G8LED vs. Platinum LED – A Complete Comparison For You In 2023

Hey buddies, today I am here to compare two of the leading LED grow light brands, and not just that, exposing them as well. Now, both companies attract a lot of customers by showing this thing is the best in our grow lights, and that thing is best.

Until and unless we don’t compare both of these head to head, you will not know which one is better and which brand is more suitable for fulfilling your needs.

No doubt, and that is the reason we chose to contrast two mammoth heads with the head so our perusers could improve their thought regarding the one. Both are notable brands and have prevailed with regard to anchoring a delicate corner in the indoor weed cultivator’s heart.

My expert team and I have spent months testing and comparison, and now we are up to the perfect results. Now you will come across the benefits and disadvantages of both G8LED and Platinum LED.

How excited are you? I know it!

Here we go!

G8LED vs Platinum LED – A Complete Comparison

 Advanced Platinum Series P300 vs G8LED Mega 240

FactorAdvanced Platinum Series P300 300w table
Advanced Platinum Series P300
G8LED 240 Watt table
G8LED Mega 240
Dimension19" X 8.5" X 3"15.8" X 8.8" X 3"
Weight12.8 lbs7 lbs
Power Draw180w 140 Watts
Spectrum12 band full spectrum with IR UV8 Band Optimal Full Spectrum
PAR Output1050 uMol from 18"890 uMol from 18"
LED Quantity100x3w80x3w
Coverage4.5'x3.8'3' X 2' from 18"
Daisy ChainNoNo
Veg/Bloom switchesYesNo
Warranty Time5 YEARS3 Years
Money return guarantee time90 DAYS30 days
Check Price Check Price Check Price

 Advanced Platinum Series P450 vs G8LED Mega 450W

FactorAdvanced Platinum Series P450 450w table
Advanced Platinum Series P450
G8LED 450 Watt table
G8LED Mega 450W
Dimension19" X 11" X 3"17.5" X 11" X 3"
Weight18 lbs14 lbs
Power Draw255w270 Watts
SpectrumA Complete 12 band full spectrum and IR UV8 band full spectrum with IR and UV
PAR Output1384 uMol from 18"960 uMol from 18"
LED Quantity150x3w150x3w
Coverage4.5' X 4' from 18"3' X 4' from 18"
Daisy ChainNoNO
Veg/Bloom switchesYesNO
Warranty Time5 YEARS3 YEARS
Money return guarantee time90 DAYS30 DAYS
Check Price Check Price Check Price

Advanced Platinum Series P600 vs G8LED Mega 600W

FactorAdvanced Platinum Series P600 600w table
Advanced Platinum Series 600w
G8LED 600 Watt table
G8LED Mega 600W
Dimension36" X 9" X 3"17.5" X 14" X 3"
Weight22 lbs16 lbs
Power Draw368w380 Watts
Spectrumfull spectrum with IR & UVOptimal 8 Band full spectrum + IR + UV
PAR Output1535 uMol from 18"1480 uMols from 18"
LED Quantity200x3w200x3w
Coverage6' X 3.75' from 18"4' X 5' from 18"
Daisy ChainNONO
Veg/Bloom switchesYESNO
Warranty Time5 YEARS3 YEARS
Money return guarantee time90 DAYS30 DAYS
Check Price Check Price Check Price

Advanced Platinum Series P900 vs G8LED Mega 900W

FactorAdvanced Platinum Series P900 table
Advanced Platinum Series P900
G8LED 900 Watt table
G8LED Mega 900W
Dimension36" X 12" X 3"20" X 14" X 3"
Weight32.2 lbs23 lbs
Power Draw557w 540 Watts
Spectrum12 Band Complete Full Spectrum With IR & UV8 Band Optimal + IR + UV
PAR Output1615 uMol from 18"1540 uMol from 18"
LED Quantity300x3w 288x3
Coverage6' X 4' from 18"4' X 6' from 18"
Daisy ChainNONO
Veg/Bloom switchesYESNO
Warranty Time5 YEARS3 YEARS
Money return guarantee time90 DAYS30 DAYS
Check Price Check Price Check Price

Now, the best way through which I can show you which one is better is through a head-to-head comparison chart. That would be the easiest for you to understand and figure out. Many doubts will be cleared. Here, what I have done is, I have placed two similar kinds of LED grow lightmodelsside by the side and made a comparison.

It is no less than a boxing match between G8 LED, and Platinum LED!

Now I will be described with the help of some words. You went through the technical specifications, but now, after reading in detail about the specifications and capabilities, you will be able to figure out more comfortably which one is better for you.

What about the companies?

