10+ Best COB LED Grow Light – For Indoor Growing [A Complete Review]

10+ Best COB LED Grow Light – For Indoor Growing [A Complete Review]
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Have you heard the name COB LED Grow Light ?


Well, now you might be wondering that what this all fuss is about?

Yeah, it’s something new which is in its initial stage and have started getting people’s attention because of power and potential.


Then, worry not I’ve a complete solution for your problem.

In this article I’ll be covering COB LED Grow Light phenomenon. I will also explain what is it and why it is better than what’s already working in the field of indoor growing.

Just, Hang On.!

Best COB LED Grow Lights of 2019

ImageModelDimensionCoverage AreaWattageCheck Price
MrHua 300WDiameter - 10"3' X 3'133W Check Price
Roleadro 400W14.2" X 9.4" X 5.5"24": 3.5' X 3.5'190-210W Check Price
HiperGero 400W12.4" X 7.8" X 3.54"24": 3' X 3'200W Check Price
VIHIMAI 1500W12.2" X 8.3" X 2.4"24": 3.5' X 3.5'250W Check Price
KingLED 1200W12.2" X 8.26" X 2.36"24"+ : 3.5' X 4'215W Check Price
MaxBloom 400W X4+14.7" X 11.8" X 2.4"24" : 4' X 4'200W ± 5W Check Price
Morsen 1200W14.5" X 14.5" X 5.7"10 Sq.ft200W Check Price
MaxBloom 600W20.1" X 11.8" X 2.4"24": 5' X 4'300W ± 5W Check Price
BloomBeast A52014" X 14" X 2.7"24": 3' X 3'228W ± 5W Check Price
MaxBloom 800W X8+27" X 12" X 3"24": 4' X 6'410W ± 10W Check Price

What Is COB LED Grow Light?

Chip-On-Board widely known as COB is a latest technology used for LED Packaging in LED Light Engine. Yeah, in COB lights multiple LED chips are packaged together as a single module. Yeah, it’s part of electronic packaging and It generates intense light because of multiplied potential of multiple LEDs.

Why COB Light as an Alternative to Other Grow Lights?

Well, this was the first question in my mind when I get to know about COB lights as a grow light. But, when I get to know about several things about this latest technology my all doubts were vanished.

COB lights are best alternative for conventional HID, SMD as well as modern LED grow lights because it has more potential than all this lights, it has more intense light than all these grow lights, it has best in the kind lighting area than all other grow lights. It has lesser power draw than all other grow lights.

And, Best of all it is economically feasible when it comes to long run investment. Because it has highest lifespan with lesser electricity consumption and more lighting area with much intense light.

How to find Best of The Class COB Led Grow Light for Indoor Growing?

Well, we’ve solution to your this confusion as well. To make it easy for you to get best of the class COB LED grow light for your indoor garden we’ll review Best COB Led Grow light in this article.

Now, Let’s review Top Ten COB LED Grow Light for You.

MrHua CREE COB LED Grow Lamp – A Small Sized PowerHouse

Don’t doubt the size.

Yeah, it’s smaller in size but is pretty much powerful compared to all other 300 watt LED grow lights.

This COB Grow lamps weighs around 4.4 lbs and have 10” of diameter. UFO Shaped design of the lamp is specially designed for indoor gardening with a coverage area of around 3’ x 3’.

81 Small Sized LED chips placed systematically with a single Chip-On-Board fixture on the center of the bulb makes this light extremely powerful by covering wide range of spectrum for your green leafy friends. And, yeah it also includes UV and IR which makes it a complete full spectrum light.

Actual Average power draw of 133W makes this grow lamp extremely efficient at this cost. With low level of actual power draw and best of the kind intense light inside grow tent it don’t generate much of the heat.

If we look at lumen output and all other input-output ratio then it can be easily identified as one of the best grow light for all phases of a plants life cycle.

  • Compact Size.
  • Best in the class Efficiency.
  • Full spectrum light with UV and IR
  • Reliable Design
  • Suitable for All Phases of Plants Life Cycle.
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Extremely intense Light with Low Heat Generation
  • Large Lifespan
  • Just one COB in Center (It’s enough though)

Now, you decide whether you want to invest less and get more in return or you want to invest more and get average in return?

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light – The Sun In A Box

This 400W COB LED Grow light By Roleadro is known for its potential to generate intense light which is good for your plant’s overall health.

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light comes in the form factor of 14.2” x 9.4” x 5.5” while it weighs around 6 pounds.

Its reflector cup design with focusing angle of 90 degrees helps to generate higher PAR value and lumen output compared to other normal LED Grow Lights.

And yeah, light generated by this COB LED grow light is very much stable and covers wider full spectrum with help of white light. This light is the result of many years of research by Roleadro and provides your plants with everything they need for better survival.

