Phlizon 1200w LED Review 2023 – An investment or hole in pocket?

If the bug of indoor plantation has bitten you, keep reading Phlizon 1200w LED review till end. You would be searching the marketplace for getting the essentials for indoor plantation like grow tents, grow lights, seeds, and nutrients.

Among them, Grow lights serve the most important purpose of providing a source of light for your plantation.

Hence it is utmost important to get the best LED to grow light for your indoor plants if the high yield is your aim.

Myriad of LED grow lights have flooded the marketplace. It can be quite overwhelming to make your way through one of them. But you should not worry.

This Phlizon 1200w LED review will be an ultimate guide for you to choose the best LED to grow light for the indoor plantation of fruits, vegetables, and cannabis.

But before getting into the details, let us give you the first view of Phlizon 1200w LED.

Phlizon 1200w LED review 2023

Phlizon 1200w LED Review
Phlizon 1200w LED Review

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AS far as Phlizon brand is concerned,

Phlizon enjoys a high reputation in grow led lamp and aquarium led light fields throughout Europe and America, Phlizon also insists on taking high technology to design the newest and best Led Grow Light and Aquarium Light constantly as the market request.

Phlizon Led Grow Lights are designed for supplement to natural light, or paired with other types of grow lights, for indoor and outdoor growing purpose

Sounds impressive.

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Reasons to buy Phlizon 1200w LED
  • Safe because of absence of reflectors
  • Optimum Full Spectrum
  • Different Switch for Veg and Bloom stage
  • Convenient replacement to traditional HPS/MH lights.
  • Double cooling fans
  • Responsible Customer Service

For whom is it best Suitable?

If you are a beginner or at an intermediate level of indoor plant cultivation, then this review is most appropriate for you.

First things first. Let’s see the look and feel of Phlizon 1200w LED.

Incredible Features of Phlizon 1200w LED

This Phlizon 1200w LED review covers all the essential features LED grow light should have.

Absolutely safe

Phlizon 1200w LED review. Safe.

Reflectors beautify the LED. As shown in the image above, the lower LED has reflectors, which enhance the LED.

But in Phlizon 1200w LED at the upper section, reflectors are not used.

It is so because reflectors are prone to lesser heat resistance. Therefore, whenever the LED is subject to the higher temperature around 80 degrees, it is prone to melt and catch fire, which may ultimately lead to a short circuit.

After that, any day, Phlizon 1200w

LED gives safety is a priority compared to beauty.

Full Spectrum

Phlizon 1200w LED review. Full spectrum

All those who are familiar with indoor plantation and horticulture cannot underestimate the importance of a full spectrum design in an LED.Full-spectrum consists of three leading bands, namely visible, infrared and ultraviolet.

According to various experiments and research, it is proved that the full spectrum is highly recommended for indoor plantation and horticulture. It is so because the full-spectrum design is the best alternative to natural sunlight.

In the design, blue light from visible spectrum highly supports the plant growth in the initial vegetative stage, strong roots, and intense photosynthesis.

On the other hand, red light from the visible spectrum highly promotes the plant growth in the flowering stage, larger size, and better quality buds. Moreover, it also results in a high yield.

The other bands, namely ultraviolet and infrared bands, promote plants to defense mechanism.

Different switch for veg and bloom stage

Phlizon 1200w LED review. Dual switches.

“A picture is worth 1000 words”.

As shown in the image above, the Phlizon 1200w LED has two separate switches, viz. Veg and Bloom.

Because of this feature, it is also referred to as “Phlizon Double Switch Series Grow Light.

You may use Veg switch for the vegetative stage, Bloom switch for the flowering stage. For the flowering stage, both switches can also be used.

Natural Replacement to HPS/MH.

The traditional HPS/MH LED’s consume around 800w power, whereas our Phlizon 1200w LED uses 300w. That makes, 500w less per consumption. Sounds better.

Apart from power consumption, it boasts of more coverage area, than any other reflector series.

