Meizhi 1200W LED Grow Light review in #2023.{100% ETL Certified?}

Are you one of those growers who wants an Eco-friendly and safe LED? Go through this Meizhi 1200W LED Grow Light review and get that ETL certified LED.

Meizhi 1200w LED is every grower’s buy list product. It is an assorted package having multiple features. The features are ETL certification, Eco-friendly products, Reflector Design, Energy Saving, Separate dual switches, and Responsive customer care.

This Meizhi 1200W LED Grow Light review is a step by step in-depth guide. This guide will help you with your best LED selection.

Our team of experts has researched the introduction, company, LED preference, reasons to choose this LED, best users for this LED, stunning features, pros, cons, and much more.

But, before anything else let us take you to the first glance of this LED.

Meizhi 1200W LED Grow Light review in 2023

Meizhi 1200W LED Grow Light review: First Look
Meizhi 1200W LED Grow Light review: First Look

Elegance at its best!

Look and Feel

The first word that strikes the mind seeing the LED is ‘huge’. Meizhi 1200W LED Grow Light is a massive product. It is significant in size and heavier in weight. It comes in a large rectangular panel, with eight smaller subdivisions.

The outer body is blue, and LEDs are present inside. And, at the side panels, you can see exhausts for heat dissipation.

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About Meizhi Company

Brand value and Market recognition are significant before finalizing any LED. As far as the brand presence is concerned, Meizhi has been in the marketplace since the last 7 + years.

It is well known for its affordable yet performance-oriented products.

Meizhi has continuously strived towards the improvement of its products. The results are brilliant masterpieces like this LED.

Why should you opt for LEDs?

Energy efficient
LEDs are potent enough to replace the traditional HID bulbs. Moreover, they consume less power compared to conventional bulbs. This trait makes them energy-optimized.

The best alternative to natural sunlight
LEDs have a Full Spectrum, which contributes towards the overall growth of the plants.

Therefore, it is the best alternative to natural sunlight.

Adjustable Spectrum
This is the most versatile feature that separates the LED from traditional HID bulbs. The traditional HID(High-Intensity Discharge) bulbs can have just a single color/spectrum at a time.

On the other hand, LEDs can have adjustable Spectrum (multi-colored).

So, if the plant needs change as per different stages, then the HID bulbs need to be changed from scratch(inert gases).

Adjustable Spectrum is the USP that makes it unique and preferable over HIDs.

Longer lifespan
LEDs have a longer lifespan. This trait is because of the superior quality of diodes and material used.

LEDs have the least impact on various environmental factors. Therefore, being an eco-friendly LED is an advantage in itself.

Equipped with Effective Heat Management
LED are fully incorporated with various heat management mechanisms. For example, cooling fans, ventilator holes, and heat sinks. They are hugely responsible for maintaining the temperature of grow space.

No Thermal Footprint
LEDs are one of those environment-friendly products that leave no thermal footprint. It means they emit the least amount of CFC. This saves the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Also, least people and surrounding are affected.

Contribution to Photosynthesis and Flower Production
The LEDs have the optimum PAR, the type of Spectrum responsible for the process of photosynthesis.

Therefore, LEDs play an essential role in contributing to the process of plant photosynthesis and flower production.

Reasons to use this LED
  • ETL Certified
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Energy Optimization
  • Different VEG and BLOOM switches
  • Responsive Customer Care
  • Reflector Design
  • Affordable Price
  • Performance-Oriented
  • Full-Spectrum

For whom does this LED suit the best?

  • Indoor Growing Enthusiasts
  • Hydroponics Enthusiasts
  • Greenhouse Enthusiasts


ETL Certified

Meizhi 1200w LED grow light review: ETL UL Certified
Meizhi 1200w LED grow light review: ETL UL Certified

ETL stands for Edison Testing Laboratories. It is an equipment safety program conducted by Intertek laboratory.

Basically, they are set of stricter guidelines for product manufacturing to comply with the safety standards. The Intertek standards are monitored by the third party called OSHA.

The ETL certifications serve two primary purposes:-

a) It symbolizes that the product is safe and compliant with all applicable standards, and b) It differentiates the products and brands in markets. The products that are ETL Verified are tested for safety and productivity.



Full Spectrum
Full Spectrum

LED grow light without Full-spectrum is like a child without playfulness. It is an inevitable part of the LED these days. Full spectrum is made up of all the bands that facilitate it to be like natural sunlight.

The Full-Spectrum consists of Visible, UV and IR band.

The Meizhi 1200w LED leaves the least impact on the environment, things, and people. Therefore, it is eco-friendly.

Energy Optimization
The Meizhi 1200 watt led grow light consumes only 568W with a variation of 10 %. It is a natural replacement to 1200W traditional HPS.

Also, it gives your plants 100% usable light that is completely adjusted to contribute the maximum in photosynthesis. This LED is optimum for 4×5 ft growing area at 18’’ height.

Different VEG and BLOOM switches

Meizhi 1200w LED grow light review: Dual Switches
Meizhi 1200w LED grow light review: Dual Switches

The different VEG and BLOOM switches facilitate different spectrum supporting the different plant stages. For example, the VEG switch is used during the vegetative stage, and BLOOM switch is used during the BLOOM stage of the plant.

Moreover, it also saves the energy that may be dissipated if both the switches are kept on, even if there is no requirement of the plant.

Responsive Customer Care
Meizhi provides three-year local warranty and thirty days return policy to their customers. In addition, online help and support are also available, if you are stuck up at any spot.

Reflector Design

Meizhi 1200w LED grow light review: Reflector Design
Meizhi 1200w LED grow light review: Reflector Design

This LED adapts to 120 degree Compact Reflector Panel. This leads to a better direct fixture on plants and ultimately high yielding plants.

