Dimgogo 1500w LED Grow Light Review 2019 – [Must Read NOW]

Hey guys, today I have brought Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light review for you. Now, you might have heard about the single chip, and dual chip LED grow lights, but this one is a triple chip LED grow light!

Yes, it is a bit different. This one has been brought to the market especially for those growers, who want to grow just for hobby, or for personal use, without decreasing the weight of the pocket much. In looks, it is like what a mainstream beginners LED grow light must look, but you are here to know the inside story, right?

Although this one has provided very good results of cannabis, but we are not here to endorse anything. We are mainly here for discussing the darker side of this product, and letting you know whether you must pay the bucks for it, or not.

So, those were the last words of the intro, now starts the review!

Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light review

Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light review

Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light review

Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light review : The first glance

New is the company, and so is the product. We cannot count Dimgogo as a dominating company in this field, but I will have to agree that some of its products are really excellent. The price is always kept low. Now, the 1200W model is the one, which is surely giving a competition, but in some grounds, it has failed to beat the similar price range LED grow lights.

But the other truth is that on some grounds, it has dominated. However, there are certain complaints against this 1200W model, which we are not going to skip in this review. First of all, let us pop up some number in the specs.


Product Dimensions17.5 x 10.9 x 5.1 inches
Item weight8.44 pounds
Quality of LED chips100pcs  10W LEDs (3 Chips) US made chips.
Lifespan100,000 hours
Input voltageAC85-265V
Avg. Power Draw284W±5W
Working temperature-20-40 degrees C
Working Frequency50-60Hz
Veg Coverage area4.8 x 4.8 feet
Bloom Coverage area4.3 x 4.3 feet
PAR value532 umols from 24 inches
HPS replacing capability1500W HPS
Warranty period3 years
Money return guarantee period30 days


Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light is fully loaded with the features. In terms of features, it is capable of satisfying every single buyer out there. Are you curiosity level going high and want to know what does Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light offers you? Here you go!

Full spectrum:

Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light review Spectrum report

Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light review Spectrum report

It won’t be wrong if we call a LED grow light a man-made sun. Almost all LED grow lights out there provide a full spectrum of lights to the plants. Some provide 8 bands, some 10, and some like this one, provide 12 bands of light. The thing that matters is the proportion of various lights, and especially the balance between red and blue light.

Besides that, if you are getting IR, UV and white light in the spectrum, it is the best. Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light is providing you with all three, plus the blue:red proportion is also fantastically balanced.

Perfectly designed cooling system:

The cooling arrangement of any grow light out there light the general achievement of that grow light. If the cooling framework can’t remove the warmth, your plants get wore out, and you complete writing a negative review on Amazon about the grow light.

No compelling reason to stress by any stretch of the imagination, the cooling arrangement of Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light is one of the most pleasing ones that that price segment.

There are three fans, fitted right up on the fumes outlet. This cooling framework is unparalleled, and we kept this grow light ON for eighteen hours a day for more than a month. Still, there wasn’t any sort of warmth issue.

Energy efficient:

It is going to be very tough to find a LED grow light 1500W model, which replaces the same watt HPS system as mentioned in the title, and consumes even less than 300W as an average! Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light consumes only 284W.

Even if you are looking forward for growing bigger gardens, this light proves to be an ideal choice, as even if you connect three similar lights, the coverage area will be near to 70 square feet, while the average power draw will be 852W only! Sometimes I am too good at maths!

Extra-large coverage area:

4.8 x 4.8 feet is an enormous grow area with that price tag. Eight cannabis plants are what I successfully grew under this 1500W model. A big grow area surely attracts customers, but the main fact is that is the LED grow light model capable of distributing equal light to all grow area or not.

Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light is doing the job perfectly here. Canopy penetration is also high. Plus, as I explained earlier, daisy chaining is there to support you in expanding the grow area.

The warranty

The warranty period as well as the money return guarantee period is similar to what you usually get with most of the LED grow lights out there.

Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light accompanies a 3 years warranty period. Amid the entire guarantee time frame, you can enjoy free substitution and fix of your 1500W model. Ensure that you have the buying receipt right in your pocket. If you lose the receipt someplace, you won’t have the capacity to use this 3 years guarantee.

Not simply the guarantee, this grow light model accompanies a 30 days unconditional promise also, which you can use if the item neglected to fulfill you, and the payment will be returned.

What were the results?

I do not rely much upon what other users say or feel about any LED grow light, as I do not know how they used, whether they have experience or not, were they correct with the height settings or not, time period, etc. So, what I do, I force one of my teammates to spend money, and we bring that model to our lab for testing.

The same thing we did with Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light and obtained satisfying results. When I was tracking the proceedings, I wasn’t that happy with the performance of the light for the first three weeks. Then magic happened. The speed that my cannabis plants caught! Fabulous!

Let me not hide it from you, you are going to get cannabis for sure, but the quality will not be what we call excellent. Better you do not expect the best quality cannabis either, as you are not paying much to buy this one, and at that price segment, the results are medium quality only.

See the pics to know what kind of yield can you possibly obtained from Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light. You can check the pics HERE!

Hey Amazon, what do you have to say about Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light?

There are 100+ reviews about Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light on Amazon, where it has achieved 4+ stars out of five. I got a bit surprised actually that such a decent LED grow light failed to touch even an 80% success rate! 21% users have given to two and below stars. Now I know you are surely feeling the need to dig out the matter deeply.

The most common issue was with the durability. Most of the people claimed that the light is not durable and some say that it is not that powerful either. There were some cases, where plug issue took place, while on some occasions, fans went naughty!

So, yes, manufacturing issues are found, and the item is not that sturdy either. However, you are getting a three years warranty for sure, but inconvenience is an inconvenience. There are chances!

Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light reviews : Cons

Any feature isn’t missing for sure, and the number you read in the specs aren’t the subject to complain either. So, what is the fault? The fault is only with the manufacturing. The same unit had different sorts of issue, which all I highlighted in the paragraph above. This is true that on the basis of durability, it didn’t please my team and me that much.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Efficient heat dissipation system.
  • Full spectrum with IR and UV.
  • Daisy chaining feature.
  • Veg and Bloom switches.
  • Impressive PAR output and coverage area.
  • Energy saving.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • 30 Days money return guarantee.
  • Manufacturing defect chances are high.
  • Less durability.
  • Regular quality metal used in the constructions of this light.

Dimgogo 1500w LED grow light reviews : The final verdict

To be gruff, this specific grow light isn’t the best one available, not by far. From cooling to control conveyance, it can see a major number of upgrades, yet that is not the point.

While it can see some cleaning in future models, the flow cycle works admirably at conveying plants the required vitality for building up, all while keeping power bills at sensible esteem. It highlights optical lens technology that expands vitality conveyance, a full range of LED lights which incorporates UV and IR and a general decent form quality.

At its price level, it is a good choice, but not for long-term, so I recommend you that if you have a bit more money, you can buy a much better one.

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