How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Argentina 2023

Argentina is famous for its dynamic culture and picturesque landscapes. Having the longest shorelines in the world, there are few areas more engaging to enjoy smoking marijuana than on a beach in Argentina. If you want to buy cannabis in Argentina, read this article to know more!

The method of originating and buying cannabis seeds may differ from nation to nation, depending on the regulations put in place and the overall public opinion in that area of the world.

In this article, you will get interesting facts about cannabis culture in Argentina, the regulations on cannabis, and the cultivation and sale of cannabis seeds in Argentina.

History of Cannabis in Argentina

Argentina is one of the most developing nations globally when it comes to its regulations on marijuana.

In the past few years, high expectations have risen in the society regarding the eventual curative use of compounds acquired from the cannabis plant.

It is a well-known fact that these composites are being used in healing specific medical conditions, either through medical prescription or self-administration.

Extreme views deviate from understanding that it is a critical and crucial drug to sustain than a panacea. However, the sheer presence of an endocannabinoid system in the brain forces us to study its dimensions and origins thoroughly.

Cannabis seeds in Argentina
Global Marijuana March

A highly popular event in the history of Argentina related to weed is its annual rally known as the Global Marijuana March held across the world since 1999 in order to promote the movement for the legalization of marijuana.

With the first legal action to legalize forms of marijuana and cannabis seeds coming back in 2009, Argentina passed far sooner than most nations around the globe on the subject.

However, with the most recent development in 2017 to legalize medical marijuana forms, there have been limited changes in the national policy since.

After the Federal Chamber of La Plata claimed article 5 of law 23.737 unconstitutional (the article bans cannabis seed possession and usage illegal), laws are still inconsistent.

Despite this article being declared unconstitutional, buying cannabis seeds in Argentina or cultivating your own weed is still illegal, since there is no law governing these activities.

For this reason, programs like Mamá Cultiva or Daya Foundation proceed to call for additional drug policies since the government’s plan to import cannabis oil is not enough, and each patient requires different dosages and strains to treat the conditions.

Indeed, their own supply of cannabis is seen as the best alternative, and all attempts will be aimed to decriminalize the plant once and for all.

Recently, an article published by Marian Venini in El Planteo stated that Argentina’s Ministry of Health would make ideal additions to the medical marijuana law of the country.

The change will provide, among other things, the self-cultivation of medical marijuana and the production in pharmacies of oils, topicals, and lotions procured from the cannabis plant.

Also, it will ensure access to this medicine to all patients free of cost. This is regardless of whether they need social work or private coverage.

Cannabis in Argentina

In September 2016, cannabis was made legal in the Argentine region of Chubut, but only for medical uses. In Santa Fe, the same declaration was made a few months later in November 2016.

Law in this nation is quite strict and also differentiates between three offenses: possession, trafficking, and smuggling of cannabis. And all of them are jail terms, which does not end for many years.

Recreational Marijuana in Argentina

The breeding, selling, and possession of weed for recreational objectives persists illegal in Argentina under law 23.737 and is condemned by law with a jail punishment reaching from 4 to 15 years.

Marijuana for recreational use is illegal. However, in a 2009 court judgment, known as the Arriola ruling, the Supreme Court ordered that it was “unconstitutional” to execute part of the law to fine people for private drug usage, claiming that doing so would go contrary with Section 19 of the constitution of the nation, which reads the following:

The private actions of men, which in no way offend public order or morality, nor injure a third party, are only reserved to God and are exempted from the authority of judges. No inhabitant of the nation shall be obliged to perform what the law does not demand nor deprived of what it does not prohibit.Section 19, National Constitution Argentina

Recreational marijuana use is widespread in Argentina, even though it persists an illegal item. People carelessly smoke weed in public places, particularly in parks, nightclubs, or even on the street!

It is also customary for the residents to grow cannabis plants in their houses.

Police take marijuana laws semi-seriously. Anyone found smoking or carrying small quantities of cannabis in the street will be made by police to give a bribe in return for withdrawing any legal charges. Anyone suspected of growing or trafficking cannabis is more likely to face prosecution.

Medical Marijuana in Argentina

Medical marijuana is legal for cases with a prescription from a licensed doctor in Argentina.

Therapeutic marijuana became legal in Argentina in March 2017. The Argentine Congress legislated regulations legalizing the usage of cannabis for strictly medical purposes following minimal discussion; all 58 senators present at the council voted in support of the new law.

These new rules made specific mention of marijuana products like Charlotte’s Web or other varieties of hemp oils. However, other cannabis-derivatives are also covered under the broad scope of the new laws.

The law doesn’t allow patients to cultivate or create their own medicine; rather, patients can import goods like Charlotte’s Web or similar access products by healthcare providers in the nation. 

The new regulations are said to support the production of medicinal marijuana in the country and additional scientific research into cannabis and its efficiency as a medicine.

Thanks to this new law, the National Health Ministry will form a national register of medical marijuana patients who will have access to the medicine for free through the public health system.

Qualifying medical marijuana programs of Argentina claims include persistent, hard-to-treat illness, contrary types of epilepsy, and autism, among others.

The passing of these acts also lays down the foundation for cultivating medical cannabis business and commits the Health Ministry to produce and supply adequate amounts of marijuana in all its forms to promote the new curriculum.

