Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light Review 2019 {Must read}

Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light Review 2019 {Must read}
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Hello mates! Here I bring Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light Review for you. I realize that you are nearly acquiring this model, yet be careful, there are sure things, which you should put in your insight before making a buy.

I will take you over every one of the advantages, detriments, particulars, highlights, in addition to some extra significant learning too. Things need to be covered well. I wager you will be exceptionally affirmed with your choice about acquiring in the wake of perusing Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light Review since I have composed his survey after an immense report and testing of this 900W model.

I don’t have confidence in what others state. So, I trust in what results turned out after my own testing. That information I am will show here. My survey is penny percent fair and genuine one. Try not to skip anything, and focus!

Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light Review

Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light Review

Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light Review

Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light Review : The first glance

See mates, Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light is probably the cheapest 1000W LED grow light available in today’s date. Now, by the word cheap, do not start underestimating this model. It is a highly functional, highly featured, and most importantly highly trending LED grow light. Hikes in the sales are continuously recorded.

Like most of the other models, this one also comes with hanging kits and six feet power cord. Recodcent LED grow lights are known for their high durability, and this model also stands on words. If you operate this 1000W in the correct manner, this is highly capable of filling your greed of decent yields!

For knowing about more capabilities of Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light, read the specs portion right below.


Product Dimensions12.2 x 8.2 x 2.4 inches
Item weight5 pounds
Quality of LED chipsDouble Chips 5W double Chips
Lifespan50,000 hours
Input voltage85v-265v
Avg. Power Draw120-130 Watts
Working temperature-20-40 degrees C
Working Frequency50~60Hz
Veg Coverage area2.5 x 2.8 ft
Bloom Coverage area2 x 2.2 ft
PAR value762 from 20 inches height
HPS replaqcing capability1000 Watts
Warranty periodN.A.
Money return guarantee period120 days


Although you are getting much of features at a very reasonable price, still I think anyone out of the two most important features was added, then the things would have been much better. Want to know what isn’t included? Come on guys, let us be positive first and see what all is provided. Deficiencies I will discuss with you later on in the “Cons” part.

Perfect spectrum:

All growers know that the main purpose of any grow light is to provide with a spectrum, that supports the plants throughout their life cycle. Besides that, if IR and UV are included, then it is the best. You cannot see them for sure, but there are certain bacteria, which can bring big harms to your plants’ growth, and you are not able to fetch out a good yield. The main purpose of UV light is to sterilizes growth and kills bacteria so that you get your desired yield.

IR is something, which you cannot see with your naked eye. The main purpose of IR is to promote cell division and improve the growth of your plants throughout various growth stages.

Great overheat protection:

Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light cooling system

Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light cooling system

These LED grow lights run much cooler than the traditional style HPS/MH lamps I agree, but still, some heat is produced, right? For dealing with that, and protecting your plants from burning, the LED grow light must have powerful, but silent fans.

With Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light, your plants are not going to suffer even a bit, as the heat dissipation is excellent. Just make sure that you are not using this light for more than eighteen hours per day. Otherwise, it might harm the lifespan of LEDs.

Power saving capabilities:

You are going to hear it very less times, that a 1000W LED grow light is sucking no more than 120 Watts from the wall. I am myself testing LED grow lights since a long time, but I have come across such fantastic number quite less. Even if you bring a couple of these lights to your home, you are definitely not going to even feel any rise in the electricity bills of yours!

The guarantee

It sometimes happens that you bring a product home, and after a few days, you feel bored of it or feel unsatisfied from it. Then you sit in a corner and feel pity and curse yourself for wasting valuable money, as you do not have any other option. Things do not roll that way with this product.

The company is providing you a 120 days money back guarantee. It means that suppose you are not that happy with the product, no need to feel pity, simply return it, and the company will not deduct a single penny from what you paid. You know what is the most beneficial thing about it? you are not asked for any reason regarding why are you returning the product.

Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light in action!

You can check the pics HERE!

Hey Amazon, what do you say about Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light?

This LED grow light has rocked the Amazon, especially due to its cheap price and positive results. 1,000+ buyers found it essential to elaborate in writing down a review on Amazon and sharing their experience with Recordcent 1000W. 4+ stars out of five is what it gained. 86% is too good. Most importantly, 79% users found this 1000W model absolutely perfect from all directions.

As it happens with all other LED grow lights, some complain were found here as well. I deeply studied the Amazon customer reviews and did some analyzing. I found that the most common point that brought dissatisfaction was the PAR output. They say that the number claimed by the company related to PAR value is not correct.

There were a few other issues such as diode burning, low intensity of light, poor coverage area, and some people also complained about the noisy fans.

Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light reviews : Cons

I already threw the spectrum of lights on the complaints in Amazon customer reviews. Now it is the time to pick up authentic cons and describe them for you. Now you will come to know what all is in actual, not that convenient about Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light. Ready?

No daisy chaining feature:

No, it is a con, but not a con. Don’t get confused, I am explaining. Normally, daisy chaining feature is the feature, that allows you to connect several LED units and form a bigger coverage area. This one is an advanced feature and is found normally in selective LED grow lights only, especially the expensive ones.

You cannot enjoy that feature with Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light, as it is not build keeping large-scale growers in mind. No daisy chaining? You can accept that! You aren’t paying high for buying this one.

No Veg/Bloom switches and a bit louder fans:

The spectrum itself won’t give you a chance to complain, but you have no manual control over this spectrum. You cannot dim, switch ON, or switch OFF the diodes of a particular light. All diodes will be working all the time. If you feel the need for increasing or decreasing the intensity of the light, the only way you could do that is switching the height of hanging.

Besides that, the fans of this 1000W grow light make just a bit of higher noise than other model of the similar price segment. Just a bit, as the number of users who complained this also just a bit. I personally do not complain about it, as when I tested this grow light, I felt the fans were both good.

  • Exceptionally cheap.
  • Powerful heat dissipating system.
  • Perfect spectrum with IR and UV included.
  • Highly durable and a huge energy saver.
  • 120 Days money return policy.
  • Daisy chaining feature not present.
  • No features for manually controlling the spectrum.
  • The fans might trouble a few users by noise.
  • The grow area is limited.

Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light reviews : The final verdict

Although you are going to miss a few features with this 1000W model, but when you look at the positive side, and most importantly, at the price tag, you will feel beneficial. The biggest thing that can stop you from buying Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light is the limitation of the grow area.

Already it is quite less, and on top of that, the makers haven’t provided you with the daisy chaining feature. Now, on the positive side, you are saving heaps of electricity, plus the light has been successful in very well supporting the pot plants. Marijuana results were decent. As a result, this 1000W model is highly appreciated by the beginners.

I will recommend Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light to you only if you are a fresher in the indoor growing scene. If you are looking for larger grow area, then there are far better choices in the market. In its department, this grow light is excellent, and I conclude by saying that Recordcent 1000W LED Grow Light is entirely worth its price tag!

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