How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Belgium Online in 2023

Belgium is the land of famous chocolates, delicious waffles, and complex cannabis laws. Over the last few years, the growth of the cannabis market in Belgium has been frequently discussed in a broad range of publications. Learn more about this in the following article if you want to buy cannabis seeds in Belgium.

In Belgium, as in various other nations, there is a significant need for marijuana. The product seems to have proved itself as a “normal” consumer goods among the young peers.

In this article, you will find the essential information regarding the history of cannabis in Belgium, laws and regulations of Cannabis, Cannabis culture in Belgium, and where to buy seeds in Belgium.

Let’s go back in time and see how people used cannabis in Belgium!

History of Marijuana in Belgium

Hundreds of ages ago, people used to plant hemp on the areas of land in Belgium. They used the seed from this plant as a grain for cooking food, and the husks were beneficial for making canvas, rope, clothes, shoes, and material for sails.

Cannabis seeds in BelgiumIn the twentieth century, the attitude of the country to marijuana encountered a remarkable change. The assumed negatives of cannabis usage were being advertised more widely, especially in countries like the USA. The hemp plantations faded slowly, despite the fact that several of the plants carried a low THC percentage.

In 1912, the Belgium government signed the International Opium Convention, accepting to ban marijuana— including hemp. Following this move, the world wars destroyed the hemp fields.

However, after the Second World War, marijuana was shipped to Belgium from Morocco, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Pakistan. The imports were illegal since weed still wasn’t permitted in Belgium.

People used cannabis more extensively in Belgium throughout the 60s as a consequence of the cannabis culture in the neighboring country, Netherlands.

The 1960s counterculture witnessed a surge in the use of marijuana in Belgium, and it became linked with the artistic society. Although the Belgian government initially adopted a restrictive attitude, the use of the drug has become popular in recent years.

The Foundation of a New Drug Policy

The authorities set the foundations of the new Belgian drug policy between 1996 and 2003. In 1996, they elected a Parliamentary Working Group (PWG) to review all aspects of the drug cannabis regulation in Europe: country report Belgium transnational institute phenomenon.

Cannabis remains a prohibited object, and its possession, usage, distribution, and trafficking can lead to criminal or legislative sanctions.

Since the 2014 national polls, the new government ‘Michel I’ admitted to supporting the existing drug laws, which technically ban all marijuana items.

The government argued the existing tolerance of cannabis and stated that

‘the possession of drugs is forbidden. The use of drugs in public space cannot be the subject of any tolerance policy’ (Federal Government, 2014: 92)

In this government coalition deal, the political parties in authority outlined a zero-tolerance drug policy.

Do you want to read about the history of cannabis in Belgium?

Marijuana Laws in Belgium

One of the contrasts that make Belgium stand out from most other European nations is that it lets stores sell dried hemp flowers with a THC content of less than 0.2 percent.

Since April 2019, Belgium legalized marijuana flowers and tagged dried cannabis flowers as a tobacco product. This transit made marijuana available to virtually every Belgian resident, making it legal in more than 100,000 shops across the nation.

Possession, Consumption, and Cultivation of Cannabis in Belgium

It is still practically illegal to own cannabis in Belgium. The exemption to the rule is private use. The 2003 directive dictated that personal possession of weed was less dangerous than other forms of drug use.

The government doesn’t see it as a prosecutable offence  unless there was proof of the cannabis usage being problematic or creating a public nuisance.

In 2005, the Constitutional Court published a new directive to explain the terms of this law more clearly. The police can now prosecute the user for possessing amounts of marijuana that were 3g or higher (or more than one plant).

Using weed near schools or other public areas was also made into a criminal offence se. People could face three months to one year in prison and/or a fine (EUR 8,000 to EUR 800,000). The jurisdiction has increased the penalties for repeat offenders (within a year of the previous offence).

Some bureaucrats and the media have highlighted the complex nature of the law. For example, the City of Antwerp launched a ‘zero tolerance’ policy in 2014, which gave police the authority to issue on-the-spot fines to users caught with any amount of marijuana. This directly confronted the official stance of the Belgium government.

The current law says that it is allowed to grow one plant in your own house. A report from 2015 discovered that marijuana cultivation was ‘endemic’ in Belgium, with many people wanting to grow it.

While this might be the case, it is essential to remember that it is still a ‘grey area,’ and cultivating more than one plant is not allowed.

Medical Marijuana in Belgium

In 2015, the public health minister for Belgium, Maggie De Block, signed a royal decree to legalize medicinal marijuana sale. At the time, the decision was glorified for its progressiveness, though only one product is available under the law called Sativex.

Some communities in Belgium have called for more significant access to medical marijuana-based products. They insist that the current law eliminates many patients whose symptoms could be facilitated by being able to treat cannabis medically.

A few groups have even come together to allow patients a more significant collection of cannabis-based pain-relief alternatives – but they do not effectively work within the law.

At present, there is only one marijuana-based medical product available. That is is Sativex, an oral spray applied to relieve the symptoms of multiple sclerosis patients.

In February 2019, the parliamentary Health Committee of Belgium approved a bill that promotes the production of a marijuana agency. The bill also allowed the victims to have a prescription for whom usual medicines have little or no value.

Members of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives drafted a resolution in September 2019 that asked the federal government to spend in clinical research concerning the effectiveness of cannabinoids as medicine, the regulated production of CBD oil for medical use, and the expansion of the remedial use of cannabinoids for patients.

The Quality of Cannabis in Belgium

The potency of both hash (cannabis resin) and herbal cannabis is usually strong in Belgium. A 2017 report discovered that hash had an average 31% THC content, and herbal cannabis had 24%.

