannabis seeds in the Czech RepublicYou’ve come to the right place!

The Czech Republic government has decriminalized possession and usage, and since 2013, a therapeutic program is in place, though there are limited stocks across the nation.

People are allowed to raise cannabis plants for personal, individual treatment. This article will review various aspects of the relation of cannabis with the Czech Republic.

This article includes a brief history of cannabis in the Czech Republic, legalization of recreational and medical marijuana, cannabis culture in the country, and where to buy cannabis seeds in the Czech Republic.

Let’s start with the history of cannabis in Czechia!

Brief History of Cannabis in The Czech Republic

Drug decriminalization has been a critical piece of Czech drug policies in the last 30 years or so. Czech legislators have tried to balance a modern and pragmatic justification that converges on public health and strict criminal justice for those who violate the law. And their decisions have been right so far.

After the fall of communism in 1989, the possession of psychotropic materials and narcotic drugs terminated to be a criminal offense in the Czech Republic. This started to an increase in drug usage that stretched relatively high and worrisome proportions in the 90s.

In 1999, the administrators of the country initiated criminal punishments for drug possession, but only if the amount was ‘greater than small.‘ Since the law didn’t define what greater than small really meant, it was often explained differently, and the matter was usually addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Then, the Czech Ministry of Health and Ministry of Justice conspired to arrange different drugs according to the risks they posed in 2001. They ended up making two drug classifications — cannabis and anything else.

The new Czech Criminal Code set more moderate punishments for the unauthorized possession of marijuana and more strict penalties for the possession of all other narcotic drugs or psychotropic materials in 2010.

A judgment of the Czech Supreme Court said that the possession of up to 10 grams of dry weed material is not a crime but a misdemeanor.

Possession, Consumption, and Cultivation of Cannabis in The Czech Republic

In 2010, the Czech Republic took a revolutionary path to drug legislation by decriminalizing narcotics possession and consumption.

As such, the Criminal Code declares that marijuana use is not an offense in the nation. Possession of small amounts for private profit has been decriminalized but is still punishable with a penalty of up to CZK 15,000.

Cannabis in the Czech Republic

The law differentiates between marijuana and other drugs. Initially, the law affirmed that a person caught holding a portion of weed that is ‘greater than small’ may be given a jail sentence of up to a year. 

The authorities considered it too unsettling, and in 2010, the amount for ‘personal use’ was specified: up to 15 grams of herbal cannabis, up to five grams of hash, and breeding of up to five cannabis plants.  

Possession of other drugs provokes a prison sentence of up to two years, or as many as eight if the number of drugs is ‘significant.’

The Czech Republic is also reasonably mild in terms of providing prison judgments. There is a variety of options that courts can issue, such as punishment with treatment, community service, or a suspended assessment.

If the offender is a drug-dependent, the judicial may send him to a safe custody unit for mandatory treatment. It is also an alternative for juvenile offenders.

According to Czech law, you can cultivate up to five plants in your home for an individual, private usage. These may not be grown for supply or exchange to others, and the marijuana harvested may not be used in public places.

Cultivation of Weed

Cannabis cultivation is relatively popular across the nation. Most small-scale domestic breeders are at little risk of prosecution, providing there are no aggravating conditions.

However, the jurisdictions are encountering rising issues with larger-scale grow-rooms, which are mostly near the German boundary. The cannabis produced by these illegal industries is normally poor-quality, with high levels of fertilizer residue or mold.

In an effort to combat the problem, the Czech administration tried to clamp down on the trade of cultivation supplies. They undertook several shop sweeps in 2013, using clause 287 of the Penal Code (called “Spreading of Drug Addiction”) to defend their actions.

Can you Sell Cannabis in The Czech Republic?

The law takes a more strict stand on the supply or sale of marijuana. The penalty ranges from one to five or 10 to 18 years in jail, based on the type of crime. For instance, if the person tries to re-offend soon after the previous offense, the penalty is likely to be harder.

Medical Marijuana in The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic launched a medicinal marijuana program in 2013. However, it is not yet wholly operative, and only limited goods are accessible on prescription.

Since its beginning, there have been problems with supply, and there are also difficulties with the domestic cultivation of the country for the medicinal marijuana market.

Ekoplast Slusovice initially got the bid to be the sole provider of the Czech Republic. However, jurisdictions later decided to reject the deal, which led to a stock shortage in 2017.

Later that year, Ekoplast Slusovice reapplied for the deal and acquired the license a second time. They said that they would give 40 kilograms of medicinal marijuana within four years. Their first transfer happened in summer 2018.

In response to the deficiency, Prime Minister Andrej Babis said that medicinal marijuana availability is required to increase by 2018. He added that failure to supply medicinal marijuana products would indicate that the only other viable alternative would be legalizing house cultivation for sufferers.

Some have opposed the medicinal cannabis program of the Czech Republic. Dusan Dvorak, a cannabis activist who runs the non-profit company “Marijuana is Medicine,” refers to the government’s policies as legal, pharmaceutical and economic corruption,” in a recent conversation with the Wall Street Journal.

Alena Gajduskova, the first deputy Chairwoman of the Senate, is also against the act. She remarks to the Wall Street Journal: “For a long time I’ve supported enabling the medical use of cannabis, but I have to say that I’m very disappointed … These medicines are proven; they are very efficient but should not be a luxury good. That is completely unacceptable.”

Czech Health Insurance Policy

At present, the Czech health insurance does not cover marijuana. It can only be achieved with a particular automated prescription and is only accessible to patients with certain diseases. These include Parkinson’s disease, certain side-effects linked with cancer and AIDS therapy, and multiple sclerosis.

