HIGROW 1500W LED grow light review 2022/23 {Best and complete review}

We are composing HIGROW 1500W LED grow light review to make you acquainted with penny percent legit data identified with this item and will control you through different experts, cons, highlights, specs, purchaser reviews, and so forth of the item. To put it plainly, you are at the ideal place to get top to bottom and bona fide information.

Simply ensure that you completely read the review, it will devour only a couple of minutes, yet if you skip anything essential, that can cause hurt. Keep in mind, “half-learning” can be considerably more hazardous than the “no information.”

Higrow is not a newcomer, they are into business for years, and not just the LED grow lights, but they manufacture many things related to indoor growing. Higrow is a dependable company, and trust of thousands are attached to this company.

Now let us reveal info about this particular 1500W creation of Higrow!

HIGROW 1500W review in 2022/23

HIGROW 1500W LED grow light review
HIGROW 1500W LED grow light review

HIGROW 1500W LED grow light review: The first glance

This model is very well built with top-quality materials, and the makers have designed it in such a way, that your plants never face the over-heating issue. There are two terrible fans on the back side. By terrible, I do not mean that they make high noise, that word was for describing the performance. Hanging kits, manual and power cord comes with this item.

Ninety degrees and 120 degrees are the mix LED angles. This light is not just fit for the cannabis and pot plants, but fit for a very large variety of vegetation. You can grow juicy tomatoes and decent quality undergrounds if you want. The durability is a highly satisfying factor. Biggest plus point is the reasonable price. Now, let us put light on the number in Specs section.


Product Dimensions 15.7 x 11 x 2.6 inches
Item weight 9.1 lbs
Quality of LED chips 150pcs 10Watt Bridgelux/Epileds
Lifespan 50,000 hrs
Input voltage  AC 100-240V
Avg. Power Draw 300watt
Working temperature -20 to 40 degrees CWorking
Frequency 50-6working
Veg Coverage area 4.5x4ft
Bloom Coverage area 4×3.5ft
PAR value 542 umols at 24 inches height
HPS replacing capability 1000W HPS/MH
Warranty period 3 Years
Money return guarantee period 30 Days


Now, features is what you want to know before buying any LED grow light, but just knowing about them is never enough. You must be knowing the right utilization as well. Like for example, you come to know that a grow light is having the veg and bloom switches, but do you know how well the light performs when you keep On those switches, and how much does that affect the results?

Many of you don’t. Besides that, you do know the number of actual power draw, but do you really know how good the numbers are in comparison to the competitors, or the grow lights that you get at same price range? So, I am here, to not just mention the main features, but also weighing them for you.

Bridgelux/Epileds LED chips:

HIGROW 1500W LED grow light LED chips
HIGROW 1500W LED grow light LED chips
HIGROW 1500W LED grow light spectrum report
HIGROW 1500W LED grow light spectrum report

If a LED grow light wants to come up with good ratings and good public reviews, then the cooling system of a LED grow light must be cent percent perfect. If not so, then it leads to LED burn out, and as you might be knowing, that even if a few LED chips run out, it disturbs the whole spectrum, and heavily affects the results.

Here in this 1500W model, the makers have trusted only the best companies for the LED chips. These are 10W chips, which are extremely bright and powerful. Remember one thing, more the brightness is, better the yield will be!

Cooling system:

Here, you are getting a perfect cooling system with Higrow 1500W LED grow light. As a result, you can read such amazing reviews on Amazon about it. With this grow light, no one ever faced the issue of overheating in the grow tent. So, the durability is also high because of this.

Two fans are there, which are absolute power horses! These fans are scientifically designed for the least noise. You are not going to notice the noise if you are 12-15 feet away from the unit.

The company did a lot of boosting up about this model, so I thought why not to take the testing to the next level? I ran this 1500W grow light for 24 hours for twelve days. Just gave a ten minutes break after every eight hours of use. The unit was still working fantastic, and there was no up or down in the thermometer kept inside my grow tent.

Huge grow area:

When you are planning to buy a grow light with just near to $150 in your pocket, you do not think a grow area of more than 9 square feet or so. Yes, at that price range, 9-10 square feet grow area is what you get. But here, this grow light is covering 18 square feet for the veg and 14 square feet for the bloom.

Half a dozen of cannabis plants is what you can fit in that much reign. Don’t overthink about the quality, it is going to be….wait, I will explain that portion related to results a bit later, ok!

The warranty

You are getting 3 years to ensure with Higrow 1500W LED grow light. The customer service is wonderful, so you can totally utilize the warrant with the desire for complimentary substitutions and fixes at whatever point required.

The assurance fills in as indicated by the date referenced in your buying receipt, so protect it, as you should display it when you need to use the certification terms. Did receipt lose some place? Bother! You are also getting the payment return guarantee for thirty days.

What were the results?

Presently, I have tried much LED grow lights of this company. Along these lines, I thought why not to complete a correlation this time. Along these lines, when I tried this grow light for cannabis, I tried one more LED grow light of a competing company parallel to this one, which was near to double costly than Yehsence 1000W LED grow light.

Presently, the results were very stunning! I won’t care to make reference to the name of that grow light here in this review. However, it totally flopped before this 1500W model with respect to the cannabis results. The cannabis that blossomed under Higrow 1500W LED grow light were greater and had more grounded fragrance.

You can check the pics HERE!

Hey amazon, what do you say about Higrow 1500W LED grow light?

There were 100+ buyers, who found it vital to describe their experience with this grow light with the help of a review. That surely helps out a buyer a lot. 4+ stars it got out of five, which is a very good performance. 75% of customers think that this light is absolutely perfect.

Cannabis, weed, tomatoes, potatoes, ginger, etc. yields have been very good. A few folks were not happy with the customer service, and a couple of guys were not satisfied with the power of this 1500W model. What are they looking for with $150? A nuclear bomb?

Higrow 1500W LED grow light reviews : Cons

See buddies, this 1500W model isn’t going to give you the prospect to complain. Out of 100+ reviews also we didn’t find any legit complaint about the product. Till it is the question of LED chips burning, that there can be many reasons behind that, we can’t clearly blame the product.

Now, the other deficiency is the power! Some people don’t find it that powerful and claim that other grow lights are available with the same money, which are more powerful. See guys, you compare it properly, especially the coverage area and actual power draw! A single model cannot dominate in every department.

In features, the Veg and bloom switches aren’t there. However, such deficiency has not troubled a lot of users. I didn’t find that kind of complaints in the public reviews. By the way, it has made things easier for beginners.

  • Unbelievably cheap.
  • Perfectly built cooling system.
  • Full spectrum of light.
  • Highly powerful and durable 10W LED chips.
  • Presence of daisy chaining feature.
  • Huge grow area.
  • 3 Years warranty time and 30 Days money return period.
  • Absence of Veg and Bloom switches.
  • Doesn’t support aquatics that much.

Higrow 1500W LED grow light reviews : The final verdict

At a very low price, there are a lot of things that you can actually reap out of HIGROW 1500W LED grow light. This model is among those, who provide the largest grow area at that price segment.

The ratio of various lights is perfectly balanced, and as a result, this light helps your plants to thrive in the best manner. You can grow a good variety of flowers under it, and most importantly, it doesn’t make you bother about the electricity bills, as 300W is what it actually sucks from the wall.

After a vest study and testing, I conclude that HIGROW 1500W LED grow light is entirely worth its price tag, and one must not hesitate in buying it.

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