Mars Hydro vs Viparspectra : An In-Depth comparison 2023

It is going to be extremely interesting today, as I am here to compare two of the most dominating LED Grow Lights manufacturing companies in the world.

It is an honest comparison, and I have constructed this review on the basis of public opinions and testing done by my expert team.

When we left with 2 consequence of choice and after that picking one out of those two is a certified extreme task as we overall know. In this Mars Hydro versus Viparspectra Comparison, we’ll give every one of you the inspiration to push ahead close by any one brand.

We will uncover all of the nuances and central points of view that issue in a LED Grow Light for our indoor plants.

Thusly, hang on for us!

Our lord gather put a bundle of vitality in inspecting significantly about both the brands, their item offering, limits of their things, and features that could speed up the smile its customers. There is much to know. Many doubts will be cleared.

Furthermore, in this connection, we’ll use one model for each point so our perusers could get settled with all the item offering by both the brands. It is like a head to head championship!

Here the bell rings, and here we go!

Mars Hydro vs Viparspectra

Viparspectra Reflector V300 300W vs Mars Hydro 240W Reflector Series

FactorViparspectra Reflector V300 table.jpg
Viparspectra 300w
Mars Hydro 240W Reflector Series table.jpg
Mars Hydro 240W
Dimension12.6" X 7.9" X 3"12" X 12" X 2"
Weight5.6 lbs6.61 lbs
Power Draw130W±3%102W±5%
Spectrum12 Band Full Spectrum + IR12 Band Full Spectrum + IR
PAR Output412477
LED Quantity6048
Coverage2' X 2'2' X 2'
Daisy ChainYesYes
Veg/Bloom switchesNoYes
Warranty Time3 Years3 Years
Money return guarantee time30 days30 days
Check Price Check Price
Check Price

Viparspectra V450 450 Watt vs Mars Hydro Reflector 480W

FactorViparspectra V450 450 Watt table.jpg
Viparspectra 450w
Mars Hydro Reflector 480W table.jpg
Mars Hydro 480
Dimension15.8" X 8.4" X 2.4"25.8" X 12.8" X 2.4"
Weight6.4 lbs8.82 lbs
Power Draw200W ± 3%190W±5%
Spectrum12 Band Full Spectrum + IR12 Band Full Spectrum + IR
PAR Output619 uMol from 18"680 uMol from 18"
LED Quantity9096
Coverage2.5' X 2.5'2.5' X 3.5'
Daisy ChainYesYes
Veg/Bloom switchesYesYes
Warranty Time3 Years3 Years
Money return guarantee time30 Days30 Days
Check Price Check Price
Check Price


FactorVIPARSPECTRA 600W table
Viparspectra 600W
MARS HYDRO Reflector 720W
Mars Hydro Reflector 720W
Dimension15.3" X 12.8" X 3"37.2" X 12.8" X 2.4"
Weight11.6 lbs11.02 lbs
Power Draw260W±3%298W±5%
Spectrum12 Band Full Spectrum + IR12 Band Full Spectrum + IR
PAR Output592 uMol from 22"873 uMol from 18"
LED Quantity120144
Coverage3' X 3'2.5' X 4.5'
Daisy ChainYesYes
Veg/Bloom switchesYesYes
Warranty Time3 Years3 Years
Money return guarantee time30 Days30 Days
Check Price Check Price Check Price

Viparspectra V900 900W vs Mars Hydro 960 watt

FactorVIPARSPECTRA 900W table
Viparspectra 900W
Marshydro Reflector 960W table
Mars Hydro 960W
Dimension16.5" X 16.5" X 3"21.6" X 20.7" X 4.9"
Weight15.7 lbs16.53 lbs
Power Draw402W±3%387W±5%
Spectrum12 Band Full Spectrum + IR12 Band Full Spectrum + IR
PAR Output936 uMol from 18"1200 uMol from 18"
LED Quantity180192
Coverage4' X 4'4' X 4'
Daisy ChainYesYes
Veg/Bloom switchesYesYes
Warranty Time3 Years3 Years
Money return guarantee time30 Days30 Days
Check Price Check Price Check Price

Mars Hydro Reflector 720W vs Viparspectra 600W

For effortlessness of perception, we’ll dissect both item contributions parcel clever. We’ll take a gander at all fundamental piece of the two Mars and Viparspectra minimalistically.

Before proceeding to points of view, it’s fundamental to get settled with brands. Almost certainly, as one should know with whom he is dealing with the degree that his indoor garden is concerned.

Everything considered, Both the brands rely upon China, and they have a couple of appropriation focuses far and wide. Mars Hydro is doing unprecedented accessible since ages by offering sensible quality things to the indoor makers and grower.

Of course, Viparspectra is moreover a prominent brand moving toward enhancement in the indoor growing portion by giving extremely capable and persuading things to the customers. The two brands have pushed a tremendous game plan to create lights and other creating gadgets and apparatus.

Furthermore, their things are open in various varieties stretching out from 200W to 1200W. Everything considered the degree that this connection is concerned, we’ll focus on a very basic level on Mars Hydro 240W, 480W, 720W, 960W, Viparspectra 300W, 450W, 600W, and 900W.

