King Plus 600w LED review in #2023. 100% Efficiency Guaranteed?

Are you searching for an LED that is technology-driven, brighter, and more intense? If the indoor plantation world fascinates you and you wish to find the best suited LED for your grow plants, go through this King Plus 600w LED review.

King plus 600w is a low price and mid wattage range LED. The LED incorporates latest double chips of 10w in it. The Double Chips lead to brighter and more intense LED.

It supports the standard full-spectrum making it best “sun at home.” The brilliant cooling system makes LED choice much obvious.

Additionally, this LED draws less power compared to conventional lights like HPS/MH. Also, prompt and proactive customer service is an added advantage to this LED.

I know, you can’t hold yourself back to get more details of it. We will get there, but before that let us have an opening look at King Plus, 600w LED grow light.

King Plus 600w LED review 2023

King Plus 600w LED review: First Look
King Plus 600w LED review: First Look

Indeed a masterpiece!

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If the first view is so eye-catching, what would the features of this LED be?

You will see the features soon and stay tuned, but before that, you should know about King Plus Company.

About King Plus Company

King plus Company is a 7-year old LED manufacturing company. It is located in Shenzhen Guangdong, China. Their main product focus are LED grow lights and LED aquarium lights.

It has active research and development departments along-with manufacturing. King plus is a trendsetter for the latest designs and innovations, owing to their keen observations and advanced production lines.

The mission and vision of King Plus 600w LED is: “Commitment for quality products and give the best value to growers.”

This King Plus 600w LED review will cover the basic introduction, first look, reasons to buy this LED, target users, features, specifications, pros, cons, package inclusions, do’s and don’ts, wide application, FAQ and much more.

Reasons to buy King Plus 600w LED
  • Newest Technology Double Chips
  • More Bright
  • More intense
  • Effective cooling system
  • Energy Saver
  • Prompt and Responsive Customer Care
  • Full Spectrum
  • Separate VEG and BLOOM switches
  • Impressive look and feel
  • Easy on Wallet
  • Durable Design
  • Product from a reliable Company
  • User-Friendly
  • The Best option for low price, mid wattage range

Who can use this LED?

  • Indoor plant enthusiasts
  • Medical Cannabis growers
  • Indoor plant growers intermediate level
  • Professionals in indoor plantation

Extra-Ordinary Features of King Plus 600w LED

Latest 10w Dual Chip Technology

King Plus 600w LED review: Latest Technology
King Plus 600w LED review: Latest Technology

The latest 10w Dual Chip technology enables the users to get a brighter and high-intensity experience. It happens because two chips 5w each are combined into a single diode of 10w, making it brighter and intense.

Moreover, these chips are made up of high-quality EpiLEDs. These Dual Chips maintain the balance of the PAR Output and coverage.

Full Spectrum

King Plus 600w LED review: Full Spectrum
King Plus 600w LED review: Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum means the light is fully loaded with various bands like visible, UV and IR band. What makes that special?

Well, this composition enables the full spectrum to be the perfect replacement for the natural sunlight and give high yield plants.Plant bloom equally well under this LED as under the natural sunlight.

Efficient Cooling system

King Plus 600w LED review: Cooling system
King Plus 600w LED review: Cooling system

LEDs were chosen over traditional HPS/MH because of its efficient cooling and low heat output. Also, these LEDs are loaded with two fans, aluminum sing on the surface and holes on the glass, panel, and box for proper ventilation.

All these factors contribute to making an efficient cooling system.

Energy Saver
The power drawn by King Plus LED is 125w only compared to 600w of traditional lights. That’s just 25% (approximately) of the old lights.

Separate VEG and BLOOM switches
As shown in the image of the first look, this LED has different VEG and BLOOM switches. So what difference does that make? Well, you can save a lot of electricity.

During the VEG phase, switch VEG switch ON. It will consume that much power only. Same goes for BLOOM phase.

However, if you wish to get higher intensity, keep both the switches ON simultaneously.

Prompt and Responsive Customer Care
How would trust in a brand build and increase exponentially? After-sales service is the answer. Indeed, King Plus has quick and timely customer care.

It takes care of all the warranty and returns issues effortlessly, leaving no ground for complaint. It offers a 3-year warranty and 24/7 telephonic customer service.

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  • Product Size: 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches
  • Power: 600W
  • LED Type: Epistar LEDs
  • Lifespan: > 50,000 hours
  • Global Voltage: 85v-265v
  • Frequency: 50~60Hz
  • Modular Power Cord(Available in US, UK, EU, AU, JP)
  • Latest Technology
  • Best Combination of lower price and mid wattage range
  • Productive Cooling System
  • Less Power Drawn
  • Full Spectrum
  • Attractive look and feel
  • Durable Design
  • Separate VEG and BLOOM switch
  • Absence of Timer.
  • Buds quality was not up to the mark.
  • Product may not be 100% as per description by manufacturers.
  • This LED is not water-proof. So take care of leakages and dripping while watering the plants.

