Roleadro Panel series 45w LED Grow Light review 2023 {Really worth your MONEY?}

Roleadro Panel series 45w is a unique one, and it is going to be fun to reveal the facts about it. In the event that you’re like most new cultivators and starting with just a single plant without a moment’s delay, you probably needn’t waste time with gigantic, high LED lights quickly.

Single cannabis plant growers require nearly nothing, low power lights that have a suitable proportion of ability to direct them.

Doesn’t it?

That is the reason we are examining the Roleadro 45w LED Panel Grow Light. Let’s see the buds of your single plant will be dence or not…

Roleadro Panel series 45w LED Grow Light review

Roleadro Panel series 45w LED Grow Light
Roleadro Panel series 45w LED Grow Light

Roleadro Panel series 45w LED Grow Light Review : The first glance

This light has a specific limit, so it won’t be the best choice for every grower. This light is an unprecedented choice for you in case you are another maker.

The most basic thing to remember about this light is it won’t prop up for the full presence of your plant. Or maybe, this light will give phenomenal sustenance to your seedling or clone while it grows.

In a general sense, this light builds up your plants muscles and quality so it can support itself well in the midst of the bloom sort out. If you buy it, you will still require to buy another LED grow light to support the bloom stage of your plants.

Roleadro Panel series 45w LED Grow Light 1
Roleadro Panel series 45w LED Grow Light 1



Product Dimensions 10.9 x 10.9 x 0.6 inches
Item Weight 1.7 pounds
Replacing capabilities 75W HPS
Vegetative Coverage 10 square feet
Flowering Coverage 7 square feet
Avg. Power Draw 25.2±5% watt
LED chips quality 169 x 0.5W USA made chips
LEDs Angle 90 degrees
Input Voltage AC 85-265v
Working Frequency 50-60hz
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Warranty period 18 months
Money back guarantee period 30 days


Roleadro really put aside the chance to consider all parts of this present light’s viability. Each inch is arranged deliberately to make your turn out to be progressively secure and your yields greater! Here you cherish the features of Roleadro Panel series 45w LED Grow Light.

Heat dissipation system:

It incorporates an aluminum plating expected to enable disperse to warm, so you won’t have to worry over expending your plant or overheating your space. It also incorporates an external power supply, so you can keep much a more noteworthy measure of the glow outside your creative space.

coverage area:

All of Roleadro 45w LED’s 169 lights are fitted into a cone-formed break in the plating. Each break is expressly proposed to support the light’s consideration, so every leaf is overpowered with delightful sustenance. The Roleadro 45w LED Panel grow light ought to be close to your plant… we recommend starting it about 12″ from your plant. At this partition, it’s lone going to cover a 12″ by 12″ space. Luckily, that should be all that anybody could requirement for a lone seed create in the midst of the veg sort out.

Energy efficiency:

It’s noteworthy for its size, guiding out 45 watts of force and simply using about 25.5. You won’t have to worry over spiked imperativeness bills with this light, which makes it much progressively sensible. Even if you are using five of them, I don’t think that you will go sad after looking at your electricity bills.

PAR Value:

One of the best blunders that another cultivator can make is tolerating that a higher PAR Output reliably levels with a predominant light. When in doubt, seedlings and clones require a lower PAR Output, so they aren’t flooded with a great deal of sustenance too early. The recommended PAR for seedlings and clones is between 200-400, and the Roleadro 45w LED Panel Grow Light puts out 205 umol/s at 12 inches! It’s a perfect match!


The Roleadro 45w LED doesn’t feature UV or Infrared lights, which would be an update. It does, in any case, have the perfect red: blue extent for vegetative improvement from 2.25 to 1. This little light packs 117 red LEDs and 52 blue LEDs into somewhat 10.9″ by 10.9″ edge, which is very imperasive. It’s furthermore just a single more instance of how this light goes well past wants at its cost point!

The LEDs are 117pcs red (660nm wavelength) and 52pcs blue (450nm wavelength), which make a perfect ratio of red: Blue light.

The Warranty

Roleadro features a year certification and 30-day unlimited guarantee for this light, so you can return it without any sort of reasonable explanations. You have the choice to return it if you pick it’s wrong for your prerequisites or if it doesn’t withstand the preliminary of time.