It provides an average coverage area of 3.5’ x 3.5’ at the height of 24”. And yeah, this light is suitable for the entire life cycle of your growing plants because it’s a well-balanced product for the seedling to blooming and harvesting.

Two Chips on Board LEDs are fixed in the center of grow light individually each of them generates light equivalent to the power of 200W.

Actual Average power draw of Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light stays between 190W to 210W. The modular light design makes this grow light reliable in the long run.

This grow light comes with daisy chainable design so you shouldn’t worry if you’re planning to expand your grow space later on.

The latest scientific cooling system makes the whole experience of indoor growing a cool adventure.

  • True Full Spectrum Light
  • State-Of-The-Art technology for LED Lights.
  • Scientific Design
  • Better Input-Output Ratio
  • Heat management for the cool environment inside grow tent
  • Longer lifespan
  • Best Class Service By Manufacturer
  • Daisy Chainable
  • Not That much good coverage area.
  • Generates only white light. (Though it covers all the spectrum)

At this price, one can rarely find a better grow light than this. Yeah, with COB technology.

HiparGero COB LED Grow Light – A Light For All Plants

The HiparGero COB LED Grow light is a complete power pack performer for the long run. This COB Grow Light by HiparGero allows your plants to sustain best possible growth throughout its vegetative phase. While during Blooming it’ll help your plants to produce resinous buds for you.

Combination of 1200K, 3000K and 5000K full spectrum 90W COBs on the light panel makes this grow light a complete power pack performer for your plants.

And for better results, you’ll notice 10 LEDs of 5W on the panel which helps to generate those bands of spectrum which are missed by COB LEDs.

This COB LED Grow Light is the true energy saver. As average power draw of this grow light is limited to 200W while working.

HiparGero COB LED Grow Light comes in the dimensions of 12.40” x 7.80” x 3.54” and it weighs around 2.5 Kg.
Incredibly intense light of this COB LED is able to cover an average grow space of 3’ x 3’ at the height of 24”. The focusing angle of this grow light is 120 degrees if you hang it 24” away from the canopy.

UL Listed Highspeed fans do its job pretty much good. But makes a bit of noise while working.

This Grow Light by HiparGero comes with 1 years manufacturers warranty and 30 days money back challenge if you don’t feel satisfied after 30 days of use then you can return this grow light.

  • Wide Range Of Spectrum
  • Affordable
  • Top Rated Durable LEDs
  • 1200K, 3000K, 5000K COB LEDs boosts plants health.
  • Cool operation
  • Optimal Coverage Area
  • More Durable Design Compared to others
  • Return Policy
  • A Bit Noisy.
  • No Daisy Chaining Ability

People who are using it have already experienced ability of this grow light. Many have admitted that it’s a complete package for long run indoor growing.

VIHIMAI 1500W COB LED Grow Light – A Versatile Grow Light


This COB Grow Light works like a charm inside your grow tent. It provides your plants with an optimum spectrum of light which helps your plants to sustain better health and growth throughout its life cycle.

This grow light is designed using 5 COBs on the panel which generates a good amount of intensity of light and it also covers UV and IR which ensures safety and growth of your green leafy friends.

People have admitted that they got a kind of boost in vegetation and better yields compared to other cheap LEDs at the time of harvest.

If we talk about its form factor then this grow light comes in the dimensions of 12.2” x 8.3” x 2.4” and weighs around 6.55 pounds.

This beautiful light comes with 5 COBs of 300W each which generates 1500W HID HPS equivalent light.
This grow light can cover an average grow space of 3.5’ x 3.5’ from the height of 24”. Though, it can be increased or decreased by setting and experimenting different heights during different phases of your plants.

Actual power draw of this grow light is around 250W only. Which is best in the segment compared to other cheap Grow Lights.

VIHIMAI 1500W LED Grow light comes with 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty and 30 days money back challenge.

  • Affordable
  • A Complete Full Spectrum Light
  • Comparatively Better Coverage area
  • Better HID equivalent light
  • Durable for the long run
  • Less Power consumption
  • Versatile Use for all kind of plants.
  • Not Daisy Chainable
  • Not WaterProof

Happiness inside your small grow tent matters. If, you want huge yield and resinous buds as a return after each grow cycle.

Imagine the class inside your indoor garden.


Morsen 1200W Full Spectrum COB Grow Light – Let Your Flowers Bloom

Morsen’s unique design with cup reflector gives higher light reflection effect results in evenly spreading light on your canopies. This grow light generates intense and brighter light for any plant in any growing phase.

The full spectrum of this grow light covers a wide range of spectrum between 380nm – 840nm. And makes your plant’s happy inside grow tent.