King Plus 600w LED review: Essential factors to select perfect LED

PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation. It represents that part of the full spectrum which participates in the process of photosynthesis. Visible light (380 nm – 720 nm) falls into this range.

PPFD directly under the fixture
The PPFD is the PAR actually incident on plants (the exact spots).

Coverage area’s PPFD
Check the PPFD levels over the full space to calculate the average light level the lighting system is providing.

Actual power drawn
Higher real power is drawn, higher the PAR output is.

The spectrum
LED lights had this special feature of the spectrum. Full-spectrum consisted of Visible, IR, and UV bands. Because of them, the LEDs were capable of being the best alternative to the natural sunlight.

Core Coverage Area
Coverage Area in simple terms can be defined as the PAR incident on indoor plants per unit area per unit time. Its unit is μmol/m^2/s. Suggested value of core coverage is >100 μmol/m^2/s.

King Plus 600w LED review: Package Inclusions

King Plus 600w LED review: Package Inclusions
King Plus 600w LED review: Package Inclusions
  • A King Plus 600w LED
  • One Power cord
  • A Hanging hook
  • User Manual

King Plus 600w LED review:Attention Areas

  • King plus 600w LEDs is not water-proof. Do not expose them to dripping water or leakages.
  • Due to leakages, it may also be prone to electric shocks.
  • Keep preferred temperature -20~40℃.
  • Keep Relative humidity of grow space $45%-90% RH.
  • In case the lightning strikes cut off the power immediately.
  • Do not move or touch the light in its SWITCH ON state.

King Plus 600w LED review: User Guidance

Stage: Vegetative stage
Light Schedule:12-14 hours

Stage:  Flowering stage
Light Schedule:9-12 hours

Stage: Fruit Stage
Light Schedule:7-8 hours

Suggested Height: 2-3.5 ft

Wide Applications

King plus 600w LED can be used for multiple purposes surrounding the indoor plantation. A few of them are growing fruits, vegetables, medicinal herbs, organic herbs, cannabis, lettuces, and succulents.

King Plus 600w LED review: FAQ’s

Does this LED have a discreet packing?
Yes, this LED has discreet packing.
Can these LEDs be shipped to South Africa?
Yes, they can be shipped, but it would take around 5-15 days.
What is the length of the power cord?
The Power cord is 6ft long.
At what height should this LED be placed?
It should be placed at the height of 3 ft.
How many LEDs are needed for 2x2x4 grow space with one plant?
One King plus 600w would suffice this grow space and plant. It can grow 6 plants at this grow space easily.
Are these LEDs Dimmable?
No, these LEDs are not Dimmable.
Can this LED be used for Commercial growing?
Yes, it can be used for commercial growing.
Will this LED support light schedule of 20/4: ON/OFF?
Yes, it will support the light schedule of 20/4.

King Plus 600w LED review: Results

We have specially compiled the results of the yields of different variants from the actual users. It is done to give you a real and authentic picture of what exactly can you expect from this LED.

Amazing! These results make me speechless.

People’s Verdict:

King plus 600w is the ultimate pick by the customers in the low price and mid wattage range.

This LED proudly boasts the strong support of 89% of customers. That figure itself tells the success story of this product in the marketplace.

We have got some worth reading comments straight from customers.
“It is a five-star product.”
“This LED is a great bang for your bugs.”
“It’s a super bright LED.”
“Appears to be a legitimate, high-quality company.”
“It works well and leaves almost no heat.”
“Great light, great service, and great price.”
“It gives amazing results for a basement grow space.”
“Great light for rookies.”
“I am impressed.”

However, there are 11% of people, who felt and experienced something wrong with this LED.

All they have to say is:
“Quarter of the bulbs do not work.”
“I got a broken unit delivered.”
“It does not appear to be full-spectrum at all.”
“Lights have burnt out just after two weeks.”

Clearly, the positive ratio is better than negative ones.


King plus 600w LED is a full-fledged package any grower would crave for. This LED has got it all.

Look And Feel, Affordability, Value for Money, Energy Efficient, Bright, Effective Cooling, Full Spectrum, and Reliable Customer Service, you name it, and this LED has it.

That time is not far, when this King Plus 600w LED will be a household name.

On considering this LED for a recommendation, its a green signal for buying from our side.

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