MarsHydro Reflector 720w Review 2023 {Best review for in-depth info}

How are you’ll buddies, today I am here with MarsHydro Reflector 720w Review for making you informal with this product. However, almost all Reflector models are successful, but I believe in in-depth knowledge, as I do not know what you want in your grow light. So, I cover all aspects and explain to you what I and my expert team found in the LED grow light model.

Here, I am going to explain you Reflector 720W series model, so that you can yourself figure out that is this model a fit one to overcome your requirements or not. I will be telling you what kind of yield did I receive from this LED grow light, and throw light on what all could be better with it.

I can’t wait to unwrap my MarsHydro Reflector 720w Review in front of you, and I know that you are also equally eager!

So, what are we waiting for?

MarsHydro Reflector 720w Review in 2023

MARS HYDRO Reflector 720W Led Grow Light Full Spectrum reviews
MARS HYDRO Reflector 720W Led Grow Light Full Spectrum reviews

MarsHydro Reflector 720w Review : The first glance

MarsHydro Reflector 720w Veg and Bloom switches.jpg
MarsHydro Reflector 720w Veg and Bloom switches.jpg

At the very first glance, MarsHydro Reflector 720w seizes you with its attractive looks. Bright green color, and expensive looks! This grow light also marked its place in our 5 Best LED grow lights under $300 reviews. For that review, I and my team tested a number of LED grow lights and chose the best five out of them, and this model was one of them.

There are Veg, and Bloom switches on the top side and has dual angles of LED lens. Behind it are the three highly powerful fans, on which I will through the light a bit later. There is a daisy chaining lug situated on the opposite side of the main power plug. A power cord can be plugged in the daisy chaining socket, and you can link another model with it, no matter that model is not having the daisy chaining feature. Overall, this LED grow light is perfectly designed for attracting more customers.

Now, are you ready for the number game? Here we move to specs portion!


Item Size 28 x 10 x 2 inches
Net Weight 14.77 pounds
Lumen Output 13789 lumens
Veg coverage 3.5ft x 7.5ft
Bloom coverage 2ft x 4ft
Max Yield 1.5g/watt
Replace HID/MH ability 960-1000W 
Actual power draw 110V/298W±5% / 220V/291W±5%
PAR value at 18 inches 873 umols
Quality of LED bulbs 144pcs x 5watt chip Epistar
Certification Marking CE and RoHS
Input Voltage 85V-265V(AC)
Frequency Range 56-60Hz
Life Rating 50000-100000 hours
Led View Angle 90°/120° Mixed
Warranty period 3 Years
Money back guarantee 30 days


There are a lot of features in MarsHydro Reflector 720w LED grow light, which I need to explain here, so that you get fully familiar with its performing abilities, and help you in knowing that as a grower, how much are you going to fetch out from this 720W model. Ready, steady, features!

Durability of LED chips:

The most common issue that comes up with the LED grow lights is the durability of LED chips. If a grow light is feature packed, but the LED chips burn out before time, then the consumer reviews can nerve be good. Hence, the product fails!

Marshydro has taken care of that fact and used the chips of a highly rated company-Epistar. In all of their grow light models, they use the same company chips. Here, 5W chips are present in your service. These are highly durable, and I do not say that 90% of users say that. So, I also agree with that. If you are using this grow light for a time period of 18+ hours a day, then sorry, I can’t guarantee you that your LED chips are going to serve you as per the mentioning of the company.

Highly successful heat dissipation system:

Three high speed scientifically designed fans are there at your service! Although this LED doesn’t heat up that much, but still the need for an efficient heat dissipation system is always there. Besides that, the fans need to be silent as well. So is in this grow light. How can we forget the contribution of the aluminum heat sink which make this heat dissipation system perfect?

Full spectrum and friend, it is controllable:

440nm-460nm, 630nm-660nm, 730nm(IR), 2700k-3000k (White light) is what you are getting from this grow light. A full spectrum for supporting all stages of growth of your plants. You know what is the best thing with this spectrum? You can manually control it. A couple of switches are there, which let you do that. Presence of Veg/Bloom switches always help out in providing perfect light during the veg and bloom stages.

