Nextlight LED Grow Light Reviews 2022/23 – Perfect?

There are a lot of Nextlight LED Grow Light reviews out there, but you’ll find little information about it specifically. Is this the best LED grow light for you?

Whether you’re looking at the NextLight Mega LED grow light, Next Light Mega Pro, or other NextLight Commercial series lights, we will be tackling these LED grow lights as you’ve never before!

Out of all these, I consider the NextLight Mega Pro the best. Not only does it have the best and most efficient light output, but it also has the right amount of heat output as well. We’ll tackle more of that later.

Nextlight LED

Since NextLight LED grow lights have manufactured a heap of high-quality diodes in different forms, we’ll discuss each of them!

DID YOU KNOW: NextLight is the only company that gives two (2) power cords (120V and 240V) so you can get specific requirements needed for every stage in plant growth.

NextLight Mega LED Grow Lights Review 2022/23

For this review, we will be tackling the Mega LED Grow Lights NextLight has, which have been majorly categorized. We’ll discuss everything from its spectrum control, dimming capabilities, heat output, light coverage area, harvest growth, and many more!

These are the only fixtures you’ll need if you are looking for reliable, sustainable, and powerful light! So, here are a few of the selections you can make under NextLight LED grow lights!

Next Light Mega LED Grow Light Review

Next Light Mega LED Grow

The first in this list is NexLight’s flagship white light, which is the NextLight Mega LED Grow Light. Considered one of the most efficient LED grow lights NextLight has, coming after the NextLight Veg8 and the NextLight Mini, this lightweight, completely silent grow light LED is the next big thing that you could have been missing.

One of the thinnest LED fixture categories you’ll ever see, it’s a definite fix to the grow room you’re looking for.

Features of NextLight Mega Pro:

  • Actual Wattage: 650 watts
  • HPS Equivalent: 1000-watt HPS bulb
  • LEDs: 2,500+ white LED diodes
  • PPF: 1,400 umol/s
  • Product Dimensions: 37″ x 37″ x 2.5″ — 23lbs


  • They’re highly energy efficient as they draw approximately a quarter of wattage on each chip.
  • No cooling fans are included, so you can expect it to be quiet and not emit loud sounds.
  • The diodes are coped in slotted LED boards, helping with heat emission and escaping.
  • Its full-white spectrum light contains only white LEDs but also nears infrared or IR light and UV-A lights.


  • There are no internal fans, so the light fixture heavily relies on the heat sinks for dissipation.
  • The light spectrum is the same spectrum the company has been using since they’ve been a part of the industry.
  • The actual coverage area is 5 x 5 feet, which is essentially smaller than other brands’ LED grow lights that are in the same dimensions and features this has.

NextLight Mega LED Grow Light Pro Review

NextLight Mega LED Grow Light Pro

NextLight Mega Pro has been the most trusted and reliable category of grow lights you can get in the market. This 640-Watt, full-spectrum white light has the best and most-controlled heat output light output and is one of the most stable compared to other lights.

This LED grow light has a coverage area of 7 x 7 feet for vegetation and about 5 x 5 feet in flowering, giving your light-hungry plants the low-heat output yet wide form factor it needs.

Its full-spectrum light also has blue, green, yellow, and red included, but the company placed its complete focus on the entire white light spectrum.

To help you understand further how this is different from other LED fixtures, here are a couple of its known features:

Features of NextLight Mega Pro:

  • Actual Wattage: 640 watts
  • HPS Equivalent: 1000-watt DE HPS
  • LEDs: 2,500+ diodes
  • PPF: 1,650 umol/s
  • Product Dimensions: 37.75″ x 36.75″ x 3.25″ — 26lbs


  • It’s efficient for all the stages of the growth of your cannabis plant — even any other indoor plant you are trying to cultivate.
  • The product has been IP65 wet-rated, meaning it is completely waterproof.
  • It has onboard dimming features that are absolutely effective in making sure that your plants get just the right amount of light.
  • No need for separate modes when transitioning from vegetation to blooming or flowering, so no remote control or separate cord is required.


