King Plus 1000w LED review in #2023 A boon or bane?

Do you need an LED grow light with a fine balance of full-spectrum and uniform spread? How amazing it would be if the LED is feature-rich? Presenting, King Plus 1000w LED review, to get you the optimum LED for your indoor plants.

King Plus 1000w LED is a fine assortment of brighter and bigger LED chips, latest technology, energy efficiency, full-spectrum, fantastic heat dissipation, and prompt customer service.

This LED is an exclusive package in itself.

This King Plus 1000w LED review is a journey to the destination calledoptimum LED for indoor grow plants.

Pursuing this journey, we will cover various landmarks like introduction, first look, reasons to buy this LED, best users of this LED, remarkable features, specification, pros, cons, user tips and much more.

I am sure, you would be keen to know more about this LED. Stay tuned for more, but before everything else, let us have a first glance of this LED.

King Plus 1000w LED review in 2023

King Plus 1000w LED review: First Look
King Plus 1000w LED review: First Look

Seems to be of the royal league!

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Before heading towards bigger stuff, let us get some information about the brand ‘King Plus.’

About King Plus Brand

King Plus brand is one of the leading manufacturers of LED grow lights and LEDs for aquarium. It was found in 2012 and has reached significant heights of success in a short span of time.

Its main operational office is located at Shenzhen, China. With 7 years of experience, King Plus ranks among the best LED producers.

It is regarded as the most technology-driven, large scale, and professional organization.

It’s mission and vision revolves around two main concepts; ” Quality and Value Proposition.“.


Reasons to use this LED
  • The Latest technology of 10w Dual Chips
  • Optimal spectrum
  • Energy and Cost optimization
  • Effective Heat Dissipation
  • Responsive Customer Care
  • Longer lifespan

Who can use this LED?

  • Indoor plant enthusiasts
  • Cannabis growers
  • Mid and Pro level Indoor plant growers
  • Growers with small/medium grow space
  • Hydroponics enthusiasts
  • Intermediate and Expert level Hydroponics growers

Stellar Features of King Plus 1000w LED

Newest technology brighter 10w Dual Chip LED


King Plus is one of those brands that adopt the latest innovations seamlessly. King Plus 1000w LED consist of newest technology 10w Dual Chips.

Now, you would think, what makes them so unique? These dual chips are combined using two single 5w chips into one single diode of 10w. This feature makes them bigger and brighter than before.

Moreover, they are crafted to maintain the equilibrium of PAR/Lumen Output and Coverage.

Optimal Spectrum

King Plus 1000w LED review: Full Spectrum
King Plus 1000w LED review: Full Spectrum

This LED comprises of full-spectrum. Full-spectrum primarily is made up of Visible light, UV, and IR bands. This trio makes it apt to be the perfect alternative to natural sunlight.

Among the bands, the blue light from visible band facilitates the vegetative stage. The red light from the visible band facilitates the flowering stage.

Additionally, the full spectrum has all the features that contribute the maximum to holistic growth and development of plants.

Superior Look and Feel

After unveiling the first look, I am sure we cannot agree more about how classy this LED looks. The king Plus manufacturers have used quality material LED.

It weighs around 6.5 pounds. The dimension of this LED look like 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches.

Affordable price

Along with rich features and efficient performance, this LED truly has it all. King plus has taken acute care of pricing this marvel.

Effective Heat Dissipation

King Plus 1000w LED review: Heat Dissipation
King Plus 1000w LED review: Heat Dissipation

LEDs were used in the first place because they have something spectacular called heat management. This LED has cooling fans at their places, heat sinks made up of aluminum and holes on the glass surface, panel and boxed for ventilation.

The temperature around (-20 ~ 40 degree ) is maintained.

Responsive Customer Care

The after-sales service of King Plus is as good as the sales service. There are very few good brands that provide excellent customer service.

They offer a 3-year warranty. The service timings are as good as 24 hours. You can get their online support with ease.

Better Canopy penetration

The light from the fixture having an angle from 90 to 120 degree gives better canopy penetration. Also, the brighter and new 10w Dual chips lead to a better canopy penetration.