The competition is tough. Better you cherish everything fully!

Without a doubt, both have a place with reflector game plan of specific brands. So now, we should move towards key parts of the examination.

Shall we?

The first take over the companies

This is the way I would like to kick off the proceedings. For effortlessness of perception, we’ll investigate both item contributions part smart. We’ll take a gander at all essential piece of the two Mars and Viparspectra minimalistically. The two brands have impelled an immense course of action of creating lights and other creating devices and rigging. Similarly, their things are available in various varieties running from 200W to 1200W.

Everything considered the degree that this examination is concerned, we’ll generally focus on Mars Hydro 240W, 480W, 720W, 960W, Viparspectra 300W, 450W, 600W, and 900W. No doubt, both have a place with reflector game plan of individual brands — heavy duty lights on both sides. Reviews are excellent on both sides.

So now, we should move towards key parts of the examination. Should we?

Who provide better value for money?

Both brands provides their products at a very affordable rate. Now, the rates are kept as per the features provided. We cannot pick a single LED grow light model from either of the company, that doesn’t justify the price tag.

Here, both the companies stand on a clean tie. However, if you ask what do we prefer as better value for money, then 65% votes for our team were with viparspectra.

How well built?

Viparspectra Reflector V300 300W vs Mars Hydro 240W Reflector Series how well built.jpg
Viparspectra Reflector V300 300W vs Mars Hydro 240W Reflector Series how well built.jpg

Driven Grow Light should be a one-time enthusiasm for our plant raising. Furthermore, along these lines, we need to consider build and set up to evaluate the solidness and comfort of use for using a particular grow light. Everything considered, As far as gather is concerned, we’d take Mars Hydro Reflector course of action 240W and Viparspectra Reflector Series 300W in our idea.

Along these lines, If we research Mars Hydro variety, by then it’s unmistakable that the idea of materials is up to the check. Moreover, Mars Hydro 240W contains two Separate mode switches and daisy chaining.

It moreover incorporates daisy chaining on the back of the board. In any case, Viparspectra V300 does exclude an alternate mode controller. Moreover, things like No. of LED chips, cooling fans, and estimations move the model to exhibit yet what has any kind of effect the most is quality these things have.

No doubt, separate mode controls could help in reducing essentialness wastage similarly daisy chaining gives the customer a chance to expand create space later on without spending even a singular buck on an alternate electrical attachment.

On the other hand, Viparspectra Reflector 300W don’t leave a residual detail the degree that builds is concerned. Unquestionably, a rich arrangement close by intense and premium nature of materials makes it an excellent endeavor for ones indoor create space.

Along these lines, we could assume that in this factor Mars Hydro things are at winning side on the race due to the thought of twofold mode switches on all of the models. On the contrary end, Viparspectra’s V300 show do exclude a mode switch. In any case, every extraordinary variety has that convenience moreover.

PAR output clash


In like manner, genuine and awe-inspiring light is a basic factor in fabricating your results where your plants rouse inspiration to make resinous and thick blooms. The more outrageous light strategies more rate of ingestion which results in a lift amid the time spent photosynthesis.

In like manner, we endorse our perusers to pick a top-notch create tents in light of the fact that such create tents uses shrewd internal materials which helps light effect and can extend yield enormously.

Thusly, almost certainly, the degree that compels is concerned, we’ll consider PAR outcomes of Viparspectra V600 and Mars Hydro Reflector 720W into our idea for this Mars Hydro versus Viparspectra Comparison Review.

Presumably, it could be a direct result of the thought of IR in the Viparspectra Variant which expects work in enhancing leaf building and cell improvement. Also, Viparspectra 600 Watt LED Grow light’s capacity factor has everything that normally foreseen from a perfect 600W full range LED.

If we look at the PAR delayed consequences of Mars Hydro 720W from 18″ stature, by then it’s recorded and checked to be 873 umols while Viparspectra V600 stays at 592 umols from the height of 22″. In any case, seeing customer experience, we end up familiar with that Both things are prepared for making about comparable results toward the end.

Thusly, in our relationship, we’d like to express that it’s a tie for the decent PAR output and equal brightness in both the brands.

Spectrum capabilities

Directly, the spectrum goes to the essential perspective to consider in any LED grow light. Without a doubt, it is seen as one of the fundamental factors since it accepts a vital activity behind exceptional yield and nature of plants as you may know.

Directly, for differentiating the spooky limit of both the brands, we’d take a substitute model in the idea. Presumably, we’ve taken the sentiment of people using Mars Hydro 480W or Viparspectra Reflector V450 regarding its range and magnificence. In like manner, what we got in our outline is Mars Hydro 480W varieties spread a full range light wherever all through the grow area.

Mars Hydro thing utilizes 96 PCs of 5W Bridgelux/Epistar LEDs. On the other hand, Viparspectra V450 is having 90 PCs of 5W Epistar LEDs.