No doubt, as individuals want to raise weed in their homes, they require LED as an essential asset to increase anticipated outcomes from their plants. Now, Driven Grow Lights advertise is at its pinnacle point particularly after the authorization of therapeutic weed in the tier one nations.

In any case, for brands available, it’s the time of outrageous challenge, and everybody is giving their best to get better than average transformations and long haul client connections. In such time, These the two brands prevailing with regards to anchoring the best positions in their particular perspectives.

Likewise, both are the maker of impeccable magnum opuses. Presently, in the event that you need to the region and where these items fabricated, it’s a delight to advise you that the two brands G8LED and Advanced Platinum is set up and producing items in the USA itself.

Likewise, quite G8LED has been highlighted in different important networks and magazines identified with indoor growing and cannabis development like Wiki Top Ten, HighTimes Magazine, and so on. On another hand, Platinum LED is a generally known brand for their Record Breaking PAR tests and open test outcomes.

Better believe it, G8LED is a California put together brand while with respect to different hands Platinum LED depends on Los Angeles. Both companies kicked off almost at the same time. It’s been over 8 years for both the brands since they are progressing in the direction of conveying quality items to their clients.

Along these lines, definitely, toward the end, you’ll be managing exceedingly trustworthy, and consumer loyalty arranged brands for your next basic leadership process. Presently, we should discuss a few specialized viewpoints for G8LED VS Platinum LED as it’s the basic part to influence your fantasy of motivating the most astounding respect work out.

Who is better value for money?

That is the first thing of consideration! All of you bother about it, right? This is the reason I have started comparing from explaining which one is having better value for money.

We often endorse our customer’s to consider control viability as opposed to cost. In any case, while picking one out of two premium things, it’s essential to focus on expense moreover. Nevertheless, you can check the expenses of the extensive number of varieties, and you’ll see the qualification.

As shown by our outline, the expenses of G8LEDs are higher than platinum LEDs. In like manner, we used G8LED Mega 900W with Platinum LED Series P900. In addition to that, Platinum LED P600 Watt with G8LED Mega 600 at taking a gander at the expenses.

How well-built?

Here, when we are talking about the best LED grow lights, then everything is needed in perfection. Even if there is small irresponsibility while designing it, it can lead to a complete product fail! A small issue and durability is affected, and once durability is affected, Amazon reviews get full of complaints.

As the competition is raging high, companies cannot compromise with the quality even a bit!

Here, both these companies are the absolute beast in the market, only because their products are so well-built that they do not give you any chances to pop up with complaints. High profile sturdy materials have come into use while designing the LED grow lights from both of these companies.

Heave champions face to face : Advanced Platinum P900 vs G8LED Mega 900W

Now, I have picked the top rated LED grow lights from both the side and now I am going to compare them on all grounds.

Testing is at its place, but taking the users’ opinions always helps in describing the product better.

No doubt, inward materials, similarly as outside body materials both, are especially best in class to fight against unprecedented warmth conveyed by whole deal use, rust and buildup moreover.

In any case, our gathering researched further by taking the finish of people who’ve either attempted the two things physically or have an understanding about both from various social orders.

In our investigation, Advanced Platinum won the battle marginally. Certainly, in view of the element of faultlessness and determining for the body materials is better in platinum LED diverged from G8LEDs.

Thusly, better trust it for the fabricated, we’d state Platinum LED has at least a point. We are concluding that as through testing, we found that this grow light is just a foot ahead of G8LED 900W.

PAR output clash

Now we have completed the built-up portion. It is the time to know about the strength of both! We oftentimes recommend our perusers to ignore HPS substitution while picking around a LED; rather one should consider PAR or PPFD results as a prime concern.

To the degree this relationship is concerned, G8LED Mega 900W stands at 1540 umols from the stature of 18″ on various hands. Platinum LED Series P900 stands high with gigantic 1615 umols from the height of 18″.

Along these lines, better trust it, Platinum exhibits that they are masters to the degree PAR and intensity of any light from their item offering are concerned. Not just this model, but the other models of Platinum LED are unbeatable in terms of the PAR output.

Higher the PAR output, better the yield. PAR output also defines canopy penetration indirectly. So, in canopy penetration also, Platinum LED is better.

Spectrum capabilities

The first thing to notice is any of the grow light is what quality spectrum is that grow light capable of emitting. The most essential part of any grow light is a spectrum. Presumably, you can say the prime aim behind utilizing the LEDs in indoor cultivating is to duplicate certifiable light. That too up to a most extraordinary possible degree.

