Mars Hydro Mars 600w LED Grow Light Reviews in 2023

There is a sound rivalry between the 600W LED grow lights of different organizations. We are composing Mars Hydro 600w LED survey to tell you how tall does this grow light remain in the opposition.

We need you to put your profitable cash in the item, which is the best. In this way, we will burrow this grow light profound and get out some entirely significant data for you with the goal that you can choose whether to purchase this one or search for some other 600W model.

It will intrigue! Pause, for what reason is our review superior to other people?

It is so on the grounds that we have secured the hindrance divide so well, that you won’t get that much information identified with impediments in some other review .

That you can take as an assurance from our side. Must peruse until the end!

Mars Hydro Mars 600w LED Grow Light Reviews in 2023

Mars Hydro Mars 600w LED Grow Light reviews
Mars Hydro Mars 600w LED Grow Light reviews

Mars Hydro Mars 600w LED Grow Light Reviews : The first glance

Mars Hydro 600w LED grow light is such a perfect decision for amateurs. It is truly outstanding of its sort. Other than that, purchasing this grow light wouldn’t help your pocket much — no propelled capacities, no phenomenal features and nothing that extravagant. In any case, it is a direct grow light, that has nailed its activity!

In particular, you are getting a full range for the plants that you are growing.

Despite the fact that on the off chance that you have plans of blossoming up enormous patio nurseries, don’t purchase this grow light, for what it’s worth for essential Growing, not for vast scale producers. Give us now a chance to legitimize the achievement of this grow light with the assistance of certainties, not simply words. Give us a chance to continue.


Product Dimensions 18 x 11 x 3 inches
Item Weight 9.85 pounds
Replacing capabilities 150W
Vegetative Coverage 3.5ftx5.5ft
Flowering Coverage 2.5ftx3.5ft
Avg. Power Draw 132watt±10%
LED chips quality 120 5W
LEDs Angle 90 degrees-120 degrees
Input Voltage AC100-240V
Working Frequency 50-60HZ
Lifespan 100,000 hours
Warranty period 3 years
Money back guarantee period 30 days


Mars Hydro Mars 600w LED Grow Light daisy chaining.jpg
Mars Hydro Mars 600w LED Grow Light daisy chaining.jpg

As we referenced before, there is nothing extravagant in the features of this grow light since it is a passage level one. Above all, all essential features are available, which an amateur searches for in his initially LED grow light. Most importantly, you have daisy chaining.What all features ? For realizing that, read the sections beneath.

Decent PAR value

Mars Hydro Mars 600w LED Grow Light PAR output
Mars Hydro Mars 600w LED Grow Light PAR output

Standard esteem is considered as a real part of profound learning. Particularly learners don’t think a lot about what PAR esteem is, and the amount PAR esteem is great. In the most straightforward way, it is the force of light, on an explicit unit of the zone. Standard esteem is never steady. It changes as per the tallness.

With Mars Hydro 600w LED grow light, you are getting incredible PAR esteem. From tallness of 18 inches, you are getting 980 umol of PAR esteem. Would you be able to trust that! On the off chance that you raise the stature to 24 inches, you get 662 umol as PAR esteem. That characterizes how ground-breaking this grow light is.

Perfect cooling system

The cooling arrangement of Mars Hydro 600w LED grow light comprises of various fans, which take the necessary steps of admission and fumes too. In particular, no high clamor issue with these fans, as when we tried them in our lab, we thought that it was difficult to see the commotion standing only 25 feet away. 56 Decibels was the commotion level.

The cooling framework likewise comprises of a huge stick pad warm sink, that carries out the responsibility of keeping up the ideal cool temperature inside your grow tent.

Full spectrum

That is unquestionably the essential thing to look before purchasing! Regardless of whether the LED grow light is the ideal enough to help your plant all through all phases of plant growth or not?

Mars Hydro 600w LED grow light is altogether fit for doing that. The producers have expressed range as 430-440nm, 450-475nm, 620-630nm, 650-670nm, alongside white range. For veg and blossom stages, you require the diverse extent of lights. Red light backings are blossoming, and blue light backings vegetative development.

The producers of this grow light have focused much on giving an ideal full range, and they have exceptionally very much succeeded.

