Roi-E680 LED Grow Light Review in 2022-23

Are you trying to find a reliable ROI-E680 LED grow light review, but you’re either getting inaccurate information or the review is not giving you any material at all?

Don’t worry because, in this review, not only are you going to learn everything about Grower’s Choice’s ROI-E680, but you’ll also see it side-by-side with some other grow lights you can get from Grower’s Choice!

You can purchase the Growers Choice ROI-E680 LED grow light from Grow Ace! This grow light has impeccable light intensity, it has HID dimming, and its visible light spectrum is remarkably grand, not to mention that it is the best choice for commercial grows. We’ll discuss more of that in the latter part of this review.

Roi-E680 LED Grow

Understanding the Light Spectrum

If you are just starting out in the growing industry, then you would have a blurry idea of what this is. It is formally defined as the selection of different wavelengths of energy that is produced by a specific light source. In a nutshell, it is the particular appearance of light that is visible to the naked eye.

The visible light spectrum fills the entire length as it ranges from the shortest wavelength to the longest. Here’s a quick list of those:

  • Violet (shortest wavelength) — 400 to 420 nm (nanometers)
  • Indigo — 420 to 440 nm
  • Blue — 440 to 490 nm
  • Green — 490 to 570 nm
  • Yellow — 570 to 585 nm
  • Orange —585 to 620 nm
  • Red (longest wavelength) — 620 to 780 nm

If there is what we call the visible spectrum, of course, there’s also what we call the invisible spectrum or the spectrum that is not available or seen by the naked eye. These are radio, infrared (IR), ultraviolet, X-ray, and gamma-ray.

For plant growth, the recommended wavelength, according to Light Science Tech, should be around 610 to 700 nm. This promotes chlorophyll absorption, as well as the optimum wavelengths that deliver uniform levels of energy to the plant for vegetation, germination, flowering, and bud development.

What is Grower’s Choice ROI-E680S LED Grow Light?

You might be wondering why you’re not seeing the ROI-E680 grow light in circulation any longer, and that is because Grower’s Choice redesigned it and created a 2nd generation — the ROI-E680S.

Don’t confuse yourself with what the Growers Choice ROI-E680S is because it is just like the E680. They’re the same grow lights, and it’s just that Growers Choice ROI-E680S LED grow light is just its redesigned version.

Almost everything is similar, and the differences would be with the upgraded internal components, as well as enhanced controller capabilities paving the way for lighter, easier, and more convenient usage.

It is still the same indoor garden grow light that has the specially-deployed full spectrum, energy-efficient, and sophisticated-looking grow light you once knew.

A few notable differences between the ROI-E680 and ROI-E680S would be the following:

  • It has slimmer and thinner light bars
  • The onboard dimming function is easier and more convenient to access
  • Some components are improved and developed
  • The best possible LED diodes have been installed

Growers Choice ROI-E680 LED Grow Light Review

This review wouldn’t be like any other; in fact, this review will be no holds barred. Instead, I will be enumerating everything about it, that you’ll be the one holding the decision if this is a great light source for you or not.

To begin, here’s the list of the complete specifications of this LED light:

ROI-E680 LED Grow Lights Specifications

To kickstart this discussion, let us first go through some of the important specifications of this grow light:

  • Spectrum: GC-3K Full Phase
  • PPF: 1770 umol/s
  • Input Power: 680W
  • Power Factor: >90%
  • Lifetime: L90: 54,000 hours
  • Dimming: 0 to 10V
  • Thermal Management: Passive
  • Mounting Height: ≥6° (15.2cm) above the plant canopy
  • Light Distribution: 120°

Now that we’re able to identify the specifications of this particular light fixture let us go ahead and independently discuss some of the properties that pertain to how it’s effective and efficient.

Light Spectrum

Now that you have a clearer and better idea of what this is let us now go to the discussion of the Growers Choice ROI-E680 LED grow light’s spectrum.

If you look at the chart, you’ll see that its spectrum covers the entirety of blue light up to red light.

To help you even further, here is the actual distribution of its color spectrum:

  • Blue Light — 24%
  • Green Light — 36%
  • Red Light — 40%

The importance of knowing this will equip you with the knowledge of what the ideal setting is for vegetative growth, the flowering phase, and even up to bud development.

For everyone who thought and expected that this fixture would have UVA, unfortunately, it doesn’t. However, this grow light utilizes a GC-3K full-phase spectrum, which means that this fixture is applicable to users from seed to harvest.

In addition, the blue hue of this fixture is subtly heavier and more noticeable compared to other LED grow lights you’ll find and encounter in the market.

NOTE: Blue light is the type of light that experts recommend to increase bud quality, as well as the yield of your plants.

Not to mention that this LED light also has a six (6) nm deep red spectrum, which is perfect and ideal for the advancement and urgency of the photosynthesis process.

Talk about LED lights specifically engineered and designed to have a light output that’s enough to cover your plants, from seedlings to the blooming of buds and flowers!


A lot of growers emphasize the wattage when it comes to grow lights. Why? Because the wattage is the exact measurement of how much electricity is needed and consumed by the grow light in order to function.