The 18 months warranty doesn’t overwhelm the customers by twists and turns in the warranty terms and conditions. It is simple as it sounds.

What were the results?

This grow light is fit for your plants, no matter what medium you have adopted. It supports plants that grow in soil, water, or through coco coir method. However, if you are looking forward to growing top-quality tomatoes or potatoes, then it might not actually happen. The things will grow, but won’t be of supreme quality. It provides equal to what you pay for it.

Cannabis that grow under it is also OK. The flowers had the odor, and that was strong enough. By the way, if you try out hanging a couple of such lights side by side, they might be the cannabis that grow be better.

See the pics of the outcome of Roleadro Panel series 45w LED Grow Light.

You can check the pics HERE

Roleadro Panel series 45w LED Grow Light review : Cons

See friends, you are not getting much on this side. The only issue here with this 45W model is a bit less capabilities and limitations. As I mentioned earlier, the bloom stage is not going to get that support from this LED grow light. So, you cannot call it a one time investment, as you will have to again spend money to buy something else, which helps you in blooming flowers.


  • Highly trending on Amazon.
  • Highly trusted brand.
  • Less LED burnout issues.
  • Full spectrum.
  • Great value for money.
  • 18 months warranty time.
  • 30 days money return guarantee.


  • A bit less powerful.
  • Not capable of working for 16+ hours a day.
  • Not that supportive to bloom stage.

Roleadro Panel series 45w LED Grow Light review : The final verdict

Overall, the Roleadro 45w LED Panel Grow Light is a mind-boggling choice, especially for the student maker. It’s a fabulous motivation for the power it gives.

As a matter of fact, you could buy two of these lights for not actually the cost of our most cherished Budget Grow champs! We propose starting with one of these lights to keep PAR low at first and including a second one after 3 or a month.

Remember that you’ll need to pick a second light to help your plant through the blooming stage to gather. This one doesn’t have the power, PAR, nor go expected to encourage growing plants. Though it is avialable at low price, I would recommend you Roleadro Panel series 45w LED Grow Light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manufactures the Roleadro 75w Grow Light?

GalaxyHydro’s “new” brand is Roleadro. These lights have been upgraded with new lighting designs and use the most recent LED grow light technology upgrades. In addition, they are an Amazon-first firm, as evidenced by their website directing you to Amazon to purchase them.

Is it possible to dim the Roleadro 75w light?

The Roleadro 75w light cannot be dimmed. Either turned on or off.

What is the Roleadro 75w coverage at different heights?

The light coverage of Roleadro 75w light is 1m2 at 60cm heights.

Is it safe to use full-spectrum lighting on plants?

Like those grown outside in the sun, indoor plants thrive under full-spectrum bulbs, which generate a balance of cold and warm light that mimics the natural solar spectrum. They work well for seedlings, houseplants, culinary herbs, and other plants.

How long should plants be exposed to a grow light?

Grow lights must be operational for at least 8-10 hours every day. Depending on the circumstances, this can last up to 16 hours. LED grow lights are pretty popular – if they must be left on all day, choose an energy-efficient one! You can place grow light above the plant.

Is it possible to leave a grow light on for too long?

While keeping growing lights on for a single night is unlikely to have long-term consequences on your plants, leaving the lights on all the time might restrict development, delay flowering, cause wilting and burn damage, and even kill the plants.

What hue of light causes plants to grow more quickly?

Blue light is more easily absorbed and used by plants in photosynthesis. As a result, blue light promotes plant development and accelerates maturity. This is why seedlings and young plants require blue light.

Which light bulb is the most similar to natural sunlight?

Halogen lights are incandescent bulbs that produce “white light,” which is a near approximation of natural sunshine. As a result, colors look sharper under halogen lighting, which may also be muted.

What is the significance of red and blue grow lights?

While red light is the most efficient for photosynthesis, having only red light would result in poor development, such as highly extended stems. Thus blue light is supplied to maintain plants compact and a more usual form.

What kind of light is optimal for indoor plant growth?

When growing most houseplants, utilize light bulbs with color temperatures ranging from 4000 to 6000 Kelvin since the bulb’s color temperature will borrow from a wide range of colors—cools and warms. With these lights, you can simulate the growth in a greenhouse or outside.

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