Durability and Lifespan

These lights are made up of high-quality LEDs. That feature makes them brighter and more efficient. That point ultimately leads to the increased lifespan of the LED.

It can have up to 1000,000 hours of lifespan.

Moreover, this LED can also withstand wear and tear. Hence, it is also called ‘Durable Design LED.’

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  • Stunning look and feel
  • Sturdy Design
  • Affordable price
  • Latest Technology
  • Energy optimization
  • Optimal Spectrum
  • Proactive Customer Care
  • Efficient Heat Management
  • Decent Coverage Area
  • Great Value for money
  • Deeper Canopy Penetration and direct fixture
  • No Daisy Chaining supported
  • Absence of separate VEG and BLOOM switches
  • Some LEDs may burn out before time
  • Not Water-proof
  • The manufacturers/sellers may exaggerate some of the features.

Buyers Guide to getting optimum LED

Below are the points to consider while buying a suitable LED.



PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation. It can be defined as part of the full spectrum that is incident on plants and highly contributes to the process of photosynthesis. Its a type of light needed for photosynthesis process.

The main band used for the purpose mentioned above is visible light. The wavelength of visible light ranges from 400 to 700 nm.


PPFD stands of Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. In simple terms, it is the PAR, which exactly falls on the plants and the leaves.

Core Coverage Area
Core coverage area is defined as the PAR incident per unit area per unit time. It is measured in umols/m^2/s. The preferred value for core coverage area is higher than 100 umols/m^2/s.

Actual Power Drawn

Higher the power is drawn, higher is the output.

The Spectrum

The Spectrum
The Spectrum

The optimal spectrum of LED holds utmost importance. Because of this feature, LED lights got the capability to replace the natural sunlight for the overall growth and development of the plant.

The trio of UV, IR, and Visible light completes the spectrum. Thus, the spectrum is given the name as full-spectrum.

The credit of Indoor plant cultivation revolution can also be given to the LEDs equipped with full spectrum.

Package Inclusions

  • King Plus 1000w LED
  • Power cord
  • Hanging Kit
  • User Manual
  • Grow room glasses

Check out the video of King Plus 1000w LED live in action.

Points to take care of using this LED

  • Do not use this LED outdoors. Not being water-resistant and waterproof may lead to a decrease in its lifespan.
  • Keep the LED away from leakages and Dripping water.
  • You may use a timer in synchronization with your light schedule to avoid hassles of manual operation.
  • Hang light at an appropriate height, to avoid burning out of leaves.
  • Take care of water schedule, nutrients, ph level, humidity, temperature, light schedule for a good yield.
  • No extra ballast is needed.
  • Avoid direct eye contact of LED, as its brightness may affect your eyes.
  • Maintain -20 to 40 degree C temperature and Relative Humidity from 45-90%.

King Plus 1000w LED review: User Tips

Light Schedule

  • Veg Stage: 12-14 hours on
  • Bud Stage: 9-12 hours on
  • Fruit Stage: 7- 8 hours on

Hanging Height: 2-3.5ft.

Wide Applications

King plus LED has many varied real-life applications. It grows fruits, vegetables, cannabis, medicinal plants, organic herbs, rookies, lettuce, peppers, and succulents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the full-spectrum divided among the LEDs?
Full-spectrum divisions are mentioned below.
-71 diodes of red light
-14 diodes of blue light
-8 diodes of yellow light
-5 diodes of white light
-1 diode of IR
-1 diode of UV

How many amperes flow through 120v circuit?
Around 2 amp flow through the circuit.*
(*Readings may vary as per different wattage and voltage)

How many plants can be grown in standard grow space(2×2 ft)?
Normal grow space accommodates around 4 plants.

What is the best suggested grow size for hydroponics?
Hydroponics is optimum with 3×3 tents . 4 x 4 or higher size tents require two lights.

Is the packaging of LED discreet?
Yes, it comes with discreet packaging.

Can we know about the power cord’s length in the package inclusions?
The length of the power cord that comes with it is 6ft.

Does King plus 100w fall under Dimmable Category?
No, it is not Dimmable.

King Plus 1000w LED review: Results

Here comes the best and the most interesting part of the King Plus 1000w LED review. The actual results demonstration time.