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The Quality of Cannabis in Argentina

Much of what is traded in Argentina on the street has been smuggled in from Paraguay in bricks, so anticipate it to be comparable to smuggled goods in your nation.

If this is the type of weed you think you might have bought, it is relatively easy to recognize: Brick Pressed Paraguayan weed comprises a mixture of Sativa and Indica plant seeds.

The seeds are often brown or tan in color, lots of seeds embedded in the buds, and many small stems and thicker parts laced throughout the bud.

It will offer you high, but this level of quality often generates pain in the head, tiredness, and a natural feeling of grogginess for the user.

Buy Cannabis in Argentina

As described above, possessing, buying, selling, and cultivating weed seeds in Argentina is still corresponding to the law and might be sentenced by years in jail. It is, therefore, foolish to participate in any of these acts while on Argentine soil.

With high amounts of people carelessly smoking in public places, it indeed isn’t hard to source on the streets of Argentina.

Many people are also recognized to raise their own medical marijuana plants at home, although this is often restricted to one small plant per household to not clash with the current laws.

Ordering online seeds is always an option! You can find the seed bank that ships worldwide and place an order. Seed banks like Cropkingseeds and MSNL also offer stealth shipping so that you don’t need to worry about the custom.

But in the end, you need to understand the fact that it is illegal in Argentina to buy or possess a larger amount of marijuana seeds.

However, if you are just a traveler and want some adventure, it is highly recommended that you buy some marijuana that has been regionally grown by experienced breeders.

You can also be friendly and show your interest in looking for a good smoke. In that case, there is an outstanding possibility that some wise locals will accurately point you in the right direction.

In that case, we think you should know some of the FRIENDLY terms in Spanish to have a great deal. Have a look to be suertudo!

  • Paraguayo: Paraguayan brick weed
  • Flores: The good shit
  • Un faso: Smokes – Can refer to smoking weed or cigarettes
  • Un porro: A joint- Unlike Faso, this is mainly used to define a joint.
  • Un caño: A fatty –A heavy traffic-cone sized joint.
  • Una seca: A drag – “Stop bogarting and give me a seca.”
  • Una carioca: A one-hit smoking circle.
  • Una chala: Weed
  • Un grow shop: Take three guesses
  • Sedas/Papelitos: Papers/Skins/Wraps
  • Una tuca: Roach – The bit of rolled-up card you use as a filter in a joint.
  • Armar: To roll
  • Reloco(a): High – To be very stoned. “Estoy re loco! “

The quality of cannabis ranges from brick-to-brick but is not to American and European standards. However, it is yet cheap, at 20 dollars for 40 grams of weed.

Cannabis Culture in Argentina

Cannabis culture is great and truly established in the porteño way of life in Argentina.

Argentina is one of the 65 nations that has partaken in the Global Marijuana March since 1999. Dana Beal, the legendary Weed Activist, began this event, which has become global.

Held the first Saturday in May, or around that time, thousands of bright dopers, Marijuana activists and a broad spectrum of others, in cities around the world, take to the roads to make their appearance known in support of Weed legalization, leaving behind them fogs of Cannabis smoke! 

Cannabis in ArgentinaGlobal Cannabis March is a day when the world comes together to celebrate cannabis!

The Global Marijuana March is famous by many other titles, such as World Cannabis Day, Million Marijuana March, Ganja Day, Million Blunts March, or Beal called it, the Spring Offensive.

It has dragged more than 750 cities since 1999, time your Weed vacation right, and you can also join them this year, maybe in your own city!

March organizers in Argentina stated that they are seeking marijuana legalization to allow people to utilize the plant for health-related objectives and criminalize producers and users’ unjustified arrests.

Cannabis in ArgentinaIn this event, even food items sold are made ​​from weed, marijuana smoking accessories, or books on this plant. This march is always a fun, peaceful walk for grass floods the streets and set off a claim shouting, “Auto-culture now!“, “No more prisoners to cultivate cannabis,” And “Freedom to Mary.”

Many notable Argentines who support the legalization of marijuana, from the actor Federico Bal to the musician Andrés Calamaro to many other public figures.

Andres Calamaro himself attended last year a court in the city of Cordoba Argentina was registering a complaint against him for alleged provocation to marijuana.

A legislator and a prosecutor filed the complaint after saying Calamaro in concert “Beauty evening to smoke cheerleading.

The complainants debated that the musician’s attitude could violate national drug law that sentences up to 6 years in jail who publicly disseminate drug usage or recommend another person to use.

But a judge ultimately determined the singer did not surpass the limits of freedom of expression to utter that phrase.

Another musician Leo García has also supported the use and legalization of cannabis. Before some months, he and his band were caught for taking marijuana in his car, it was a small amount, and its purpose was his own usage, that is, for himself and the musicians.

Argentine actor Federico Bal is also in support of the legalization of marijuana. Even a few months ago, Bal posted a photo on twitter at age ten and in which he can be seen with his parents wearing a shirt with a picture of a Rastafarian under two palm trees in the shape of cannabis and with the words “To Legal. “

Wrap Up

On a final note, we can say that the regulations regarding cannabis in Argentina have changed since 1989. Currently, marijuana is legal only for medical patients with certain conditions according to the few resources we stated above.

We cannot predict the future of cannabis in Argentina with such uncertain information available online.

Platforms like Mamá Cultiva or Daya Foundation are working on making a change in the policies regarding marijuana, and we hope Argentina to see a bright future about marijuana laws.

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