Comfortable price

When we talk about the apprentices, they don’t prefer to begin on their growing voyage with excellent lights of high spending plans. They have a touch of “testing bug” in their brain. Henceforth, they search for a modest and straightforward develop light to commence. Mars Hydro 600w LED satisfies that longing, and that is the principle reason, for which, this grow light is slanting so high among amateurs.

We referenced the PAR esteem, and later on, will make reference to the inclusion region too. With that value level, it is very testing to discover a grow light, that coordinates its PAR esteem and inclusion territory.

Capable of growing hydroponics

You can’t simply grow cannabis or weed with Mars Hydro 600w LED grow the light; however you can likewise develop hydroponics, for example, potatoes, pepper, lettuce, and so forth. We checked the force of light inside the dirt with the assistance of a pH soil analyzer and found this grow light is ground-breaking enough to give sufficient light to hydroponics.

Not simply that, we had a go at growing potatoes, and the outcomes were exceptionally satisfying.

Reflective frame design

The edge structure of Mars Hydro 600w LED is flawlessly intelligent. It guarantees that the light is disseminated consistently and the correct power for your plants to grow and retain the greatest measure of chlorophyll which deeply affects plant photosynthesis.

In the development of this grow light, the conventional vitreous board is supplanted by freshest PC material, so the heaviness of this grow light is considerably less when we contrast it with customary grow lights. Full checks to the architects!

Mars Hydro Mars 600w LED Grow Light Reviews : Cons

There are some deficiencies in Mars Hydro mars 600W LED grow light, which I surely need to tell you, so that you come to know how fit is this 600W model fit for you, and with what all you will have to cope up with. Here we go!

UV and IR are absent

Full psectrum is what you are getting here, but it is such a surprise that you are neither getting IR, nor UV with this model. You can find absence of UV in many of the LED grow lights, but absence of both IR and UV is a rare thing. However, that has not brought big differences in the results. Good results have been obtained.

Now, besides that, there is absence of timer, and it is not that good for blooming large gardens.

What were the results?

This grow light has got such a big name and fame because most of the time it has provided larger than imagination sort of results to the growers. You can check the pics HERE to know what you can obtain from Mars Hydro mars 600W LED grow light!

Hey Amazon, what do you say about Mars Hydro Mars 600w LED Grow light?

On Amazon, it has gotten 4+ stars rating out of five. 1000+ clients have checked on! A major number! That demonstrates how in vogue this LED grow light is. 6% of clients have given the one-star rating. Why? One normal reason, that was less toughness. Some said that their unit quit working in the year and a half, some said 13 months, etc.

We ask why Warranty is given to you? It should be utilized in such cases as it were. We have ourselves gone for the guarantee just to check how responsive and dependable they are, despite the fact that our item was not breaking down, we recently imagined that.

Folks, client benefit, is splendid, if it’s not too much trouble contact for substitutions if your unit leaves working, in spite of the fact that there are extremely fewer shots for that to occur.

  • Powerful cooling system.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Extra-wide coverage area.
  • Dual focusing angles.
  • Provides with full spectrum.
  • Excellent PAR output.
  • Easily affordable.
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • NOt suitable for bigger growing areas.
  • Absence of a timer.
  • Confusion regarding its 600W label.
  • No IR and UV.
  • Not waterproof.

Mars Hydro Mars 600w LED Grow Light Reviews : The final verdict

Folks, this LED grow light is structured remembering an explicit gathering of cultivators. It is for apprentice producers, who need to begin on with 3-4 plants, without spending numerous bucks.

Our proposals are isolated. In particular, on the off chance that you are a novice, most likely you can bring one Mars Hydro 600w LED home. In any case, in the event that you are not a student, and need to run with greater and better yield, at that point you should purchase something fancier, and in particular, something, that incorporates IR and UV.

The other reason is that the daisy chaining feature is additionally missing, so on the off chance that you are considering expanding the grow territory, too bad, unrealistic with Mars Hydro 600w LED develop light. We will wrap up the entire subject by saying this grow light is performing nicely at that value level and offers you more than what you anticipate.

We prescribe it just for small scale growers, especially beginners. Rest, the choice is yours.

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