  • Its life rating is rated to be 50,000+ hours, but if you use it for 12+ hours per day, it will be extremely less.
  • The IP65 wet rating is only for “waterproofing.” Meaning it is not a product that is entirely dustproof.

NextLight Mini Review

This white light spectrum LED grow light is one of the choices a lot of growers look for. Based on what it’s called alone, the NextLight Mini is one of the smaller options you have. Also, it’s smaller in terms of size and coverage area, having a 3 x 3 feet coverage area for vegetation and about 2 x 2 coverage for flowering — most energy providers will work seamlessly with this product.

This NextLight spectrum light lies at full white light but also has a Red to Blue ratio of about 1:1. Meaning it’s an excellent full-spectrum white light that has competitive and complementary to the grow light.

A lot of customers who were able to use it have reported that the light has excellent heat dissipation and management. It doe snot have a built-in fan, but there’s less wasted “heat,” according to them.

Here’s a list of the features of this NextLight commercial series.

Features of NextLight Mini:

  • Actual Wattage: 150 watts
  • HPS Equivalent: 400-W HID or HPS system
  • LEDs: LM561B diodes — 100,000+ hours
  • PPF: 260 umol/s
  • Product Dimensions: 18.6″ x 22″ x 2.5″ — 6lbs


  • The NextLight Mini does not have secondary lenses, guaranteeing higher quality design and effectivity.
  • It is UL-listed, meaning it’s nationally recognized as a safe product.
  • The estimated lifespan is 100,000 hours long.


  • The NextLight Mini has weaker diodes than the Mega and its counterparts, which means less heat output, but also less performance.
  • You’ll have to change the height or the distance of the light over the canopy as the plant grows.

NextLight Core Pro Review

NextLight Core Pro

If you’re looking for the LED grow light that has “the right” type of horticultural lighting, NextLight’s Core Pro light review could be the one you’re looking for.

Just like other lights in NextLight’s grow LED system product category, the Core Pro is made up of full-spectrum light, mimicking the natural ray of the sun in varying intensities. In return, the yield of the plant is guaranteed to be more than what’s expected.

In addition to that, NextLight’s full-spectrum technology, in case you didn’t know, has domestic and imported parts alike, making sure that the production isn’t limited to a single place only.

It almost has the same coverage area as the Mini in terms of vegetation (Mini = 3 x 3 feet; Core Pro = 4 x 4 feet) and a bit less during flowering.

Features of NextLight Core Pro:

  • Actual Wattage: 210 Watts
  • HPS Equivalent: 400 Watts
  • LEDs: Q90 > 50,000+ hours
  • PPF: 530 umol/s
  • Product Dimensions: 23.25″ x 23.25″ x 2.75″


  • It is compatible with the NextLight Control Pro, which is the dedicated controller of the grow lights.
  • The package already comes with the hooks — you don’t need to pre-build or pre-install hooks.
  • Its full spectrum includes white light, yellow light, red light, and blue light altogether.


  • Poor insulation, inefficient power usage, bad ventilation, and heat dissipation are common culprits in using NextLight’s Core Pro.
  • NextLight Control Pro is not included — you need to purchase it separately.

NextLight Plus Pro Review

NextLight Plus Pro

If you are looking for an exceptionally-effective supplementary grow light, NextLight’s Plus Pro is one for the books! This passively cooled grow light is a perfect match for your greenhouse or your indoor grow lights because of its lightweight aluminum frame and its overall adaptability and flexibility, too.

NextLight Plus Pro’s thinly engineered design is perfect for whatever weather and whatever type of plant you are growing indoors.

So, whether you are doing commercial growing, if you are growing out of tents, greenhouses, aquaponic, hydroponic, and aeroponic growing systems, or if you are using natural soil and you’re trying to look for the best grow light, this might be it!