Additional guidelines are as follows:

  • The victim may have chronic, unstoppable pain (mainly related to cancer, degenerative motor system diseases, system diseases of the ligaments, neuropathic pain, or immunopathological situations).
  • The patient may be undergoing spasms and correlated pain emerging from spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis.
  • Loss of appetite related to cancer or HIV treatments.
  • The patient may possess Tourette’s Syndrome.
  • The patient may have surface therapy of dermatoses and mucosal lesions.

However, policies are in place to make it more comfortable for patients to obtain medicinal marijuana in the near future.

Cannabis Rules for Tourists in The Czech Republic

Many visitors flock to the Czech Republic for its magnificent views, remarkable monuments, and flourishing nightlife.

And any of them might think that it would be a great idea to light up since the Czech Republic decriminalized marijuana a long time ago.

But that’s the thing!

The government has decriminalized marijuana for personal use, but it is still illegal. It’s still very much prohibited to use cannabis in public places. 

And if you’re a tourist who burns up in the middle of the street, you’re also trouble for those around you.

Now, some travelers might feel confined to claim that they thought marijuana to be legal in the Czech Republic, mainly since there are a lot of helpful locals who willingly sell dry herb near famous tourist attractions.

Marijuana has to be permitted if they’re entitled to sell pot in public places, right?

Well, NO. Weed is still illegal, and, indeed, the Czech police often overlook the street ‘weed’ sellers. But the point is: the police officers don’t do anything about such dealers because they’re not really exchanging weed. 

Sure, their herb is dry, and it has an aromatic fragrance, but you’re more likely to get dried oregano or basil than actual weed from them.

The best stuff you can do if you’re visiting Prague is to change from cannabis to hops. The Czech Republic is residence to some of the best beers in the world. So you can find one you will appreciate.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in The Czech Republic

You cannot sell cannabis for recreational usage in the Czech Republic, despite possession of small quantities are legal. Despite it is not legal, you can find the stores selling small volumes of weed, particularly in more metropolitan areas like the city of Prague.

Several bars and shops will have sellers that will retail cannabis under-the-table to interested buyers.

Cannabis in the Czech RepublicLike any other nation, the Czech Republic has a vast underground cannabis market. In fact, people assume it to have one of the greatest because marijuana use is so prevalent in the area.

Several people find it effortless to get cannabis at concerts or festivities in the area. Since the residents can legally cultivate their own plants, you can always request a local buddy for some of their weed.

We do not recommend to buy any cannabis product from street sellers – they are more inclined to rip you off!

Instead, there are lots of seed banks that ship to the Czech Republic. You can order your weed seeds from such seed banks, and the seeds will arrive at your doorsteps discreetly.

Medical marijuana patients can buy medical marijuana in pharmacies with a legitimate prescription from a licensed physician when it is convenient.

Cannabis and Politics in The Czech Republic

Most of the political parties of the Czech Republic prefer a tolerant attitude when it comes to marijuana.

The Czech Social Democratic Party are mostly in support of decriminalizing it, as they promote civil rights protection. However, some party members don’t have the same view and have shown disapproval of the gentle approach.

In straight opposition are the Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party. They are arguably the most anti-drugs party in the nation, with conventional beliefs.

They often represent a rejection of marijuana and other drugs and support the adoption of disciplinary methods to fight drug usage.

Moreover, the Civil Democratic Party also adopts a somewhat ‘anti-drugs’ attitude. They’re more likely to promote harm-reduction policies than the KDU-CSL.

Cannabis Society in The Czech Republic

Due to the historically tolerant drug laws, there is a prevailing cannabis culture in the Czech Republic. The nation hosts a few significant cannabis events throughout the year. These involve the followings:


Cannabis in the Czech RepublicThe international trade show of weed and medicinal marijuana, Cannafest, is the world’s most extensive cannabis trade program. It’s a three-day celebration in Prague. It not only highlights exhibitors across the globe, but also talks from key business experts, and live music and performances.

Konopex Ostrava

Cannabis in the Czech RepublicKonopex Ostrava is a demonstration displaying the most advanced innovations in the world of marijuana. It normally focuses on breeding, both inside and out. There’s a program of speeches, discussions, and conferences, with the opportunity for visitors to talk to specialists.

The Million Marihuana March

Cannabis in the Czech RepublicThe Million Marijuana March has been organized in Prague since 1998. This parade takes place simultaneously in 300 cities across the globe as part of the fight for the legitimization of Marihuana possession at any amount.

The Nature of the Government Regarding Cannabis in
The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of Europe’s most tolerant countries when it comes to drug policies. However, this has come under intimidation in recent times.

German officials have repeatedly asked for a stricter approach, as they share a border with the nation. Rather than taking action against private illegal breeding facilities, the Czech government chose to penalize the grow stores instead.

In 2013, a nationwide campaign started against grow shops, which continued several weeks. The authorities charged fifty grow shops, with several grow shop owners being arrested for an incentive to toxicomania.

Jakub Frydrych, a senior drug squad officer, gave the following comment to Radio Prague: “Each individual component in the shops is indeed legal, but the law regulates how they are handled – i.e., the growing of marijuana. In whatever phase of production of expansion, it may be, any contact with this drug violates existing law.”

Some people criticized the campaign, alleging that the administration was trying to force Czech people into taking medicinal cannabis through the state-run program, rather than developing their own.

Last Thoughts

Despite the persecution of grow stores, the Czech law remains one of the most tolerant regions. However, the German government’s stress may limit the Czech government from completely legalizing marijuana for private use.

Prime Minister Andrej Babis commented about granting easy access to medicinal marijuana or permitting patients to grow their own plants legally. Looking at it, it seems likely that their therapeutic program will get an update shortly – and become a viable option for people across the nation.

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