Now, there are a few misconceptions about grow light wattage that not a lot of people fully understand. Oftentimes, grow light manufacturers declare wattages that are spread out so that consumers know the limits.

However, you will encounter a term that’s called actual wattage or actual power draw. This is the exact amount of wattage needed for the grow light to function.

In this case, the Grower’s Choice ROI E680 LED grow light has an actual wattage draw of 680 watts. It may seem a bit weaker than your traditional HPS and HID grow lights, but its HPS equivalent would be lights that are 1000 watts.

PAR Readings

PAR, short for photosynthetically active radiation, in the simplest terms, is identified as the light emission measurement that is within the photosynthetic range, which is 400 to 700 nm. It helps and assists in identifying the type of light on a spectrum.

In case you’re not aware, the photosynthetic photon flux density or PPFD is the measurement of the amount of PAR light output landing on a square meter per second. In simpler terms, it is the measurement of the light that arrives or touches the canopy in the PAR zone.

Looking at the PAR readings of the Growers Choice ROI-E680, it is actually more remarkable than what you’d expect. For this assessment, we’ll be checking this light in conjunction with a gorilla grow tent (4 x 4).

Here is the result of the PAR readings:

  • Two (2) feet above the Gorilla grow tent (at the center) – 950 PPFD
  1. Back edge – 760 PPFD
  2. Corner – 670 PPFD
  • 18 inches (at the center) – 1,130 PPFD
  1. Back edge – 800 PPFD
  2. Corner – 600 PPFD
  • 12 inches (at the center) – 1,350 PPFD
  1. Back edge – 800 PPFD
  2. Corner – 600 to 615 PPFD

What this simply means is that no matter the height of the grow light, it has uniform coverage, which promotes even light distribution, as well as excellent light efficiency for the promotion of your plant’s health.

Heat Output or Temperature

The heat output or the operating temperature of this grow light sits between -20°C (-4°F) to 45°C (113 °F). What this entails is that the fixture is able to release temperatures that can go as high and as hot as 45 °C, essential for the growth and development of indoor plants.

And since heat is a part of the formula, let us also talk about the energy output of this LED grow light. As advertised and displayed publicly, the energy output of this grow light is about 40% more efficient in terms of HVAC and energy costs.

These types of LED lights by Grower’s Choice offer better and greater heat management because of the fact that they can either be manually or remotely dimmable (both from a remote control or from the light fixture itself).

Not only will you be able to cut costs on your next electricity bill, but you will also decrease the chances of shrinking your yields because of higher-than-the-usual energy!

Light Intensity

I’m not sure if you’ve read about this LED light enough, but this LED grow light is designed to replace an intensity of a 1000-watt HID grow light. It offers good light that gives you complete control.

Along with all its easy controls for the temperature, it has a dimming function that can change the intensity of the red, blue, yellow, and white light!

You can have it turned on and optimized at its full power, half power, or even a fourth of the total power. You have full control over the intensity of light, allowing you to be flexible and to fully command the light cycle in your grow tent.

NOTE: For this, we’re not only talking about intensity when it comes to the power of light; we’re also talking about changing it up to a different wavelength to imitate the exact ray of the sun to produce a more realistic color reproduction degree, or for any other reason!

Extra Added Features

Apart from these typical things, there are also added features, separating the Grower’s Choice ROI series from other kinds of LED grow lights.

Optimal Light Distribution

As you may have noticed, the ROI-E680S LED boasts its even and optimal light distribution. It has been designed and engineered to deliver excellently uniform and consistent levels of PPFD or photosynthesis flux density.

Thanks to its large 8-bar design size, the light that traverses from its components down to the bars guarantees even, consistent, and optimal photosynthesis activation via distribution.

Excellent Heat Management

We know all about its full-phase spectrum, its overall control, and, of course, its efficiency. The external control of the Grower’s Choice ROI E680S LED grow light makes it easy, convenient, and overall accurate in terms of the temperature that it provides, as well as its operating temperature.

High-Performance OSRAM Top Bin Diodes

For years now, OSRAM top bin diodes have been the leaders of the LED industry. Their overall components are known to be efficient, powerful, durable, and long-lasting! The premium quality of these OSRAM top bin diodes is what put them at the top of the industry’s ladder.

Superior Growing Power

The full-phase spectrum that the ROI E680s LED grow light has is one of the main reasons why it’s able to provide excellent and superior growing power. Partnered with OSRAM LED diodes, the balanced spectrum, and other factors of the like, you’re set up to receive excessively high performance of light that will reflect the yield and the quality of your buds.

Precise Temperature Readings

Last and most definitely not least in this list of features would be the precise temperature readings. The Grower’s Choice ROI E680 is equipped with dual thermal probes, which assures you that the temperature you’ll see on the panel is accurate and precise!

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Roi-E680 LED Grow

Here is a review of this grow light for reference!