Features of NextLight Plus Pro:

  • Actual Wattage: 320 Watts (305 Watts @ 227 input voltage)
  • HPS Equivalent: 600 Watts
  • LEDs: Q90 > 50,000+ hours
  • PPF: 800 umol/s
  • Product Dimensions: 28.75″ x 3.5″ x 4.5″


  • The package already comes with two hanging hooks and two driver hooks. No need to scalp and find it for yourself.
  • It’s UL 8800 certified, which has been assessed and tested to be safe for horticultural lighting.
  • They’re qualified for energy rebates as the product is DLC-premium listed.


  • Expensive than other grow lights in its price and product range.
  • It weighs 17lbs, which more lightweight than what’s recommended.

NextLight 420h Review

NextLight 420h

Last and most certainly not least is NextLight’s 420H full-spectrum white LED grow light. Running temperatures that reach up to 4,000 Kelvins, it is excellently close enough to imitate or mimic the ray of sunlight, as well as its overall heat and light output, too.

You’ll find no secondary lenses on it, giving you the quality of lighting that you’ve always wanted to get. The overall design is elegant and well-built, and it can be adjusted and modified according to the condition you want your plants to be in.

You can add an external fan to help with the circulation, but if ventilation is not a problem in your greenhouse or your indoor setup, then you don’t need to worry about it.

Features of NextLight 420H:

  • Actual Wattage: 420 Watts
  • HPS Equivalent: 800 Watts
  • LEDs: Q90 > 50,000+ hours
  • PPF: 1092 umol/s
  • Product Dimensions: 25″ x 24.75″ x 3″


  • It never heats up even in a grow room or grow area that does not have an air-conditioning (AC) unit.
  • The product is lightweight but not too light, which makes it extremely fragile.
  • It has a passively cooled system, which allows it not to accumulate unnecessary heat. This also eliminates the need to install external fans to cool it down.


  • The PAR efficiency is similar to that of the 150h; it does the same thing, with just a little bigger footprint.
  • Overall, the product is IP65 wet-resistant, which does not block out dust from entering the seams and crevices of your fixture.

As you may have noticed, all of NextLight’s fixtures do not feature internal fans or any other similar technology of some sort because they have been engineered to be cooled passively.

This brings the benefit of a quieter environment and, of course, more power and energy-efficient atmosphere for you.

Where Can You Purchase Them?

I pasted and linked them to their respective shops, but if you want to get the most value out of what you’re paying for, you can get them from LED Grow Lights Depot. Not only do they have the products almost always readily available, but you can also get promotional offers and discounts from them, too!

Purchasing them straight from NextLight, too, would be no problem!

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Have doubts, questions, and concerns about NextLight’s set of LED grow lights? Here’s a quick FAQ about NextLight’s products.

Who Owns NextLight?

NexttLight, one of the best companies in the lighting industry, was founded by Nick Brumm in 1997. Since then, all the innovation and positive effects of their grow light, from efficiency in power consumption to extremely high-quality diodes and many other features, have been part of their continuous growth and development.

What is the Best Brand of LED Grow Lights?

Cannabis growers and distributors argue over which is the best LED grow lights brand. Some say that it’s NextLight, some say that it’s Mars Hydro, while others argue that it is Spider Farmer, VIPARSPECTRA, or Horticulture Group (HLG).

Is Green Light Good For Plant Growth?

Several opinions and thoughts circulate in the industry about the usage of green light. However, according to Michigan State University (MSU), people who believe the green light is not good are partly true. The majority of green light output is useful in the process. However, the red or blue light ratio has been seen to be more effective and more useful for the growth and/or development of your plant.

What Should the Light Output Be For the Best Canopy Penetration?

Experts reveal that an output of 5,000 lumens per square foot is the mid-range, while 7,000 to 7,500 (sometimes even up to 8,500 lumens) are better. Nevertheless, there isn’t a “perfect” output of light. You can use it as long as the lumens are powerful enough to prosper.

The Bottom Line

If you are trying to look for the best, most reliable, and most dependable NextLight LED grow light review, and you can’t seem to find the perfect review that’ll give you answers?

Well, you’re just in the right guide! Not only were we able to provide relevant information about the succeeding NextLight Mega, Pro, Mini, or Core, but you’ll be led to purchasing the best grow light for indoor growing!

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