Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light Review 2023 {Really worth PURCHASE?}

Today, I am here with Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light Review to unwrap one more Roleadro product. Today I will make you casual with all the critical actualities related with this grow light. In particular, we will flip the coin to both the sides, and demonstrate to you the negative bit also.

Thus, perusing this review is vital for you. On the off chance that you have officially chosen to get it, quiet down, unwind! Peruse it first, and afterward re-choose, as we don’t need any of our peruser brothers and sisters to fall into any sort of burdens in the wake of shedding the mass from the pocket.

Truly, I will suggest just those items, which are totally appropriate for you, and worth their sticker prices. Along these lines, pick up the pace, let us move towards the fundamental review!

Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light Review in 2023

Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light Review
Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light Review

Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light Review: The first glance

This 1200W model of Roleadro is one of the most successful LED grow lights of the year 2018. This attractive looking grow light comes with hanging hooks and a power cord that measures six feet. A guiding manual is also there to make your work easy. Low price is a very supportive factor. This one is the most satisfying model at that price segment.

Roleadro provides a perfect balance of various lights in their LED grow lights, and this time also, the case is same. Your plants get complete support by Roleadro 1200W LED grow light right from the time they are seeds, till they are fully loaded with resin coated flowers! 400-440nm, Green: 500nm-610nm and Red 620nm-740nm. is what it provides your plants.


Product Dimensions 15.74” x 8.26” x 2.36”
Item weight 7.7 pounds
Quality of LED chips 120pcs x 10W US made chips
Lifespan 50000 hours
Input voltage AC85~265V
Avg. Power Draw 252w±5% /110V; 248w±5% /220V
Working temperature -20-40 degrees C
Working Frequency 50-60Hz
Veg Coverage area 21.5 sq.ft – 43sq.ft
Certifications CE, FCC, and ROHS
PAR value 387 umols from 24 inches
HPS replacing capability 900W HPS
Warranty period 2 Years
Money return guarantee period 30 Days


Roleadro very well knows what all does a buyer look for in a LED grow light after paying that amount. So, they have made sure nothing is left behind in terms of features.

However, the company has not added up the dimmer, or the veg and bloom switches, as they say, it is better to expose the plants to all sorts of lights during all the growth stages, as blocking a certain light during a certain growth phase decreases the quality of the yield. Here are the features of Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light and their respective explanations.

Daisy chaining feature:

Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light daisy chaining.jpg
Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light daisy chaining.jpg

Now, this feature is not available with just the LED grow lights, but in many electrical instruments. What does it mean? It means that you can form a chain of those electrical appliances by connecting them through a wire.

Here with Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light, you can do the same using the power cord. You can see at the back side, right on the opposite side of the main socket is the daisy chaining socket. The main purpose of daisy chaining several lights together is to expand the grow area.

You are getting a timer with this grow light, but you are strictly not supposed to use that timer to daisy chain the lights.

The warranty is not covering any sort of damage caused to your Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light because of doing what I just recommended not to do right above.

High quality chips and decent cooling system:

Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light LED chips
Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light LED chips

In comparison to the 3W and 5W chips, the 10W chips provide a higher intensity of light as per saying of the company. Roleadro grow lights have a good name in the market as they never compromise with the LED chips quality. As a result, with most of the LED grow lights of this company, you will find that the complaint percent regarding the durability is most of the time low.

Here they have used 120 pieces of 10W high-intensity the USA made chips, which are very powerful and long-lasting. Now, there is another important factor responsible for the lifespan of the LED chips, and that is the cooling system of that LED grow light. If it works smooth and prevents LED chips from heating up, the grow light is surely going to last long.

The cooling system of Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light comprises of the upgraded aluminum heat sink and three perfectly designed fans.

IR and UV:

UV deals with taking out harmful bacteria which really affect plants advancement and ability to convey plenteous strong blossoms. The IR work progresses cell division which improves advancement in both vegetation and blooming stages. This can manufacture regard an explicit degree.

You do not get both these lights in all of the LED grow lights, but you get with most of the Roleadro LED grow light models. Not just that, a very right proportion of white light is also included. We can call that full-supportive spectrum.

The warranty

For the most part, the warranty time which you typically get with this quality and kind of grow light is 3 years, however with this one, you are getting only 2 years. That is a minor disadvantage, a minor one! This warranty chips away at quite straightforward terms and conditions. No multifaceted nature by any means.

Other than that, you appreciate unconditional promise upon the grounds of disappointment, for 30 days. The company will return your entire payment.

What were the results?

This LED grow light model is so well-built and provides such brightness, that your plants have to thrive well! The spectrum is perfect, and if you are following the guiding manual well, you are surely and surely going to come across highly pleasing yield.

Operating this 1200W model is not tough, but you surely need to read the manual for knowing about the heights of hanging at various phases of plants growth. See the pics above if you want to know how well can this LED grow light thrive cannabis and other things.

You can check the pics HERE

Hey Amazon, what do you say about Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light ?

As I said earlier in my review, this 1200W is a high selling one. Thousands of these are sold, and 1300+ customers have also written reviews on Amazon. It scored 4+ stars out of 5. The light performs well, but the ratings didn’t touch 90% success as the competition at that price level is quite heavy.

There are a few models, which are better than Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light. However, the durability complains are less. This is also mentioned that their units were replaced very fast by the company. A few inconveniences were there, but I found most of them took place due to human mistake.

Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light review : cons

There are not much of the cons. The light dimming is an issue with this 1200W model. The light stays bright enough only for the first couple of years. After that, it will start dimming. Hence, you will not get the quality and quantity of yield that you used to get.

In some cases, this dimming issue came up within just a few months of purchase. The PAR value which this 1200W model is providing you is less than most of the LED grow lights at the same price segment. Veg and Bloom switches are not there. So, for controlling the intensity of light during different growth phases, you will have to rely upon height setting only.

Besides that, the makers have not provided with the exact numbers regarding the veg and bloom coverage.

  • Acceptable price tag.
  • Full spectrum with lights in right proportion.
  • UV and IR included.
  • Highly efficient cooling system.
  • Roleadro timer included.
  • Daisy chaining feature for expanding coverage area.
  • No veg and bloom switches.
  • No perfect numbers provided by the company regarding veg and bloom coverage area.
  • Light starts dimming after certain time.

Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light review : The final verdict

There is no doubt that Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light is the right value for money. But somewhere, we will have to accept that its competitors are providing you a bit more at the almost the same price range. You get everything from Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light which you need in thriving good quality cannabis.

Here with this light, one of the most significant advantages is the daisy chaining feature. You can increase the grow area, and hence, we cannot call it a grow light, which is built for beginners only. Large scale growers have also written fantastic reviews. 84% success rate that too from 1300+ customers is not a small thing at all.

I highly recommend you to buy Roleadro 1200W LED Grow Light.

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