Theoretically, this light is 1200W HID Equivalent light while in reality it only consumes 200W of electricity while working,

If You’re concerned about the form factor of this grow light for determining whether it’ll fit into your grow tent or not? Then, this light has dimensions of 14.5” x 14.5” x 5.7” and it weighs around 9.65 pounds.

You can determine it’s durability by its weight. Yeah, its very strong and sturdy design. Which is well capable of working for long-term inside your grow tent.

The coverage area of this grow light can be extended up to 10 sq ft. during flowering phase of your bud plants.

Heat management may not be exceptionally favorable in some cases but yeah it works properly and not got any negative comment by any of the existing users for its operation inside grow tent.

  • Full Spectrum Light
  • Better Red Spectrum For Blooming
  • Dimming ability
  • Sturdy and strong design
  • Average Coverage Area
  • Completely using COB Technology
  • Not WaterProof
  • No Timer

Buy one and try one. We bet you won’t regret using it.

MaxBloom 600W CREE X6 Plus COB LED Grow Light – Beast For Buds

MaxBloom is here with its Beast. Yeah, It can’t be ignored when it comes to heaviest yields per watt of electricity. MaxBloom had launched many potential COB Lights on the market for different sizes of grow space. And That’s why we’ve included all three best COB LED Grow light from MaxBloom in our Best COB LED Grow Light Reviews.

Especially this one is suitable for 5’ x 4’ of grow space from the height of 24”. This grow light provides 20-30% more yield compared to other grow lights on the market. Yeah, that’s what manufacturer claims but still we can expect it around 15-20% more than others.

Amazing red spectrum results in resinous flowers at the time of harvesting if you’ve used this light properly during blooming.

This LED Grow Light covers around 12 spectrum which includes IR and UV as well. Incredibly easy to use and hassle-free installation makes this MaxBloom COB Grow Light amazingly user-friendly.

This COB Light is Designed using 96 LEDs of 5W each and 2 pcs of COB Light of 100W each. It produces 600W HID equivalent light while its actual average power draw is around 300W ± 5W.

MaxBloom X6+ Grow light comes with dimming functionality so you can manage its brightness if you notice any kind of harm to the plants.

Double dimming switch for Veg and Bloom gives you more control over its functioning during two different phases of your growing plants.

Silicon rubber sheet on panel ensures safety from the water. But it’s still recommended to keep it away from dripping water.

Scientific Heat management ensures balanced temperature inside your grow tent.

  • Full Spectrum Light
  • Extreme Pink Spectrum for Blooming
  • Scientific design for the whole lifecycle of a plant
  • Heat Management
  • Nice Coverage area
  • Partially WaterProof (Precaution is a boon)
  • Worry-Free Warranty
  • Not Daisy Chainable

If your plant’s safety and healthy growth is your prior concern then going with this COB Light will be a wise decision. Just Imagine those resinous and heavier buds on your palm after harvesting. Isn’t it an amazing feeling?

BloomBeast A520 COB LED Grow Light – A Light For Marijuana Garden

This beast is the hot favorite among professionals because of it’s the best light when it comes to harvest time. This light is well capable of producing resinous and healthy buds by providing all essential light to the cannabis plants.

This BloomBeast COB Grow Light comes with three mode operation starting from seedling to blooming. You can easily set the intensity of light according to your plant’s phase.

Yeah, BloomBeast is the only manufacturer that is providing a quality product with three modes which work perfectly.

The convex optical lens makes the light more intense and brighter and spreads it evenly over the grow space.
Light is consisting of 1 COB unit of 100W and 84 LEDs of 5W each. This light produces 600W equivalent HPS light and actual power draw of this grow light is around 228 watts ± 5W which saves your 50% more in electricity.

The more resinous buds your want the less you should plant if you’re using this grow light.
Yeah, you’ve heard it correctly. Fix this light 24” away from the canopy and it’ll cover 3’ x 3’ of grow space inside your 3’x3’ grow tent. It’s recommended to plant only 2-3 plants inside your grow tent because that way it’ll give you heavier yields at the end.

This light has fabulous PAR value and provides extremely intense light that shouldn’t be seen with naked eye.

Yeah, safety first! Use safety glass while coming in touch with this BloomBeast’s light.

This is the only manufacturer which is confident of their product and provides one of its own kind of returning policy.

Yeah, If you’re not feeling satisfied within 90 days then return it to them, they’ll give you all your money back. If you’re still not feeling good with a product or it lacks performance then they’ll provide you a replacement for 6 months. And, how can we forget 5 years of quality assurance warranty period!

