Phlizon Newest 1200W LED grow light review 2019 – {100% Honest Review}

Phlizon Newest 1200W LED grow light review 2019 – {100% Honest Review}
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Hey buddies, today I have brought Phlizon Newest 1200W LED grow light review for you. We initially recorded a portion of the things we preferred about this light and a portion of the things we didn’t care for and afterward continued to an increasingly point by point examination of the item.

Moreover, not just that we broke down this magnificent grow light, we likewise found the best possible cost for the unit, so you don’t need to burrow around excessively.

Presently, this item is high in sales, and people are liking it. But we discovered something serious about it from the users, which I will highlight in Phlizon Newest 1200W LED grow light review and make you knowledgeable one. So, let us now move further.

Phlizon Newest 1200W LED grow light review

Phlizon Newest 1200W LED grow light review

Phlizon Newest 1200W LED grow light review

Phlizon Newest 1200W LED grow light review : The first look

The Philzon Newest 1200W LED Plant grow light has a great deal of astonishing features to offer, for example, full range light and double switches for every stage of plant growth, reasonable value, low warmth levels, extra things, and so on.

Extraordinary compared to other advantages of this light is the way that it accompanies all that you have to begin in addition to a couple of extra things. You get the grow light, balancing pack with , control string, flexible rope, hooks and thermometer and a humidity monitor. These two devices are like bonus in the package.

From the structure of this specific grow light you can presume that the Philzon considers the warmth important. The two fans on the best ensure that the warmth remains at the most elevated purpose of the tent and there are likewise two side spaces for the extra fans.

Somewhat dubious choice was not to run with the reflectors on the LEDs. This reduces the warmth yield however it additionally decreases the PAR esteem and wattage yield. This is the reason this light can’t really supplant the 1200w HID light system, but instead some place around 1050W. We got that number from testing it.


Product Dimensions2.4 x 8.3 x 15.8 inches
Item weight7.5 pounds
Quality of LED chips120 x 10W US made LED chips
Lifespan50,000 hours
Input voltageAc85-265V
Avg. Power Draw305 watts
Working temperature-20-40 degrees C
Working Frequency50-60Hz
Veg Coverage area3 x 3 feet
Bloom Coverage area2.5 x 2.5 feet
PAR value530 umols from 24 inches height
HPS replacing capability1200W
Warranty period2 Years
Money return guarantee period30 Days


At a very reasonable price, Phlizon Newest 1200W LED grow light has got much to offer you. Modern features are all present, and as it is having all features, this 1200W model is suitable for those also, who believe in large scale growing. Let us read about the features of Phlizon Newest 1200W LED grow light.

Spectrum and PAR value:

The Philzon Newest 1200LED Grow Light gives an entire 12-band spectrum of light including the infrared and UV. It likewise has double switches for both seeding and blossoming stage so you can tweak the light your plant gets at each purpose of its development.

Each switch gives the ideal wavelengths important to support your plant at that development stage. With regards to PAR esteem, if you balance the light at 24 inches, the PAR an incentive at the inside point will be 530 unmols which is ideal for a clone or a seedling. When your plant begins to grow you can move the light somewhat nearer.

The closer you move the light the higher the PAR esteem will be. Simply ensure that you watch for the indications of the light consume.

Daisy chaining feature:

Phlizon Newest 1200W LED grow light daisy chaining feature

Phlizon Newest 1200W LED grow light daisy chaining feature

One of the best features of this grow light is the way that you can daisy-chain numerous lights, and you’ll just need one power harmony to control them.

As a result of such a low cost of this light, you can get various units at the cost of a solitary all the more exorbitant unit and cover a bigger region and increment the PAR an incentive by hanging three or four of these one next to the other. This saves your money as well, and that is why a large number of advanced level growers utilize this feature for bigger gardens.

Coverage area:

As you read in the specs, you are getting 9 square feet grow area with this 1200W model, and it is going to decrease when you place your light down to 18 inches to 2.5 x 2.5 feet. For a few people, the grow area is a thing to worry, as a few lights are there in the market, which ask for the same price and provide a bigger grow area.

But you see, you have got the daisy chaining facility, so no need to worry. Even if it was not there, then also the grow area is good for that money.

Double switches for veg and bloom:

Veg and Bloom catch have the diverse capacity. Veg switch: It’s blue LED and white LED. For seeding or youthful vegetative growth, you can utilize Veg switch as it were. Blossom switch: It’s red LED and white LED for blooming/blooming, you can utilize both Veg and Bloom switches.

The warranty

In the wake of buying Phlizon LED grow light, you value two years ensure, which ensures without cost fixes and substitutions. Despite what is the intensity of the issue, you can, for the most part, contact the client benefit, and the company will do your fix work and substitution supportively without consuming much time.

Accepted you have brought this thing home, and somewhere someplace inside your heart, you are not totally content with the thing, by then you can restore the thing inside thirty days, and no finding in the arrival sum! Guarantee benefit is likewise splendid.

What were the results

Till now, we read about the abilities and possibilities of Phlizon Newest 1200W LED Grow Light. Presently comes the primary part! How can it perform? What nature of cannabis is this 1200W model fit for giving you? The appropriate response is “exceptional and awesome“! I grew numerous different things besides cannabis.

You can check the pics HERE!

Hey Amazon, what do you say about Phlizon Newest 1200W LED Grow Light?

There are 450+ customers reviews on Amazon, and the star rating is 4+ out of 5. 69% users think that this is a perfect grow light, while 8% think that this light is not worth anything!

Some users say that the blue light is very dim. The thermometer wasn’t working accurately in a few cases. Some folks also say that the results were not that good when they followed the guiding manual regarding the height placements. While some were not happy with the overall brightness of this model.

Phlizon Newest 1200W LED Grow Light reviews : Cons

In this model, there are just a couple of things to mention under cons. First of all, a lot of people were not happy with the packaging of this light. As a result, many broken units were received by the customers, which brought inconvenience. I really wish that the manufacturers do a more sensible work.

The other issue is with the fans. Now, when I tested this 1200W grow light, I actually tested four more grow light models of the same price segment together, and this one was making the loudest noise of them all. However, it is not going to trouble you that much, but yes, it is noisier than what it should be. These fans do need upgrading so that users do not get chances to complain.

  • A full spectrum with UV and IR in inclusion.
  • The price is low.
  • Veg and bloom switches for providing special support for the different growth stages.
  • Good customer service.
  • Presence of daisy chaining feature.
  • 2 Years warranty and 30 days money return guarantee.
  • Low quality thermometer provided along with.
  • Poor packaging which leads to damaging the unit.
  • The fans make a bit more noise than what they should.

Phlizon Newest 1200W LED Grow Light reviews : The final verdict

We can’t deny that the Philzon Newest 1200W LED Plant grow light is an incredible grow light. Truth be told, this may be one of our most loved grow lights in this value go. It has a bit bring down power yield than the Viparspectra. However, it additionally has a lower cost.

It’s ideal for 2 ft x 2 ft grow tents at 24 inches in stature and it can take up to 6 plants from seed to collect, and it will do that with stunning outcomes. What we cherished the most about this light is an equivalent yield of both red and blue light. It has the high blue light yield for the veg stage and high red light yield for the blossoming stage.

Another incredible thing about it is the high PAR yield. The PAR yield is the piece of the light that bolsters your plant, and the high PAR yield implies that your plant will be very much nourished and it will deliver enormous and powerful buds. So, you can take the high recommendation of Philzon Newest 1200W LED grow light from my side.

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