Morsen 1200W LED grow light review 2023 {Really worth your MONEY?}

Hello mates, today I have brought Morsen 1200W LED grow light audit for you. The vast majority of the LED light models of Morsen have been effective in fulfilling the requirements of the growers, yet shouldn’t something be said about this specific 1200W model? I am here to completely clear that as it were!

Presently, indoor growing is workmanship, and you should be impeccable, on the off chance that you are searching for flawless outcomes. Your grow light should be flawless, that is the principal thing. Be that as it may, on what all grounds would you be able to check a LED grow light before purchasing? You clearly don’t convey to the lab, yet we do!

Truly, at whatever point there is a LED grow light in the market, we take it to our lab for a total internal and out testing and experimenting. At that point, I make a genuine review and clarify whether you should get it or not.

In this way, we are here to bring out some inward realities of Morsen 1200W LED grow light and examine its abilities.

Make up for lost time the pace, and we are moving towards the survey now!

Morsen 1200W LED grow light review in 2023

Morsen 1200W LED grow light
Morsen 1200W LED grow light

Morsen 1200W LED grow light review : The first galnce

A standout among the most energizing features of this grow light are its fans. They are incredible yet run unobtrusively and work admirably at keeping it excessively cool.

Regardless of to what extent you make them work, the fans will carry out their responsibility flawlessly. It accompanies two switches you can use to direct the force. On the off chance that you are utilizing it amid seedling and you are apprehensive it might harm your plants, at that point, you can essentially turn off one of the switches, and that is it.

The spectrum is perfect. The range is amazing, on the grounds that it gives perfect measures of IR and UV light. In any case, not just that, since it gives an ideal measure of yellow and white light so as to emulate common sun based light, which is something that will be valuable for your plants.


Product Dimensions 14.5 x 12.2 x 2.7 inches
Item weight 8.4 pounds
Quality of LED chips 120 LEDs x 10W USA made double chips
Lifespan 100,000 hours
Input voltage AC100-265W
Avg. Power Draw 223W
Working temperature -20-40 degrees C
Working Frequency 50-60Hz
Veg Coverage area 3.5 x 3 from 24 inches height
Bloom Coverage area 3 x 2.5 feet from 18 inches height
PAR value 525 umols from 24 inches
HPS replacing capability 1200 watt HPS
Warranty period 3 Years
Money return guarantee period 30 Days


Now without wasting any time, we should know about the capabilities of Morsen 1200W LED grow light. Now, you definitely need to read the features part very closely, as here, the decision is hidden whether to by it or not. Here we move on!

Advanced Full Spectrum:

Morsen 1200W LED grow light 1
Morsen 1200W LED grow light 1

In all LED grow light model of this company, the LED chips distribution is the spectrum is highly balanced. The IR is also added. Now, you might think that there are just four chips of IR, so how can it bring a difference. Buddy, plants require it that much only, and the engineers who designed this grow light very well know what is needed by the plants, and how much.

52 Red+ 32 Blue+ 8 orange+ 8 Yellow+ 8 White light+ 8 Warm light+ 4 IR is what you get in Morsen 1200W LED grow light. That is Suitable for the stages of seeding, germination, vegetative and flowering.

Veg and Bloom switches:

This is my fav model of Morsen, as it has Veg and bloom switches, while other models don’t have that. Now, as the grower can manually control the spectrum, this light is a good choice for the advanced level growers also. You can provide an abundance of a certain light by turning On a particular switch, which is suitable for that growth phase of your plant.

If you use these switches at the right time, for right duration, then it is surely going to boost up the quality of yield!

Low electricity consumption and high HPS replacement:

With almost all model of Morsen, the ratio of actual power consumption to HPS replacement is incredible. Let me tell you about Morsen 1200W, the HPS replacing ability is 1200W, and it sips only 223W as average. If you are moving on with just the veg switch, then the power draw will go half.

The warranty

You get a standard Morsen guarantee with 1200W LED grow light model too. 3 Years it is. The assurance furthermore guarantees a full reimbursement for any entry inside 30 days which is constantly a wonderful strategy to check whether the thing obliges your utilization.

In the event that you go over a burden with this thing, you can contact the guaranteed benefit through Amazon informing. You will be responded quickly and well.

What were the results?

As I said earlier, the quality of yield depends upon you as well, that how you operate your grow light. Now, what I get as cannabis yield was brilliant, but I know all of you are not experts like me. If you are a beginner and do not have much idea about operating these veg and bloom switches properly, then it might happen that the first time, you do not receive the expected yield.

There is no need to panic at all. Nor there is a need to curse the grow light. So, the light is highly capable, but just have patience, and if possible, take help from experienced growers, that is what I want to say.

You can check the pics HERE

Hey amazon, what do you say about Morsen 1200W LED grow light?

100+ customers have composed reviews on Amazon, and this light has scored 4+ out of five overall. 86% users have ticked four stars and above. So, this grow light is highly successful. Now, there are a few grow lights of a similar price tag, which were launched in the market almost similar time to that of Morsen 1200W, but their sales are higher than this.

I tried to investigate it, and found that the main reason is limited grow area. The main issue raised by the complainers was that they got units, which didn’t work right out of the box.

Morsen 1200W LED grow light review : Cons

Now, the weirdest thing about this grow light is that there are no indications for veg and bloom switches. Both look the same, and this confuses the beginners. Other than that, the makers say that they have designed this model to make it suitable for all levels of growers. If is it really so, then where is the daisy chaining feature?

The other deficiency is that it doesn’t emit UV. It is left behind in the race with its competitors, and the sales are low because of less grow area. I know some lights of almost the same price, which provide double grow area of this 1200W model.

  • Full spectrum with IR.
  • Highly durable 10W chips.
  • Brilliant PAR output.
  • Presence of Veg and bloom switches.
  • Good customer service.
  • 3 Years limited warranty.
  • 30 days money return guarantee.
  • No separate indications for the Veg and Bloom switches.
  • No daisy chaining feature.
  • Limited grow area.
  • A bit higher price.

Morsen 1200W LED grow light review : The final verdict

Initially, MORSEN LED grow lights are furnished with top class materials that guarantee incredible toughness. Our Morsen 1200W LED Grow Light Review additionally uncovered a high proficiency and light quality making it a standout among the best LED grow lights in this value extend.

The light does not require any additional ballast since you can utilize a timer to control it. Deficiency of daisy chaining feature makes a bit of difference, but cannot break the deal. In conclusion, The Morsen Reflector Series 1200W gives a full range to the entire growing time frame.

The power draw is low as well. So, if we put the advantages and disadvantages on a scale, the advantages seem heavy! I recommend you to buy Morsen 1200W LED, but if your grow tent is a smaller one, then the 600W model suits better.

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