Pros of the Grower’s Choice ROI-E680

The radiant energy that Growers Choice grow light provides is perfect for all types, kinds, and sizes of grow rooms you can think of. As a matter of fact, here are a few of the pros and advantages of using the Grower’s Choice ROI-E680:

They Offer Up to a 40% Reduction on HVAC and Energy Costs

In case you didn’t know, the ROI e680s LED Grow lights are rated to give you at least 40% of savings from energy and electricity costs. Unlike other LED fixtures that only give you somewhere between 10% and 20% savings. This grow light by Growers Choice is really a great light you can use for your indoor plants.

Easy External Controller Compatibility

The device has a dual channel controller, which allows you to have complete control over the light, even if you install or daisy chain a couple of additives to it. You don’t need to worry about how you can command your grow lights — you will have.

Easy to Set Up and Install

Among the many different pros and advantages it has, the fact that it’s so easy, simple, and convenient to install is the greatest and strongest benefit it has over other light fixtures. Regardless of your experience and expertise in setting up and installing grow lights, you will have no problems setting the ROI E680S LED grow light up!

Furthermore, if we consider the mounting height that the manufacturer recommends, you would need a ladder or any elevation, but in terms of mounting or attaching it to its place, it’s not a hassle!

Excellent Value For Your Money

When talking about LED grow lights, how it is overall is not only the measurement of whether it is good or not. Let us not be hypocrites here; if I were to ask you how much you’re willing to pay for grow lights, how much do you think is the best price range?

Honest to goodness, the ROI E680S LED grow light is actually a decently affordable set of grow lights. Compared to other products in the same bandwidth, this is an absolute steal.

Extremely Quiet

Last and most certainly not least is its factor of being extremely quiet. You’ll find a ton of different LED grow lights in the market that are high performance, excellent-quality but loud… Loud enough that it’s heard even if you are rooms away.

You’ll never worry about this masterpiece of Grower’s Choice! Instead, it has passive cooling, which allows you to stay consistently quiet and serene throughout the entire time it’s turned on!

Cons of the Grower’s Choice ROI-E680

Following the benefits and the pros of this masterpiece, of course, are the cons or the drawbacks. Now, after everything discussed and mentioned above, you might think that this product is perfect when, in reality, it’s not.

Here are a few of the disadvantages and drawbacks of the Grower’s Choice ROI E680 that you might want to consider:

Short Manufacturer’s Warranty

Among the many products you’ll find in the market, Grower’s Choice usually holds up to three (3) years of manufacturer’s warranty for this model, as well as other models they have in their arsenal.

IP65 Wet Rated Only

Another thing that I wasn’t a real fan of is the fact that the product is IP65 wet-rated only. In their caliber, other grow lights in the market offer both wet and dry resistance (resistance from dust and other small particles).

Due to this, you need to take your light fixture down every now and then to clean and get rid of dust that has accumulated.

NOTE: Just because dust can penetrate it doesn’t mean it’s already low-maintenance.

Wattage Draw is Not 100% Accurate

The last thing that actually bugged me literally was its wattage draw. Now, it’s common not to get the exact or actual wattage to draw from your grow lights, but this one’s different.

The company claims this light can draw about 6.1A at a 120V rating. Therefore, if it draws about 680W, as Grower’s Choice says and claims, at 120V, it should return a 5.6 amperage, not 6.1.

In perspective, the wattage draw should be listed and claimed to be about 730W.

These are some of the gripes that are fairly drawbacks to the overall goodness of the product. Personally, they don’t really matter to me, although it could matter to some growers, especially those who want to get exactly what they’re seeing.

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Now that you’re aware of the distinctive factors that the ROI-E680 has, here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions about it.

Can You Daisy Chain Growers Choice Grow Lights?

Yes, in fact, like most lighting controllers, the majority of models Grower’s Choice has are daisy-chainable. This means that they can be extended and developed to be more enhanced light fixtures for your indoor plants. For example, growers Choice ROI Series, GC-1000 DE fixtures, GC-315, GC-630NS, and CMH are the grow lights that are daisy-chainable.

What is the Best Wattage For LED Grow Lights?

There’s actually no “grace” value for what the best wattage is when it comes to LED lights — LED grow lights, in particular. However, a positive, pragmatic practice is to have about 32 watts of actual wattage per square foot of growing space.

What Yields More, HPS or LEDs?

Before LEDs asserted dominance in the LED grow light industry, HPS was the go-to of many growers, especially those in the commercial setting. However, a high-quality LED grow light (one that is high quality) has been known to produce exceptional-quality yields.

How High Should LED Grow Lights Be During the Flowering Phase?

The rule of thumb as regards the height or the distance of LED grow lights from the plant canopy should be between 16 and 36 inches. Of course, this number will vary depending on how your cannabis plant is reacting to it. If it’s getting more than the recommended amount of light output, move it further. However, if it’s less, move it closer.

Final Verdict

You’ll find many other feedback and reviews about this product, but I guarantee you that this will be all you need to finalize and decide whether this LED grow light is the one for you or if it isn’t.

Take a step back and reassess this ROI-E680 LED grow light review, and use it for as long as you want and need!

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