Can you Sell Cannabis in Belgium?

It is prohibited to sell cannabis in Belgium, and a person found selling it may face a penalty or a jail sentence. Again, the law is confusing on this issue.

The 1998 directive implied that those selling marijuana to support their own addiction, the judge can reduce the jail order or punishment. Then, the government launched a new law in 2003, categorizing the sale of cannabis as following:

  • Category#1 – import, possession, and cultivation of marijuana for personal usage
  • Category#2 – 1st category offenses charged with aggravating conditions
  • Category#3 – all other offenses including substances that aren’t weed

Buy Cannabis in Belgium

Until the late 1980s, the bulk import of foreign weed(hash) filled the cannabis market. Regional cultivation slowly increased in interest with the appearance of new growing techniques and hybrid varieties.

This transformation towards (inter-)regional production, trade, and domestic cultivation has also been observed in North America and Western and Eastern Europe and seems to be constant.

At present, you can buy cannabis seeds at a variety of stores in Belgium. Many Belgian seed banks sell such seeds as a product, though the authorities have shut such sources continuously. You might also purchase them from other different local and outside sources.

The product’s quality will not be much good if the firm does not specialize in this kind of goods. If you think of growing weed seeds, you require a reliable source that can ensure quality seeds. Luckily, there are lots of authentic seeds banks that ship to Belgium.

However, keep in mind that officials have said they don’t consider online buying legal (although the authority tolerate it), and customs might seize your product if they decide to do so. To solve the problem, online seed banks send your package in discrete packings such as a pen, t-shirt, or a soft toy.

Top 10 Popular European Seed Banks

Here is a shortlist we have prepared of the top 10 popular European seed banks that might ship to your house in Belgium. Have a look!

  1. Seedsman
  2. Sensi Seeds
  3. Royal Queen Seeds
  4. Barney’s Farm Shop
  5. Pyramid Seeds
  6. Dutch Passion
  7. DNA Genetics
  8. Greenhouse Seeds
  9. Dinafem
  10. Sirius


Seed banks mentioned above in the article are not subject to any kind of ranking or advertisement by 420experadviser. It might happen that the seedbanks that offer marijuana seeds may be illegal in your country. We recommend you conduct your own study before you place an order.

Joining a Cannabis Social Club is surely the best idea to go about getting your hands on marijuana if you don’t want to cultivate weed seeds yourself or you don’t want to try black market deals.

These non-profit clubs, which are still in a legal gray zone that has them at continuous risk with the law. People recognize it for giving cannabis and cannabis products to the club members.

Since these groups do not efficiently sell the weed so much as provide members of the group with it under uncertain circumstances, it isn’t the same as getting it from a local cannabis dealer.

Moreover, the authorities appreciate these groups to sell high-quality cannabis that will be much greater than what you could anticipate to grow yourself or get from another source.

If you are after CBD products, the Belgian officials keep the pot boiling, and it seems the confusion around CBD won’t stop anytime soon. The market is very chaotic, which leaves both retailers and buyers scrambled and frustrated.

Currently, the only CBD goods that are completely legal are CBD flowers — accessible at tobacco shops and CBD oils, capsules, and ointments — available at licensed pharmacies with a doctor’s prescript.

Cannabis Culture in Belgium

The number of Belgian people trying cannabis is increasing, which shows the popularity of the drug. However, unlike its neighboring nation, the Netherlands, marijuana cannot lawfully be bought in a coffee shop.

The government is more tolerant of those who use marijuana in the privacy of their apartments – but those who use it in near schools, for instance, risk pursuance.

A Particular Phenomenon: Cannabis Social Clubs in Belgium

The Cannabis Social Club (CSC or Club) model has survived in Belgium for over a decade, as the first CSC or Club was founded in 2006.

Its evolution follows the issue of the 2005 Ministerial Guidelines, which assigned the lowest priority to the prosecution of cases concerning the ownership of one cannabis plant or three grams of weed– in the absence of aggravating conditions or public disorder.

Cannabis seeds in Belgium

People behind that first CSC initiative debated that by inflicting a limit of one plant per member, the organization would appreciate the threshold established by the Ministerial Guidelines and thus should also be regarded as ‘low priority’ for law enforcement.

No significant legislative developments have taken place since then, leaving the CSCs in a somewhat vulnerable state. Many CSCs have been subject to police intrusions, and their crops seized and faced criminal proceedings.

Cannabis seeds in BelgiumBy social clubs, Belgian marijuana activists can meet their individual requirements without resorting to buying illegally. Experts identify the value of these clubs.

They have good command over the quality and potency of their product. Such clubs also have power over who they provide. They have asked for the concerns about their general uncertainty, though, with some suspecting the transparency of their transactions.

Wrap Up

Since 2001, the legal state of marijuana within Belgium has been an increasing political interest and debate section. Cannabis is one of the Belgian politicians’ hot topics before every election. After the polls are over, they neglect it. This way, the cannabis market stays chaotic.

Now, you may say that 2019 was overall a good year for medical marijuana in Belgium. Still, it is really hard to say what the future retains for recreational cannabis in Belgium.

Some people demand more relaxed laws. By maintaining control of the cannabis market, the administration will then have greater capabilities in terms of handling and distribution of cannabis. However, others want the contrary – a more ‘zero tolerance’ strategy, even to personal usage.

We hope this article would be a great help when you decide to buy cannabis seeds in Belgium. To read more interesting articles related to marijuana.

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to guarantee the accuracy of this article, it is not for providing legal advice, as particular situations might differ and you should consult first with an expert and/or lawyer.

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