Energy saving abilities:

The max power draw of MarsHydro Reflector 720w LED grow light is 291W only. It is surely going to save a lot of energy, and save you from hikes in the electricity bills. Now, when I tell that it sucks less energy, I do not mean that this light is not powerful. It is very powerful and entirely capable of replacing 960-1000W HPS/HID lights. So, less electricity draw plus high HPS replacing ability makes you double beneficial.

Impressive coverage area:

If you are getting 3.5ft x 7.5ft as your veg coverage area, at that price level, then believe me you are highly beneficial. That is 26.25 square feet! Bloom coverage is 2ft x 4ft as per mentioned on Amazon, but I successfully covered an area equal to 2.7ft x 5.6ft during the bloom stage of my cannabis. So, regarding coverage area, it is one of the most dominating LED grow light at its price range.

The warranty

You get an authentic three years warranty with MarsHydro Reflector 720w LED grow light. Within this period, you can enjoy professional support for free. However, after a period of six months, you will have to pay the shipping charges, but the parts will still be free. There is a policy for labor charges as well. I am not mentioning that here, as it keeps on changing. When I got my package, it was something else, while when I checked it now, it is different.

So, better you check it on Marshydro’s website. By the way, you are also getting a 30 days money back guarantee.

What were the results?

When one of my team members brought this model to the lab, I already expected that we are going to get brilliant results, as I already tested two Marshydro reflector models before that, and both gave tremendous cannabis yield. This 720W model was no different. The cannabis was the same as I desired.

Flowers were resin loaded, and aroma was great as well. Overall, it is one of the best LED grow light for cannabis at that much price. You can check the pics HERE!

Hey Amazon, what do you say about MarsHydro Reflector 720w LED grow light?

MarsHydro Reflector 720w LED grow light has performed very well on Amazon. Now, if you are caring about the numbers, then 250+ reviews, and 4+ stars out of five. Happy? I do not know about you, but the users of this LED grow lights are very happy! Cannabis and marijuana lovers are very satisfied with its performance.

There was a small percentage of users, who all were not that satisfied. One big complaint was that this grow light is better for the veg phase than the bloom. The other issue was the LED chips burning, which is common with all grow lights out there. But these chips can be replaced.

MarsHydro Reflector 720w review : Cons

However, there are no steep downstairs with this product. You just come across a few inconvenient things. That’s it. Now, read the paragraph mentioned below to know what all is inconvenient with this 720W model. Yes, just one paragraph is there.

The wattage confusion and absence of UV

This LED grow light is a 720W model. 144 LED chips are used which are 5W each, but a few users say that the actual wattage of this model is much different from what it is advertised. Besides that, however, you are getting a full spectrum of light, but UV is absent. Although much difference is not made there, but still a deficiency is a deficiency. The numbers regarding the bloom coverage area are also wrong there on Amazon.

  • Acceptable price tag.
  • Decent cooling system.
  • Presence of VEG and Bloom switches.
  • Saves energy.
  • High durability.
  • Full spectrum.
  • 3 Years limited warranty.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.
  • Confusion regarding the actual wattage.
  • No UV included.

MarsHydro Reflector 720w review : The verdict

There is no doubt that you will be proving yourself highly beneficial after buying MarsHydro Reflector 720w LED grow light. Neither it is hiking your electricity bills, nor it is troubling you with any major drawbacks. You are getting a large coverage area, plus the light is powerful enough to provide you with an extraordinary yield of cannabis.

You have got Veg and Bloom switches, which bring a lot of betterment, as you can yourself control the spectrum. Turn ON veg during the veg stage and bloom during the bloom stage. Simple operating, no issue. Only Uv is absent, but I know that is not going to break the deal here. So, I highly recommend you to get one MarsHydro Reflector 720w LED grow light for yourself.

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