Morsen 1500W LED grow light review 2023

Hey buddies, today I have brought Morsen 1500W LED grow light review for you. Most of the LED light models of Morsen have been successful in satisfying the growers, but what about this particular 1500W model? I am here to explain that only fully!

Now, indoor growing is an art, and you need to be perfect if you are looking for perfect results. Your grow light needs to be perfect, that is the first thing. But on what all grounds can you check a LED grow light before buying? You surely do not carry to the lab, but we do!

Yes, whenever there is an LED grow light in the market, we take it to our lab for a complete inner and out operation and testing. Then I compose an honest review and explain to you whether you must buy it or not.

So, we are here to fetch out some inner facts of Morsen 1500W LED grow light and discuss its capabilities.

Catch up the pace, and we are moving towards the review now!

Morsen 1500W LED grow light review in 2023

Morsen 1500W LED grow light review
Morsen 1500W LED grow light review

Morsen 1500W LED grow light review : The first glance

This 1500W model is the one, which can fulfill almost all needs of a basic grower, but let me clear the things, it is not that fit for garden growers. The light is perfectly built. All building material is of top quality, but still, there are some complaints against it, due to less durability. I will justify that issue some moment later.

You are getting the power cord and hanging hooks with this one as usual. This 1500W model is not just for cannabis, but it is built for providing a large variety of flower, fruits, veggies, etc. as well.

We will discuss the features later, first, let me describe Morsen 1500W LED grow light with the help of some numbers.


Product Dimensions 16.14 x 8.27 x 2.83inches
Item weight 7.7 Pounds
Quality of LED chips 10W x 150 USA made LEDS double chips
Lifespan 100,000 hours
Input voltage AC100-265V
Avg. Power Draw 270W
Working temperature -20-40 degrees C
Working Frequency 50-60Hz
Veg Coverage area 4 x 4.5 feet from 24 inches height
Bloom Coverage area 4.5 x 5 feet from 18 inches height
PAR value 652 umols
HPS replacing capability 1500 watt HPS
Warranty period 3 Years
Money return guarantee period 30 Days


See guys; you are not going to get advanced level features in this 1500W model. As a result, its sales are a bit low in comparison to competing LED grow light model, which came into the market at almost the same time. Yes, it lacks some features, and that is why only a group of growers find this grow light useful. Let us see what does Morsen 1500W LED grow light provide you.

Full spectrum:

Morsen 1500W LED grow light review 2
Morsen 1500W LED grow light review 2

A total of 150 pieces of LED chips are used in the making of Morsen 1500W LED grow light, which are 10W each. The color distribution is very good. You get 120 Red+ 20 Blue+ 8 White+ 1 IR+ 1UV chips. If we break down the red and blue chips to a ratio, it will be 6:1, which is brilliant!

The inclusion of IR and UV always provide the additional support. The spectrum, as well as the light intensity, is enough even for hydroponics and underground veggies!

Energy saving:

Modern-day LED grow light models are designed in such a way, that they such meager quantity of energy from the wall, and provide you heavy output. Now, how can you measure the output of a LED grow light? Simply by knowing its HPS replacing capabilities!

You see, here, the HPS replacing capability of Morsen 1500W LED grow light is 1500W. That isn’t going to surprise you for sure. But when I say that it sucks only 270W from the wall, then? Yeah, you are impressed, right? That is truly impressive, as even getting such bright light over such a big area, your electricity bills won’t rise much!

Excellent heat dissipation system:

Now, the heat dissipation system must not be just excellent, but it must not make high noise either. Yes, powerful and silent is what I meant. 360° Cooling port is there is this grow light, three fans, plus aluminum heat sink. This heat dissipation system is so efficient that the makers claim this grow light is going to serve for 50,000 hours.

You will not feel any sort of disturbance, as the fans are quieter than you can think.

Huge grow area:

22.5 square feet as the veg grow area and 18 square feet as the bloom area is what you are getting from Modern day LED grow light. That is huge at that price segment! Seven cannabis plants are what I grew conveniently under Morsen 1500W LED grow light. Less money plus high intensity of light plus large grow area is a deadly combo!

The warranty

Morsen 1500W LED grow light goes with a 3 years warranty time. In the midst of the whole certification time allotment, you can value free substitution and fix of your thing, however after a specific timespan, and you will be requested transporting charges and furthermore work charges.

Guarantee that you have the purchasing receipt in your pocket.

In case you lose the receipt someplace, you won’t have the ability to utilize this 3 years ensure. Not just the assurance, this grow light goes with a 30 days genuine guarantee as well, which you can utilize if the thing fails to satisfy you.

What were the results?

I purchased Morsen 1500W LED grow light to test raising marijuana, cannabis, and a couple of different things with the assistance of this one. We for the most part attempt the LED grow lights on cannabis and afterward compose a review based on our experience and results.

Be that as it may, this model constrained me to grow more things also. Truly, each and every plant, which was raised under this light was profoundly fulfilling. The smell, just as a taste, both were amazing. The grow area additionally humongous, so the amount was the third thing to awe.

You can check the pics HERE

Hey amazon, what do you say about Morsen 1500W LED grow light?

There are 100+ customer reviews on Amazon. I wonder why only that much. The star rating is also less than what I was expecting. 4+ stars out of five. Now, basically, the issues are regarding the LED burnouts. While some say, it is not that bright.

Brightness is Ok, but the LED burnout might take place due to over uneven use as well. The chips are of decent quality, so I don’t think that these can burn out so easily. Now, let us talk about the positive part. 74% users say that Morsen 1500W LED grow light is cent percent perfect.

They came across desired yields, and gave a complete five stars rating!

Morsen 1500W LED grow light review : Cons

The makers have provided you with great PAR value, and a huge grow area. In contrast to that, there are no such cons. the Amazon public reviews are not reflecting the original image and capabilities of this 1500W model. The absence of veg/ bloom switches, as well as the daisy chaining feature, are deficiencies for sure, but not cons.

So, what are cons? The only con is that if you are running Morsen 1500W for more than 17 hours a day, there are bigger chances of the LED burnout. We can call it a bit sensitive grow light. Similarly, if you are hanging this 1500W model too low, then it can burn your plants. So, better go on with the suggested height.

  • Huge grow area.
  • Brilliant PAR output.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Highly powerful chips.
  • IR and UV included in the spectrum.
  • 3 Years warranty period.
  • 30 days money return guarantee.
  • LED chips burnout if used over 17 hours a day.
  • Perfection needed in hanging height.
  • No Veg/Bloom or dimmer switches.
  • No daisy chaining feature.

Morsen 1500W LED grow light review : The final verdict

Morsen 1500W LED grow light is a fantastic one at that price range. The ratio of blue light to red light is highly balanced. Bigger grow area and high PAR output always make you highly advantageous. It is not sucking much of electricity either.

The most important thing is that it gifts you absolutely brilliant cannabis yield, and as a result, the weed and cannabis lovers are very happy with this light, as for bringing it home, they don’t need to shed much money.

If you don’t have any plans of expanding the grow area in future, then Morsen 1500W is a very right choice for you. Use it appropriately, and it will last long, mostly because of its extraordinary heat dissipation system. I highly recommend Morsen 1500W LED grow light but not to next level growers.

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