In addition to that, it has double cooling fans.

Remarkable Daisy chain Functioning

Phlizon 1200w LED review. Daisy chain.

As shown in the image above, if you need power, then plug two or more lights together. These multi lights together will function to cater to the needs of more power.

Significantly Good Coverage Area

Phlizon 1200w LED has very huge distributed coverage area.

It covers 4X4 feet at its height of 24″. Due to this feature, it has become a default choice for indoor plant growers. Thus, one light suffices one tent of 4X4 grow tent. For 4 X 8 tent, you would need two of them.

Market goodwill and outstanding Customer Service.

Phlizon brand earns an outstanding market reputation. A renowned professional in LED light manufacturing, it offers two years warranty plus 30 days money-back guarantee.



The certifications add value and standard to the Phlizon 1200w LED.

The Phlizon 1200w LED is FCC certified, which guarantees absolute safety.

Product specifications

Dimensions- 15.7*8.3*2.3″ inch

Weight-5.6 lbs

Actual Power: 241watt ±3%

Input: AC100-240V

Frequency -50-60Hz

Core Coverage: 2*2 ft -3*3 ft

Lifespan: ≥ 50,000hours

Material: UV protection and fire-proof PC Cover + metal frame

Zener diode that protects each LED

90 and 120-degree angle

Has an excellent heat sink for heat dissipation

Quality of LED chips-120 x 10W US-made LED chips

Average Power- 305 watts

Suitable temperature- 20-40 degree C

Veg Coverage area-3 x 3 feet

Bloom Coverage area-2.5 x 2.5 feet

PAR value – 530 micro mols from 24 inches height

HPS replacing capability- 1200w

User Guidance

Phlizon 1200w LED review:Three critical rubrics to best LED grow lights

While choosing the best LED to produce light, look for the three important rubrics. That would help you choose the best LED for your indoor plantation as well as save you some bugs.

  1. PPFD value:- PPFD stands for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. It is the amount of PAR(Photosynthetically active radiation) that actually reaches the plant. The more significant the PPFD value, the better the plant.
  2. Power:-This LED uses rated power, as that is constant.
  3. Coverage Area:- At initial stages, the plant uses lesser height and needs more light. So the coverage area depends on different stages of plant growth.

What’s in the box?

  • 1200 w LED grow light
  • Humidity monitor
  • Adjustable rope
  • Hooks and thermometer

Check Phlizon 1200w LED live in action in the video below.

What did we love in Phlizon 1200w LED review?
  • A full spectrum is supporting indoor plant growth throughout the plant cycle.
  • Affordable price Range is vital to point.
  • It has Different Veg, and Bloom Switches to support plant growth.
  • Good Customer Service.
  • Immensely helpful Daisy-chaining Feature.
What did we not love in Phlizon 1200w LED review?
  • Careless packaging
  • Poor quality thermometer
  • Noisy fans

Phlizon 1200w LED review. What are people saying?

When asked for the Phlizon 1200w LED review, major customers give it a nod at the marketplace. It is a remarkable LED grow light, and it has earned its spot among being customer favorite, loved, and preferred.

The most admired USP of this LED grow light is the use of Double switch. Red for flower stage and Blue for bloom stage.

Apart from that, good coverage area, apt PAR, affordable cost, and high yield contribute to its overall high value.

One of them even exclaimed, “My plants are loving it”!

Looking at the other part of the picture, some customers were not happy with the ruthless packaging and while others were fed up of noise.

But, the pros outnumber the cons.

Thus, Phlizon 1200w LED has earned a significant reputation in the marketplace and is a must-have a recommendation from our side.

Phlizon 1200w LED review. Our final words.

Phlizon LED grow light has an outstanding performance because it provides enough coverage area and draws less wattage power. Also, Heat Resistance and absence of reflectors make it safe for use.

Based on the Phlizon 1200w LED review, we can assure you that this is an optimal choice for growing the indoor plant. With all features in place, this is a budget-friendly choice.

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