G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow Light Reviews – Worth the MONEY?

We have brought you G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow Light survey to take you over every single fundamental point and different profound actualities about this item.

This specific item isn’t that well known, as it has not been too long when it was propelled. In this way, we assumed the liability to give you appropriate information about this grow light and disclose to you how great it is for your dollars. This one is a rock solid grow light, which is appropriate for the intermediates, and propelled cultivators also.

We tried G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow Light on different grounds to discover how able this grow light is and is it going to satisfy the requirements of the buyers or not. We attempted to grow six kinds of plants, and we are presently completely comfortable with the execution of this grow light.

Thus, we should not sit tight for all the more presently, let us move towards the survey.

G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow Light reviews

G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow Light reviews.jpg

G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow Light reviews.jpg

G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow Light reviews : The first glance

This grow light is worked to give you everything in plenitude. You take the PAR esteem, grow area, HPS supplanting ability, and so on. And yet, the cost is as high, because of which a major number of purchasers waver in getting it, and consequently, it didn’t get the best possible fascination, when propelled in the market.

This grow light was granted as the best indoor grow light of your 2016 by High Times Magazine. That implies a great deal! This is one of the greatest vitality savers, among the 900W models exceptionally brilliant, and high sturdiness. We will uncover data about this item one by one, and at the present time, let us begin with the highlights.


Product Dimensions20.5 x 14 x 3 inches
Item Weight23 pounds
Replacing capabilities1000W-1200W
Vegetative Coverage4feet x 6feet
Flowering Coverage4feet x 6feet
Avg. Power Draw540W
LED chips quality3W
LEDs Angle90 degrees
Input Voltage110V @ 4.6Amp | 240V @ 2.2Amp
Lifespan:50,000 hours
Warranty period2 years
Money back guarantee period90 days

G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow light reviews : Features

Wikipedia considered it the best indoor grow light of the year 2018, and one of the fundamental explanations for that is its bottomless highlights. Give us a chance to perceive what this grow light offers you with respect to highlights.

The perfect heat dissipation system

G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow light fans.jpg

G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow light fans.jpg

The achievement of a grow light intensely relies on how proficiently the warmth scattering framework that grow light works. Only a tad of additional warmth and your plants are no more! When we examine the working of the warmth scattering arrangement of G8 LED 900W Mega grow light, we feel as though the creators possess taken more energy for the development of this framework, in contrast with the entire grow light.

The fans, and in addition the warmth sinks, work penny percent flawlessly, to propagate the correct temperature inside the grow tent. They never let the temperature cross a specific limit, and keep the grow tent cool.

Spectrum (8 bands of lights)

The creators of this grow light case that they would have made a 15-20 band light; however anything extended over eight groups of light is whole wastage of light. You are getting a full range with G8 LED 900W grow light, that comprises of an ideal mix of red, blue, IR and UV.

With this full range, your weed and cannabis grow denser, better, and have a superior fragrance. Yet, we can’t deny from the way that with this grow light; you are not getting the full range. The creators guarantee this grow light is equipped for furnishing you with the most astounding yield per unit of vitality devoured.

3W LED used for better penetration

Creators of this grow light have focused hard on the infiltration truth. That is an explanation behind which they have utilized 3W LED chips, rather than 5W or 10W, which are all the more amazing and brilliant. Therefore, the infiltration of this grow light is up to 60 creeps from the shade, and that is the factor in charge of making it extraordinary compared to other grow light for thicker vegetation.

These LED are altogether produced by the best slanting organization, and you don’t have to stress over its strength.

Decent PAR value

It appears as though it is the main grow light in the market, that gives an extreme rivalry to the development platinum arrangement grow lights, with respect to the PAR esteem. At 16 inches, the PAR esteem you get is 1540 umols. That is the second best PAR esteem when we talk about the 900W models in the market.

One of the greatest focal points of high overhang entrance and high PAR esteem is that you can grow nearly more plants in less space, as the thickness wouldn’t prevent this light from giving equivalent light to all parts of your plants.

The warranty

Truly, we don’t get much happy with the guarantee time frame. For the most part, you get a 3 years guarantee, from the overwhelming grow light assembling companies and some even give a 5 years guarantee. Here with this one, you are getting 2 years time period.

In any case, what is important is the means by which responsive the guaranteed benefit is. With G8LED, the clients are extremely content with the client administration and short procedure of the guarantee. You are recovering a triple time of cash ensure. Regularly you get 30 days, yet with this grow light, you get 90 days.

What were the results?

You can check the pics HERE!

Hey Amazon, what do you have to say about G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow light?

There are not all that numerous clients of this grow light. On the off chance that they will be, they positively are not composing audits. On Amazon, only 30+ reviews are there in spite of the fact that the stars rating(4.5+ stars) is sound. The greatest thing that awes is that 93% of the clients have given impeccable five stars rating.

The 3% clients, don’t have anything huge to whine either. Simply the toughness issue, knobs went out before time. That is an excellent case, and the guarantee is there to help. In this way, not a lot for the clients out a whine. 93% totally fulfilled clients mean a great deal.

G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow light reviews : Cons

Now here we fetch out some cons out of our pot of information. Reading this particular portion is essential. See what all might trouble you as a buyer of G8LED 900W Mega LED grow light. Here you go.

Full spectrum is missing

It doesn’t furnish you with a full range. Despite the fact that the organization asserts that an eight-band light is flawless, still, our specialists feel that a twelve band light would have been something more.

Heat management is require and Daisy chaning feature is not available

This particular 900W model is not capable of working in +40 degrees C conditions. This is like a barrier for most of the LED grow lights out there, as almost 97% of the LED grow lights that we tested failed to work efficiently in 40+ degrees C temperature. So, it is neve a big issue.

Daisy chaining feature is absent, which is the biggest thing to concern. You will not be able to link this light with the other similar lights. So, you are left with a limitation regarding the grow area.

  • Excellent customer reviews and ratings.
  • 60 Inches canopy penetration.
  • Brilliant PAR value and large coverage area.
  • Outstanding heat dissipation system.
  • Very bright and highly durable.
  • A perfect combination of red light, blue light, IR and UV.
  • 90 days money return guarantee.
  • No Veg/Bloom switches for manual control over the spectrum.
  • Daisy chaining feature is not there.
  • Not full spectrum (Just an 8 band spectrum).
  • A smaller warranty period of 2 years.

G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow light reviews : The final verdict

This Grow light is fit for furnishing you with the best yield of weed and cannabis at that value level. Producers over the world love this grow light. In spite of the fact that the surveys are less of Amazon, we can’t pass judgment on an item by viewing only 30 audits. In this way, we tried it ourselves and ran over splendid outcomes.

No daisy chaining feature and Veg/Bloom switches, yet nobody felt issues in regards to that. An appropriate directing manual is given, so you get legitimate direction with respect to the undertakings. This light will astound you with its capacity. Generally, you are getting an ideal grow light for your cash. Subsequently, we very prescribe you to purchase G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow Light.

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