MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light review 2023 – Perfect for Beginners?

Are you new to the indoor plantation? Do you need an LED to grow light at an affordable price yet equally effective performance-wise? Then MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light review is for you.

We will go into that a bit later. First of all let us know about MarsHydro company.

MarsHydro, a company worth knowing about!

Mars Hydro has been manufacturing LED grow lights and grow tents since 2009. The lights have the best full-spectrum and feature IDS technology, competing with the best brands on the market.

MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light in review 2023

Marshydro led grow lightMarsHydro promotes fast growth in plants, shorten the flowering time, and make plants to produce heavy buds. They offer all these wonderful features without breaking the bank.

Mars Hydro is located in Guangdong, China, and has its own researching, designing, and testing team that ensures each product is unique and of high quality. The team is comprised of indoor growers, greenhouse owners, and university specialists.

Mars Hydro is the flag bearer to launch the affordable series of LED grow lights in the market.

MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light is every indoor plantation beginner’s first choice. It is so because of its affordable price range and optimum performance in such price range.

After knowing about the company and the product, you would surely be excited to see the MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light.

Reasons to buy MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light

You would be thinking, what makes MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light, different and unique than others.

Its topmost USP is its affordable price range. No one imagined that MarsHydro would bring a super affordable yet effective LED to grow light, which would become a top-shelf product in the near futures to come.

Apart from that, it is holistic. It has all the vital features; any LED would consist of. Starting with Full spectrum, it is effective in the cooling system, durable, reliable, and compact in design.

Got one reason to buy MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light. Click here.

Most suitable users for MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light

MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light, suits the best for Beginners in the field of indoor plants.

Is MarsHydro 600W LED fitting your criteria of best LED for your grow plants? Read ON to know its remarkable features.

Incredible Features of LED

Less Heat(superb cooling system)

Heat dissipation is a major concern area for many LED grow lights. Due to Bass cooling fans and numerous cooling holes, it has effective heat dissipation, and it maintains the temperature inside the grow space.

Newest SMD LED technologies.

MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light review, new LED

This fantastic feature can outstandingly handle heat dissipation, and it also increases the lifetime, at the same time maintaining high PPFD and lumens.

Daisy Chaining Features.

MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light review Daisy chaining

What can be the best option, to increase the overall power and yield, other than combining MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light similar together.

Full Spectrum

MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light review full spectrum

The blue light and the red light of the full spectrum from the visible band give a significant contribution in the vegetative and flowering stage of the plant.

Decent PPFD value

PPFD Value at 18”: 660μmol/s per square

Good Lumen intensity

7827 Lumens at 20v, while 7749 lumens at 40v with a variation of 5% give a good lumen intensity.

Effective Coverage

MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light review coverage

Core Coverage: 2.5 ft*3.5 ft

Max Coverage: 3.5 ft*5.5 ft

One MarsHydro 600w LED grow light is sufficient for 2’ x 3.5’ area,

While two MarsHydro 600w LED grow, lights are adequate for 5’ x 6’ area.


Arrangement of separate IC board and heat sink, supplement safety.

The ETL, CE, and RoHS certificates also add to the safety factor.

Remarkable focus angle of 90-120 degree

The focus angle ranging from 90- 120 degree is immensely helpful in even spreading of light from LED grow light.

Energy Efficiency

MarsHydro 600w LED grow light consumes only 132W with a variation of 10%, giving the same results as old school 150w HPS/MH/HID grow lights.

Do you need more information on features, check out the product here.

Product Specifications
  • DB: 51dB (DB lower than 60DB signifies quiet grow light)
  • Par Value: 660 umol
  • Frequency: 50-60 HZ
  • Core Coverage: 2.5 ft*3.5 ft
  • Max Coverage: 3.5 ft*5.5 ft
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240 V
  • Ampere: 1.601 A/120 V 0.8442 A/240 V
  • Lumen: 7827 Lm±5%@AC 120V, 7749 Lm±5%@AC 240V
  • Power drawn: 192W±5%@AC 120V 191W±5%@AC 240V
  • Certifications:-ETL, CE, RoHS

MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light review:Real-life Applications

Indoor plantation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, cannabis, herbs and succulents, and many such wide level applications.

Guidance for User’s

Hang the light 24 to 30 inches above your soil when you are sprouting seeds. In the vegetative stage, keep the light at 24 to 18 inches above your plants. Then to encourage blooms, lower it (if necessary) down to 12 to 24 inches above their tops.

The suggested light schedule is 18/6 ON.

What’s in the box?

Package Enclosures

  • 600W led grow light
  • Power Cord ( 6.67 ft /200 cm )
  • Hanging kits
  • Instruction manual

Want a much realistic view of this LED? Check out this video.

Pro’s in MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light review
  • Perfect cooling system
  • More glowing hours
  • The affordable light range for beginners
  • Newest SMD LED technologies
  • Fetching of More Power due to  Daisy Chaining Features.
  • Full Spectrum
  • Decent PPFD value
  • Good Lumen intensity
  • Effective Coverage
  • Safety due to certification(ETL, CE & RoHS)
  • Nice customer service
  • Silent system
  • Marvelous brightness
  • Compact Design
  • Reliability due to Epileds LEDs
Con’s in MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light review
  • Absence of UV and IR band in the spectrum.
  • Not water-proof
  • No Timer
Points to be taken care of
  • MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light is suitable for indoor use only.
  • They are not water-proof.
  • Try and maintain a stable voltage to avoid any damage to the light installation unit.
  • Direct eye contact with LED is not suggested as it may damage eyes.
  • Extra ballast is not needed for LED functioning.

MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light review. The opinion of masses.

Majority of masses loved the MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light. The customers with the best experience said, “Plants love it!” ” Great experience, I’ll get a few of the more,” “Great quality for an affordable price,” “Amazing Technology,” “Must have for every beginner in the indoor plantation.”

On the other side of the fence, few exclaimed “Warranty was not honored. Product description from the manufacturer says three years, whereas, on contact, they said it is just one year. ”

“It pulls lesser power around (270w)”

Others have some LED panel issues.

MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light review. Our final words.

Taking the bird’s eye view of the MarsHydro 600W LED Grow light, it complies with ease of usage, brightness, value for money, and Return of Investment.

Apart from that, MarsHydro is a trusted brand with a very good market reputation.  If you are a beginner, it’s definitely worth a buy and try.

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