These results prove the mettle of this LED. And it’s undoubtedly a right takeaway home.

I am presenting below the summarized results from all kinds of plants. These results will clear all your doubts hovering at the back of your mind regarding this LED and its purchase.


Aren’t these wonderful! I am spellbound, seeing these results. I am sure you are delighted too.

Word Of Mouth

In the real world, Word of mouth is an accurate metric for product success.

The King plus 1000w enjoys an excellent rating of 4.6* stars from 1200+* customers. These numbers clearly show the love of the growers for this LED.

Surely there must be enough utility and value addition to their grow space, that leads to such superb rating.

As good as 90% of growers are in awe of this LED. Let us see what they have to say.

“These LEDs are next leap in gardening technology!”
“Very bright light.”
“A great bang for your dollars.”
“Seems to be the high-quality legitimate brand.”
“Nothing but 5 stars.”
“Best takeaway for growing cannabis.”
“Impressive for the price paid.”
“it’s a no brainer. Just buy it.”
“Works well and comes with good heat management.”
“It’s a solid purchase.”

However, 10% of growers do not resonate nicely with King plus 100w LED.

“Poor light.”
“Few LEDs burnt out in no time.”
“Quarter of the bulbs aren’t working.”
“Wattage is not exactly as described; it’s way less.”
“I cannot connect multiple units.”

Finally, we are convinced by the majority of 90% of people. Go for it!

(*Subject to Change)

King Plus 1000w LED review: Final Words

King Plus 1000w LED falls in the category of ‘Mid-price mid wattage range.’ It’s a tremendous value addition to your grow tent.

It promises and delivers nothing but ‘high yield,’ and the results are supporting that claim. It would come to no surprise to you that this LED is a top-shelf product of eCommerce giant amazon.

Taking the holistic picture of price, design, durability, full-spectrum, new technology, coverage area, and customer care, this LED ranks at the top.

Thus, we strongly recommend this LED for your grow space.

Frequently Asked Question

Are King LED lights of decent quality?

Yes, KingLED lights have proven their quality so many times. In fact, nowadays, it is the other name for durability and reliability. You can check their reviews on trusted platforms like Trustpilot. Customers seem to pour all their love into the lights.
Let me tell you my experience-
I’m taken aback by how light it is. It has beautiful cooling fans and doesn’t produce much heat so you don’t need to make extra arrangements to keep the space at the appropriate temperature. Look no further if you want an excellent light at a significantly lower price than the other brands.

Is a 1000W LED Grow Light a wise choice?

A 1000W LED grow lamp has adequate light intensity to cover a 20 square foot area, which means it can maintain at least 16 tiny plants.

Is there a distinction between HIDs and LEDs?

LEDs have a longer lifespan, and High-Intensity Discharge employs electrodes in a gas capsule.

What about this LED grow light’s lumens?

The lumen output is around 600w HPS. The power cord is approximately 6 to 7 feet long.

How much room is covered by a 1000w light?

In general, a 1000 W grow lamp is suitable for a 7 square feet area if you hang the light 2 feet above the plant canopy.

What KingLED grow lamp has the same wattage as a 1000w HPS?

Try out KP 3000. This light is easily comparable to 1000 watts of HPS output and is the most potent fixture on our list.

Is HPS superior to LED?

An HPS fixture produces significantly more heat per watt than an LED light. However, because LED creates less heat and has a more significant wattage equivalent to HPS, this technology is significantly more efficient in converting energy to light (600w vs 1000w).
Moreover, LEDs save a lot on your electricity bill.

Why is having too much light in a grow tent is a bad idea?

Although cannabis loves light but when exposed to too much light, cannabis plants will exhibit several essential indications. First, leaf burning is the most visible symptom. This usually results in yellow leaves near the top of the plant, immediately beneath the grow lights. As a result, while the interior veins remain green, the leaves take on a yellow, burned appearance.
Therefore, you must have a close check on having the adequate light inside the grow tent.

Can I grow vegetables under HPS lights?

HPS lighting (high-pressure sodium lighting) is an excellent light source for indoor-growing vegetable plants, allowing them to increase and deliver the beautiful results that all gardeners desire from their plants.

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