Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light Review 2022/23 {Must read}

If you are looking for an LED grow light that meets your requirement of high PAR value and extra brightness, reading this review till the end will surely help you decide to get the best LED to grow light for your plants.

Earlier, the indoor plantation was out of the league, but the advent of LED grow lights made it possible to take it to a peak stage. You have made the decision to grow indoor plants, decided on what to grow, and the size of the grow tent.

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Next important decision you would have to make is, to choose the best LED to grow light for your indoor plant. Hence, go through this Recordcent 1000W LED review till the end, and you would not regret that later.

Let’s know some briefs about the Recordcent brand first.

Boasting an experience of more than a decade, Recordcent inc is a professional manufacturer of LED lights. Also, their main product of focus is LED light.

Do you wish to know further? Let us show you the first glimpse of this LED.

Recordcent 1000W LED Review 2022

Recordcent inc combines the manufacturing, design, and development of LED s simultaneously.

They mainly produce numerous LED variants like LED tubes, LED floodlights, LED high bay lights, LED panel lights, LED downlights, LED bulbs, LED spotlights, LED track lights, LED PL lights and LED tri-proof lights.

Moreover, their products have passed UL&DLC&FCC, CE, RHOS, PSE certificates to stand for their exports to North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. Additionally, they offer you a reasonable price with first-class quality.

Therefore, after-sales service, they try their best to give you the first-class service.

Why would you choose Recordcent 1000W LED?
  • Recordcent 1000W LED is the cheapest variant in 1000w capacity, without any compromise in the product quality.
  • Also, Recordcent 1000w LED has much powerful heat dissipation mechanisms which are helpful in coping up with temperature fluctuations.
  • Recordcent 1000w LED is highly durable and energy-efficient.
  • It also has supportive customer service with one hundred and twenty days money back policy.

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For whom is Recordcent 1000W LED best suited for?

Recordcent 1000W LED is best suited for beginners and freshers in the field of the indoor plantation.

Recordcent 1000w LED Review. Features of Recordcent 1000W LED

Extra bright and powerful lights

Recordcent 1000w LED Review. Brighter dual 5w chips

Recordcent 1000w LED has double 5w chips, which are brighter and more powerful than usual 1w and 3w LEDs.

Energy Efficient

Recordcent 1000w LED consumes only 110w-120w, which makes it highly energy efficient.

Dual lens technology

This may be its Unique Selling Proposition, which helps Recordcent 1000w LED yield 200% more PAR values than regular LED.

Optimal spectrum

Recordcent 1000w LED has a complete spectrum consisting of the standard bands like visible, IR, and UV.

You can control the spectrum by changing the height of the LED lights.

Effective Cooling Mechanism

Recordcent 1000w LED, Effective cooling system.

As shown in the image above, Recordcent 1000w LED consist of two cooling fans in every kit, which makes it last and lights a little longer.

On Point Customer Service

Sale indeed is a priority of every seller. Above all, what differentiates a good seller from the best one is the after-sales service.

Thus, Recordcent 1000w LED has on-point customer service, that gives ninety days return policy. Good enough.

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Recordcent 1000w LED Review: Specifications

Coverage Area: about 2.5 x 2.8 ft(The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments.)

Power Consumption:120-130 Watts

Replaced HPS/EM Equivalent:1000 Watts

Theoretical Wattage: 100×5 watts dual chips

Worldwide Voltage: 85v-265v

Working Frequency: 50~60Hz

Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.2 x 2.4 inches

Weight: 5 pounds

Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Working temperature: 20-40 Degree C.

Money-back guarantee: 120 days

Veg Coverage area: 2.5 x 2.8 ft

Bloom Coverage area: 2 x 2.2ft.

PAR Value: 762 from 20″

Recordcent 1000w LED Review: Wide Applications.

This LED can be used in broader perspectives like indoor plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants, and succulents.

User Guidance

The above image shows various PAR values at different heights for different stages.

Following is the light schedule suggested for various stages.

Germinating Seeds

Perfect Germinating Seeds (1-2 weeks)

NO Light Cycle

Seedling & Clone Stage

Seedling&Clone Stage (2-3 weeks)

Light Cycle: 18 Hours-

Hanging height:16-18″

Vegetative Stage

Vegetative Stage (2 to 8 weeks)

Light Cycle: 13-24 hours

Hanging height:14-16″

Flowering & Fruiting Stage

Flowering Stage (6-8 weeks)

Light Cycle: 12 hours

Hanging height:13-15″

Recordcent 1000w LED Review:What does the package have?

The package has:

Recordcent 1000w LED

Power chord

Hanging clip

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Things we loved in Recordcent 1000w LED Review
  • Affordable Price
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Optimum spectrum
  • Effective Cooling
  • Energy Efficient
  • Durable Design
  • Attractive look and feel
  • On Point Customer Service
Things we didn't love in Recordcent 1000w LED Review
  • It isn’t water-proof
  • No Daisy Feature, for massive coverage area
  • Supports limited coverage area
  • Fans are noisy
  • Absence of spectrum control mechanism(Only manually changing height would help)

Recordcent 1000w LED Review: Word Of Mouth

AS we all know, word of mouth is one of the best and apt metrics to know the exact position of your product in the marketplace.

So, let us see word of mouth for Recordcent 1000w LED.

Major customers reviews are for Recordcent 1000w LED.

One of them says, “We are happy growers after using Recordcent 1000w LED“. Other adds, This light is amazing, little to no heat,” “Great value LED grow light” and “Awesome product.”

As we promised an honest review, not all customers felt the same for Recordcent 1000w LED.

Very few of them felt other ways.

They said, “No Power cable,” their package was incomplete. Others complained of the “Limited Coverage Area.”

So take every point with a pinch of salt.

Recordcent 1000w LED Review: The Closing Remarks.

Seeing the overall metrics for a good LED grow light, Recordcent 1000w LED has all of them. Ease of usage, brightness, and value for money all of them are inculcated in Recordcent 1000w LED.

Therefore, if you are a new indoor plant cultivator, this is the best variant to choose for in 1000w capacity.

But if you are in quest of an LED light, that would suffice your massive coverage area requirement; then you may go for other brands providing the same.

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