Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light Reviews – Don’t Buy before reading THIS

Here we accompany our Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light surveys to bring you the essential information. Prior to getting it, we need you to be completely comfortable with the item. Along these lines, what you should do is, simply perused the survey completely, as even a little thing can influence your choice in regards to the arrangement.

You get an extra thing, that is a fascinating cons session, which you typically don’t get with different surveys. We have ourselves developed this cons part and gave you the information that we have gotten by testing Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light. In this way, presently it is an ideal opportunity to move towards the fundamental audit and begin burrowing the item!

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light Review

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Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light reviews.jpg

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light reviews: The first glance

This organization isn’t among the most ruling brands of the present date, yet its item has been triumphant in fulfilling the majority of its clients. This grow light a power-stuffed one. It has many alternatives to offer you consequently of what it is requesting you to pay for it. Setting the grow light isn’t troublesome in any way. Pot and weed producer adore this light.

It offers you full range. Appropriate from 380nm to 760nm is the thing that you are getting in the range. What we will do is, we will as a matter of first importance play with the highlights and a touch of number diversion in the specs, and later on, we will move towards the certainties, which constrain you to get it, and the ground floor, that endeavor to prevent you from putting your cash in Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light.


Product Dimensions 20.1 x 11.2 x 2.6 inches
Item Weight 13.6 lbs
Replacing capabilities 1000 watt HPS/MH
Vegetative Coverage 4x3ft at 24″ Height
Flowering Coverage 5x4ft at 24″ Height
Avg. Power Draw 400±3% watt
LED chips quality 200pcs 5Watt Bridgelux/Epiled
LEDs Angle 90°
Input Voltage AC100-240V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Lifespan: 100000h
Warranty period 3 years
Money back guarantee period 30 days


The highlights of this grow light ideal for the weed cultivators. It appears as though this grow light is assembled particularly for weed producers as it were. However, that doesn’t imply that you won’t have the capacity to grow whatever else. Along these lines, here we go to the highlights segment.

Full spectrum of lightsGrowstar 1000W LED Grow Light Spectrum

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 1

You are getting an ideal band of lights of all hues in the range of this grow light. An entire 12 band range implies that you won’t need to stress at all over the growing of your plants, as they will be upheld regardless of what growing stage they are cruising by. in this range, you get Red(650-660nm, 620-630nm), Orange(600-610nm), Blue(430-440nm, 450-460nm, 460-470nm), UV(380-400nm), IR(740-760nm), White(2700-3000K, 4200-4500K).

Awesome cooling system

There are three gigantic size fans in the rear of this grow light. The structure is particularly flawless, and the plan itself bolsters the warmth scattering. The inherent aluminum warm sink is there, which joins with the fans, for increasingly effective warmth dispersal. In particular, these fans are quiet.

BridgeLux LED used

When you talk about the most prevailing LED makers, at that point BridgeLux is considered as a real part of the best two. Some other organization exceedingly gives you such high sturdiness. Here, in this grow light, the LEDs of a similar organization are utilized. There are 5W chips fitted, which are a sum of 200 pieces in number.

These LEDs are Zener secured, which implies that you are not going to confront an entire LED disappointment in the event that a couple of chips go out. Along these lines, you can supplant those chips effectively, and things will roll the plain same way. The life expectancy is professed to be of 100,000 working hours.

Awesome PAR value

There is disarray with respect to the PAR yield of this grow light. The numbers, which organization has given are 2265 umols from the tallness of 18 inches, and 1255 umols from the stature of 24 inches. The outline showed on Amazon tells the equivalent. Be that as it may, recall, the organization dependably doesn’t give the correct numbers.

We have seen certain cases, where individuals purchased the grow lights, and after that found that specific numbers didn’t coordinate according to referenced by the organizations, for example, the PAR yield, the force of light, Watt yield, control utilization, HPS supplanting abilities, and now and then even the inclusion territory.

We have tried this grow light, and we do realize the genuine PAR esteem, we would not specify the numbers straightforwardly, as we would prefer not to fall in any contentions. What we will do is, we will give the numbers to the organization, and demand them to furnish you with those bona fide numbers in regards to the PAR esteem. We simply state that the PAR esteem, which you are getting with Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light is profoundly fulfilling.

The Warranty

You are getting a charge out of three years confined certification in the wake of getting one. Despite that, 30 days unequivocal guarantee furthermore stays close by you.

What were the results?

All of my team members and I are entirely pleased with the results. You can check the pics HERE!

Hey Amazon, what do you have to say about Growstar 1000w LED grow light?

On Amazon, 50+ clients have surveyed the thing. That shows that it isn’t that much in the pattern. It got a sound 4+ stars rating out of five. 89% clients have given four stars or more, while only 5 percent are beneath five. By and large, the light has performed extraordinarily well, and the outcomes were superior to some much higher quality and progressively costly lights.

Presently given us a chance to toss light on the whiners. In one case, the light began gleaming inside about fourteen days, we can call that an assembling issue. You can get the entire piece supplanted. In another couple of cases, clients were not content with the yield.

We call that a human mix-up. Other over 80% of clients are totally content with the yield, at that point for what reason aren’t these four folks? All things considered, you would yourself be able to get it. The light wouldn’t do everything itself. You should utilize it fittingly.

Growstar 1000w LED grow light reviews : Cons

This one is the intriguing piece of the audit. Here, what you will discover is a few certainties, some side learning, some inward information, and in particular, the cons. Without obtaining the thing, you will pick up the client’s understanding! What can be superior to that? Things being what they are, would you say you are energized?

Daisy chaining feature is absent

By and large, there are not really any challenges, that you will look with this grow light. The daisy chaining feature isn’t accessible with this model. That is a prominent reason for which we didn’t find much reviews from professional growers, or advanced level growers on Amazon.

Right PAR output numbers are not provided by the company

Right PAR yield numbers are not given by the organization. In any case, we didn’t discover any protest with respect to that in consumer reviews. We do know the numbers as we have tested this model, but we do not want to provide with the numbers, as we want to stay miles away from any sort of controvercies. All we can say is that the PAR value is on the positive hand. We home the manufacturers provide with the numbers soon.

  • Highly durable LED used.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • Low power consumption, and higher output in comparison to most of the competitors.
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • Full spectrum including IR and UV.
  • Veg/Bloom switches are present.
  • Highly efficient cooling system, and not a single complain against that.
  • The blue light and red light ratio isn’t perfectly balanced.
  • Wrong number of PAR value provided by the company.
  • No daisy chaining feature.

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light Reviews : The final verdict

We took you over the experience of clients in our Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light surveys, and now you would as of now be having thought what all you will get being a client from this grow light. You are positively going to be gainful in the wake of purchasing this model, as barely any other feature is absent, if we keep daisy chaining feature aside. Other than that, the expense is low.

On the off chance that you are a weed cultivator, there are fewer odds of finding other grow lights, at a similar value level, which will bolster your weed plants that much. Not just that, you can grow off-season veggies, natural products, pepper, cannabis, weed, underground plants, and considerably more.

We very prescribe you to purchase Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light. Please, hustle just a bit! Get one for yourself.

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