King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light Reviews 2019 {Read before you BUY}

Hi, every one of you my lovely readers, I have brought King Plus 3000w LED reviews for you. Trust me; you will get some important data here. I will cover all interior and outside edges here.

You when in doubt find positive things just in a huge segment of the reviews out there. It usually happens that people read those reviews, and buy the thing, by then feel frustrated about, as the thing doesn’t stay on any of the boosting done in the reviews. By then, they persist and criticize moreover.

I needn’t bother with that to happen. This, in my review, I particularly well clear up the negative piece, so you starting at now get settled with what all inconveniences can go to your heading, and how you can deal with them. My gathering of experts and I have done our obligations, by and by, as a buyer, it transforms into your business to scrutinize what all I have formed here.

Here we go!

King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light Reviews

King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light Reviews

King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light Reviews

King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light Reviews : The first glance

Let me tell you, King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light is one of the most pleasing one and if you ask me, this one is the best among twenty-one LED grow lights which I have tested since three months. Now, let me add on, many of those lights were much expensive than this 3000W model, and still the results were better here. For cannabis, this 3000W model proves itself so fit.

You have vast options of choosing the plants for growing. Now, what are you getting with this LED? Hanging kits and power cord. You can control your King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light with the help of a timer. Now, it is the time to take you across a few numbers that describe this LED grow light a better way.


Product Dimensions26 x 15 x 6 inches
Item weight16.3 pounds
Quality of LED chips300pcs x 10w Epistar LEDs
Input voltage85v-265v
Avg. Power Draw615 watts
Working temperature -20~40℃
Working Frequency50~60Hz
Veg Coverage area4 x 8 feet
Bloom Coverage area3 x 6 feet
PAR value732 umols from 24 inches
HPS replacing capability3000-watt HPS/MH lamp
Warranty period 3 years
Money return guarantee period30 days


Truly, King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light is giving you more highlights in contrast with the dollars that you are paying to bring it home. We are here to call attention to and additionally clarify the highlights, with the goal that the picture of this grow light gets clear in your eyes, in regards to the capacities.

Be that as it may, a couple of highlights are absent too, which we will bring up later on in King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light reviews and clarify the force of those missing features.

Full spectrum:

King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light diodes

King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light diodes

King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light spectrum report.jpg

King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light spectrum report.jpg

By saying “full spectrum,” I want to tell you that whenever you read these words, it means that the light emitted by that grow light is very much similar to the natural sunlight only. A full spectrum is the best for perfect photosynthesis. IR and white light are present. The frequencies are something like 410nm, 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, White, IR(730nm).

Now, if you are a beginner, and have never operated with a LED grow light, you might think that a few diodes are not working. But it is not like that. Some diodes emit the light, which a human eye cannot catch. But the light is there.

High hand in power saving:

Want to save money and take your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. out for some fun? Well, this grow light will help you in doing that. Yeah, 615 watts is what it is sipping from the wall, and replacing a 3000-watt HPS light system! That is terrible! When you compare this LED model to other models of the same power range, you will find how much money you are saving with this one, in comparison to those.

I am scared of that huge grow area!

4 x 8 feet coverage area after not even spending $300! Don’t rub your eyes, you read it correctly! Guys, that is actually more than the normal. No other, I repeat no other LED grow light of this price segment can beat King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light in terms of coverage area, canopy penetration, and the PAR output at the same time.

How much cannabis plants can you grow with 62 square feet grow area? I grew a dozen of them and that too without compromising with the quality. Not just the grow area is large, but the power and light distribution are also perfect. Canopy penetration is also worth applause!

Cooling system is absolute wow!

I tried this grow light by running it 18 hours in multi-day ceaselessly for fifteen days. There was no overheating issue. That implies the cooling system of King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light is tough and lashing! Throughout the years, nothing will happen to this warmth scattering framework, and it will keep working the manner in which it does when you bring it home and give it a shot the plain first time.

The warranty

King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light accompanies a three-year limited warranty. Focus on “limited.” That implies that period isn’t intended for a wide range of fixes and substitutions.

Albeit free fix is improved the situation the full-time frame according to referenced, yet the free parts are sent to you for 180 days as it were. Following 180 days, the parts will be sans given of expense, yet you should pay the delivery charges. On the off chance that you need to discover something increasingly about this guarantee, you can visit the organization’s site.

You likewise recover a 30 days cash ensure, and there are no turns and turns with this one. It rolls a similar way it is referenced.

What were the results?

Now, when you are getting that huge grow area, you might be thinking that maybe the negative side could be the power and intensity of light. Right? No, the power, spectrum, canopy penetration, etc., everything is on the positive side.

I very well knew that my cannabis is going to thrive like hurray-hurray!! I tried to grow other plants as well, and the results were good again. You can check the pics HERE!

Hey amazon, what do you say about King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light?

25+ is the total number of reviews on Amazon. Guess what, 90% is the success rate. 4.5+ stars! I know after reading the features and specs, you were already expecting this. 78% growers feel that there is no chance to complain anything about King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light. That means three out of four growers!

The number of complainers is also quite less. This 3000W model is very powerful, so a few times plants burnt out, as the height of hanging wasn’t correct. That’s all under complaints.

King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light reviews : Cons

See, first of all, you are getting this model at such a meager price, and then also you don’t get many chances about complaining. The only and only thing to complain is the absence of the veg and bloom switches special for both those growth stages of your plants. But that didn’t have any impact on the results, so that is acceptable.

Use this 3000W model for the indoor purpose only. Is that a con? No! So, I didn’t find any other con in this model, and neither did my expert team.

  • Reasonable price tag.
  • High PAR output and low energy consumption.
  • Excellent heat dissipation system.
  • Large coverage area.
  • High durability of 100,000 hours.
  • 3 years limited warranty.
  • 30 days money return guarantee.
  • No veg and bloom switches.

King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light reviews : The verdict

This is a sort of LED grow light, on which you can heavily depend. Now, the veg and bloom switches are absent, but that has actually made it easier for the beginners to operate. This 3000W model has proved itself beneficial for growers of all levels. The daisy chaining feature has added on to the luxury.

Low energy consumption is another big advantage. King plus 3000W is a light, which is highly capable of providing you your desired cannabis yield, and not just cannabis, but much more. No steep downstairs either. So, I highly recommend King plus 3000W LED grow light to you, no matter what kind of grower you are.

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