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  • Affordable Price
  • Sturdy Design
  • Impressive Look and Feel
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Energy Saver
  • Full Spectrum
  • Performance-Oriented
  • Safe(ETL Certified)
  • Responsive Customer Care
  • Decent Coverage Area
  • Different VEG and BLOOM switch
  • Better Direct Fixture and Canopy Penetration
  • No Daisy Chaining
  • This LED is not Water-Proof
  • Not suited for a small grow tent(it will burn the leaves)

Key Metrics to choose an LED

PAR represents that part of the full spectrum which contributes to the process of photosynthesis. PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation. Mainly, the Visible light band falls into this range. The wavelength ranges from 380nm to 720 nm.

PPFD directly under the fixture
The PPFD stands for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. PPFD is the PAR actually incident on plants. It is also known by the name of ‘the exact spots.

PPFD over a coverage area
Check the PPFD levels over the entire area to calculate the average light level the lighting system is providing.

Actual power drawn
Higher actual power drawn, higher the PAR output is.

The spectrum
The spectrum is the USP of the LED grow lights. Full-spectrum consisted of Visible, IR, and UV bands. Because of the trio combination, the LEDs are the best alternative to the natural sunlight.

Core Coverage Area

Meizhi 1200w LED grow light review: PAR
Meizhi 1200w LED grow light review: PAR

Coverage Area in simple terms can be defined as the PAR incident on indoor plants per unit area per unit time. Its unit is μmol/m^2/s. Recommended value of core coverage is >100 μmol/m^2/s.

Package inclusions

Meizhi 1200w LED grow light review: Package Inclusions
Meizhi 1200w LED grow light review: Package Inclusions
  • Meizhi 1200 LED grow light
  • Power Cord
  • Hanging Kit
  • Discreet Package

See this Meizhi 1200w LED review video and check the awesome yields

Do’s and Don’ts

  • LED is not water-proof. So, avoid leakages and dripping of water around it.
  • Keep LED away from Sulfur and acid.
  • Don’t use this LED for smaller grow tents; else they may burn the plants.
  • Monitor the LED as per the light schedule.
  • Growers must take care of various factors like the nutrients, temperature, and the PH level.

Meizhi 1200W LED Grow Light review: User Guidance

Working of Switches

Veg switch ON – one fan works
Bloom switch ON – the other fan works
Both switches ON – both fans work
Better to turn two switches on at bloom stage

Hanging Height, Light Schedule and Switches

Germination Stage

Height: 18-24 inches above canopy
Light Schedule: 18 hrs ON

Seeding Stage

Height: 18 inches above canopy
Light Schedule: 18-24 hrs ON

Veg Stage

Height: 15-18 inches above canopy
Light Schedule: 18-24 hrs ON

Bloom Stage

Height: 12 inches above canopy
Light Schedule: 12 hrs ON

Meizhi 1200W LED Grow Light review: FAQ

Mention the coverage area of this plant.
This LED covers 5 x 3.5 ft coverage area.

Will this LED work for dirt and hydroponics?
Yes, this LED will work for both dirt as well as hydroponics.

Can multiple units be connected?
No, you cannot connect multiple units as it does not support Daisy Chaining.

Mention the wattage of an individual LED?
Each LED is 5w.

Is the LED UL approved?
Yes, this LED is both ETL and UL certified.

Can Meizhi 1200w LED be used for growing Cannabis?
Yes, this LED can be used to grow Cannabis.

Meizhi 1200W LED Grow Light review: Results

The internationally renowned Life Coach and Author, Anthony Tony Robbins rightly quotes, “There is no such thing as failure, there are only results.”

Our expert team has assembled the yield results for you. They come from the lenses of the actual users of this LED.

Have a look at them, and I am sure they would help you in the buying decision of this LED.


Exemplary is all I can say!

Meizhi 1200W LED Grow Light review: Wide Applications

Wide Applications
Wide Applications

The Meizhi 1200 LED grow light can be broadly used in the domains of indoor plant cultivation, greenhouse, and hydroponics.

This LED can be used to grow Fruits, Vegetables, Cannabis, Medicinal Plants, Organic Herbs, Rookies, and Succulents.

How much does it cost you?

The price of the LED is worth every penny, owing to the value addition it offers to your grow space.

With that huge structure and rich features, you would have to shell out around $270*. The pricing on this LED is rightly justified owing to the advantages it brings to the grow space.

(*Subject to change)

What are people saying?

This LED has 4 star* rating from around 200 growers*. The statistic in itself is proof of the brand value and market recognition.

Around 81% of growers gave a high rating for this LED.

The expert team has compiled some best reviews for you to read.

“This LED is best amazon light, especially for flower stage.”

“I will highly recommend this light to others.”

“It has been great so far!”

“My plants love this LED.”

“Worth the Price.”

“Amazing power for an under-looked LED grow light.”

“Undoubtedly, five star.”

Approximately 19% of growers did not find this LED up to mark.

“This LED failed in less than a year.”

“Great at first, but it did not last.”

“It’s a bad light.”

“The bulbs melt away.”

“Not as good as expected.’

Overall, positive reviews overpower the negative ones.

(*Subject to change)

Meizhi 1200W LED Grow Light review: Overall Thoughts

The Meizhi 1200w LED grow light is a fine jumble of affordable price, impressive looks, robust design, full-spectrum, ETL certifications, massive coverage area, and prompt customer care.

It has passed the litmus test of the best LEDs for the grow space, and it gets a green signal from our side.

Therefore, we highly recommend this LED for your grow space.

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