Top 10 Best Online Dispensaries in Canada in 2021

Are you in search of the best online dispensary in Canada to buy cannabis? Look no further. Read our top ten best online dispensaries reviews that will save your time and efforts! In 2001, Canada turned into the first nation to use cannabis legally for medical patients. It has become a routine for patients to

TOP 10 Best Purple Cannabis Strains Review 2021 – Awesome List

We have been growing and mainly using green weed buds for centuries. But as most of you know, all cannabis plants are not the same; they come in different colors, flavors, fragrances, and effects. While green buds are way more famous globally, many users, breeders, and researchers are enthralled with some of the best purple

How Long Does Weed Stay In The System in 2021?


If you want to quit using cannabis, here’s everything you should know about THC detox! You might know that THC, one of the active compounds in marijuana, impairs brain cells directly. It affects the brain’s reward and motivation system by invading in EC system of the body. This is the reason why heavy users of