  • One of its own kind design
  • Full Spectrum Light
  • Extreme Brightness
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Heavier Yields
  • Best on the market Warranty policy
  • Designed especially for marijuana growing
  • Extremely bright (Always wear protector glass)

All in all. Buying this grow light is an extremely fair deal. Assured healthy plants inside grow tent needs the companionship of BloomBeast A520 COB Grow Light. State-Of-The-Art Design with three mode switches and one of its own kind of warranty policy, Now, what more you want at this price?

MaxBloom 800W X8 Professional COB LED Grow Light – The Beast

And now, the time comes to review one of the top-notch COB LED Grow light which is available in the market and currently rocking on the floor.

This COB LED Grow Light nowadays become a point of discussion in various forums and between professional growers.

So, now let’s move forward to our one of the Best COB LED Grow Light Review and explore all the good about it.

Same as its both twin sisters this Grow Light has similar body structure and stability of working.
The only difference in this grow light is that it has more ability to perform better than both the grow lights that are being reviewed already.

This grow light produces 12 band spectrum light with UV and IR. The spectrum that’s being covered by this grow light is ranging between 380nm – 760nm.This grow light comes with two dimmers where you can dim this light from 0% to 100%.

At less energy consumption this grow light produces the brightest light possible. Brightness generated by this grow light is 15-30% more than all other normal LED grow lights.

A highly effective working rate of LED Drivers makes this grow light reliable for the long run too.
This X series of MaxBloom is one of the advanced levels of grow light that is available on the market.

It helps your plants to provide you with heavier yields at the time of harvesting. This grow light works at its best during bloom phase of your plants.

This grow light comes in the dimensions of 27” x 12” x 3”. And it weighs around 20 pounds.
With above-mentioned dimensions, this grow lights covers around 4’ x 6’ of growing space from the height of 24”.

This grow light is designed with 95 LEDs of 5W each and 4 COBs of 100W each. Combination of this power pack makes this grow light one of its own kind.

This COB Grow Light by MaxBloom produces 800W HID Equivalent light while it only consumes 420 ± 10W of electricity for its operation with 100% brightness. And, during vegetation phase this power draw can be reduced up to 220W.

MaxBloom offers an incredible warranty period for this beautiful grow light.

  • Full spectrum light
  • Marvelous pink spectrum for Bloom phase.
  • Value for money product.
  • Extreme Brightness
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Heavier Yields.
  • Extreme Bright (Can’t be stared directly)

The choice is yours, Buy it now or cry later. At this price range, you’ll rarely find an LED grow light better than this.

Words For Closing

So by now, you’re familiar with all the best COB LED Grow Lights available on the market currently.

But, if you’re still confused to choose one of the best out of all these 10 grow lights then don’t worry.

Let’s find one of the BEST COB LED Grow Light for you based on your needs and affordability.

In These COB LED Grow Light Reviews we’ve reviewed Top 10 COB LED Grow Lights That are available on the market and especially those which have fixed a place in users heart by performing up to the mark inside people’s grow tent or indoor garden.

But, as we all know each one is having its own pros and cons attached to it.

Now, if you’re running tight on budget and don’t want to cover too much of grow space then as we’ve already stated in this COB Light reviews you can go with most affordable MrHua COB LED Grow Lamp which is all way able to enlighten your garden.

If you’re concerned with actual power draw and confused with grow tent size then with 200W of actual power draw you’re having two of the Best COB Lights at your desk.

Yeah, those are Roleadro 400W for 3’ X 3’ of grow tent and HiperGero 400W for 4’ X 4’ of grow tent.

If you want more intense and bright light for your 4’ X 4’ grow tent then we’ve included 3 grow lights in our COB LED Grow Light Reviews.

Didn’t you notice that?

Oh, don’t worry.

Yeah, those beasts are VIHIMAI 1500W for Extreme Brightness inside comparatively small grow space and KingLED 1200W for intense light inside a bit larger grow tent and Morsen 1200W can easily enlighten a grow space of 10 sq.ft.

For incredible and resinous buds in hands going with BloomBeast A520 is recommended in this COB LED Grow Light Review.

If budget isn’t your prior concern but you want more and more yield at the time of harvesting then you’re having three choices from the same manufacturer.

Even we recommend this grow lights to the growers because why should one wait for two grow cycle if he/she can get a yield of the same amount of quality light in the single harvest?

Yeah, MaxBloom 400W X4+ is for 4’ X 4’ of grow space and gives unbelievable returns.

MaxBloom 600W X6+ is for 5’ X 4’ of grow tent and rocks inside grow tent throughout the grow cycle.

MaxBloom 800W X8+ is for 4’ X 6’ of grow space and does its job incredibly well.

We’ve covered all the best beasts in this COB LED Grow Light Reviews.

Now, it’s up to you what you want? And how you’ll achieve it.

Happy Growing Mate!

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