Nevertheless, it shows up Mars variety just fuses 2 PCs of IR LEDs which isn’t actually Viparspectra variety in our examination. On the other hand, Viparspectra V450 variety is fit for passing on a 12 band full range light which in like manner fuses 4 LEDs for IR affect which is at least a point indeed.

With the help of these LEDs, the two things are spreading a quality light over plants overhangs. Regardless, with the help of consolidation of IR Viparspectra Variants wins the streak if there ought to be an event of the range.

Viparspectra clinches a point here!

Who covers more area?

Directly, comes one, even more, part to consider in the motivation when you’re starting indoor creating and picking a LED grow light for your creative space.

Moreover, for taking a gander at consideration limits of the brands, we’d consider Viparspectra V900, and Mars 960W Reflector grow light in our idea. No doubt, in our examination we got distinctive fluctuating figures for both the varieties, so our pros managed consideration factor alone.

What are authorities got in our examination regarding Coverage capacity of Mars Hydro versus Viparspectra is by being in different wattage segment both create sheets are prepared for giving comparative incorporation to a light impression.

No doubt, as Mars Reflector 960 and Viparspectra V900 both could cover 4′ X 4′ of the domain at most noteworthy. The primary qualification is Mars Hydro variety pulls greater ability to cover the locale while Viparspectra variety needs to change the stature subject to plants change.

Almost certainly, in the occasion that you’re OK with more power draw, Mars Hydro variety has at least a point, and in case you’re not worried over single time height change, Viparspectra has at least a point.

Again Viparspectra earned a point here!

Mars Hydro vs Viparspectra : Who is more cool?

MarsHydro comparison
MarsHydro comparison

By “who is cool,” I mean which company provides you with a better heat dissipation system. A very much adjusted environment and clean growing space assume a fundamental job in your cannabis plant’s growing and improvement.

In this way, definitely before choosing for a standout amongst the best LED grow light for your plants, likewise, check whether the particular light is great at keeping things very much adjusted or not.

To the extent Mars Hydro and Viparspectra are concerned, the two lights are fabricated utilizing excellent materials as we effectively expressed in our assemble segment. Investigate how Mars Hydro 960W Handles cooling with commotion decrease innovation and 2 fans.

Here’s the manner by which Viparspectra V600 Grow Light Handles cooling utilizing 2 quietly working cooling fans alongside brilliant aluminum warm sink. Presently, for cooling the two brands have incorporated a proper number of cooling fans in their items.

Additionally, for warmth dissemination warmth sinks are accurate on the lights of both sides. Along these lines, better believe it we could state that the two brands have taken legitimate consideration of cooling and temperature adjusting.

Who is a bigger energy sucker?

Almost certainly, we normally go over people looking a couple of bucks at first by spending low ahead of time and end up paying high on rehashing cost of intensity charge every month. Here’s the turn of the most disregarded factor by novices and amateurs indoor cultivators.

Thusly, we recommend our perusers to take any kind of over stress over thing cost and focus on impact profitability with the objective that thing could be an outrageous money saver for you on the more drawn out run. Regardless, to get the correct idea, we include Mars Hydro 240W and Viparspectra V300, Mars 720W and Viparspectra Reflector Series 600W in our idea.

In our test, we saw that Mars 240W pulls 102W±5%. On the other hand, Viparspectra V300 pulls 130W±3% for faultless movement. While Mars Hydro 720W utilizations 298W±5% and Viparspectra V600 pulls around 260W±3% for its working.

Without a doubt, it changes between models to appear and as each model has a moved number of LEDs in both the brands consider it needs to be and pick your suitable thing with the help of your insightfulness.

A big reason for which these brands are best in the world is their low energy sucking capabilities.

Post-purchase support

These two brands offer 3 years producer’s assurance nearby 30 days unequivocal guarantee to their clients. What’s more, we endorse our perusers to keep their things of noteworthiness and needs on the motivation, and reliant on your tendencies comprehend the best proper model for themselves.

As a side note, we’d like to make reference to that at the expense don’t deal on power viability as it’ll be troublesome and extreme as time goes on in case you go for a power sucker.

Mars Hydro vs Viparspectra : The knock out punch

What I prescribe is pick your consideration zone first. Moreover, by then understand which varieties of both the brands fit for that specific zone. By and by, all you’ve to do is think on the perspectives that issue most in a LED grow light like estimations, wattage, range, consolidation or IR and UV in the light, control, etc.

During my comparison, what I got is the bigger piece of our perusers expected to find a perfect LED for their 3.5′ X 3.5′ create tent and subject to our lord round up best sensible light for such size of the domain is Viparspectra Reflector game plan V600.

We believe you like our examination between Mars Hydro versus Viparspectra. Moreover, share which one you procured and how’s it doing in your creative space in our comment fragment.

Moreover, Mars Hydro create lights are most suited for little evaluated create spaces. On the other hand, Viparspectra has better light effects appeared differently in relation to flaws hydro lights. Along these lines, viparspectra has a bigger number of chances of making the best results over the imperfections.

Viparspectra’s hand is up, but Mars Hydro was not much behind!

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