Regardless, for taking a gander at the range, I pick G8LED Mega 600W and Advanced Platinum P600 on the board. In our Lord’s discernment what we wrapped up is G8LED Mega 600W passes on a perfect scope of 8 gatherings and moreover fuses IR and UV in its range.

In the wake of inquisitive about the reason for banishing a couple of gatherings from the effect as a full range is depended upon to be of 12 gatherings. I end up familiar with that G8LED Mega 600W, and each and every other variety from G8LED is arranged correspondingly.

Better think, everything models by g8LED pass on an 8 band range. The maker ensures that consolidation of additional gatherings in the range increases underutilization of the board. Regardless, in Advanced Platinum P600 we saw an all-out full scope of 12 bunches including IR and UV moreover.

Further more….

Along these lines, no uncertainty, if there ought to emerge an event of the range if you would favor not to rely upon an 8 band go, can pick Platinum LED P600. It will provide a better effect and full power.

Similarly, G8LED’s create lights require a bloom advertiser in a lot of cases on account of nonappearance of the red factor in their lights while Platinum LEDs needn’t waste time with any additional profitable lights to fulfill supernatural essentials of the plants.

In the conflict of G8LED versus Platinum LED of the range also, we reason that Platinum LED to be a victor.

Who covers more area?

We expected to check the best results. We did that for incorporation and in this manner ponders two sheets from each maker for connection. No doubt, from G8LED it’s G8LED 240W, and G8LED 450W while from Platinum LED it’s Series P300 and Series P450.

In our test and review as well, what we wrap up is something like G8LED 240W could cover around 3′ X 2′ of the zone from the stature of 12-16″. Advanced Platinum P300 could cover around 4.5′ X 3.8′ from the height of 18″. On various hands, G8LED 450W could cover around 3′ X 4′ from the height of 14-16″ . in contrast; Platinum LED P450 could cover around 4.5 X 4′ from the stature of 18″.

In any case, it seems like platinum LED is on winning side, anyway it’s not substantial. Almost certainly, let me clear up.

G8LED recommends a height of 12-16″ just to upgrade penetration rates of your plants. In case you have to exchange off on it and necessities to broaden create space than its possible using extending stature. Presumably, thusly both are doing good, and this round of comparison is a tie!

Which is a bigger power saver?

A very important factor to concentrate though! You might think some watts never make a big difference. You are wrong! Just do calculations for two months. You will know what difference just 50 extra watts consumption makes.

Being an expert, I always have a curiosity of knowing about people’s way of figuring out. I am talking about what people think before buying a LED grow light.

I have viewed a lot of people overlooking this factor while purchasing a LED for their indoor weed creating occupations. On another hand, as demonstrated by our authorities, this is one of the basic segments to consider. It helps in saving a lot in the more drawn out run.

Presumably, for this connection, we used G8LED Mega 450W versus Platinum LED P450. What we found in our examination is G8LED variety pulls around 270W at max for its optimal wearing down. On other hands, Platinum variety pulls around 255W from the divider.

In any case, in case we differentiate G8LED Mega 900 and Platinum P900, results are returned. G8LED is apparently a champ. Certainly, G8LED Mega 900 pulls around 540W while P900 from Platinum LED pulls around 557W from the divider.

Along these lines, results are very subject to the variety or model of each brand. In addition, you can pick one honorably depending upon our examination tables. You can conveniently get info there.

Both are having massive coverage. No other company can beat these two in this department.

Who provides better post-purchase support?

Now, you have bought the product and are happy with what all it offers you. What if any inconvenience pops up? You will look at the warranty with poor eyes, right? Believe me; this is probably the most important and worth notice portion of my review.

I know One should look at the element of satisfaction a brand offer to their customers as well. Everything considered, for this circumstance, Platinum LEDs offers 30 days money back methodology. Besides that, nearly 5 years producer’s assurance and will deal with all of the issues.

In any case, G8LED has an unmistakable assurance approach for different things. Certainly, concerning time length it vacillates between 2-5 years.

If the component of customer unwaveringness is concerned, the two brands are known for their smart response structure. In addition to that, customer request objectives and they comprehend your issue inside no time.

Customer satisfaction if the first priority for both the companies. Customers are happy with post-purchase support on both sides.

The conclusion is that in warranty and money return policy, Platinum LED puts the hand up. It is a tie when it comes to customer service response.

G8LED vs Platinum LED : The knock out punch

I covered every point that was essential as we’ve referenced every essential piece of each brand. Directly, it should be evident to you which one is made for you.

In any case, subsequent to getting some data about yield results what I got was to some degree staggering to our gathering too. Unquestionably, results in the midst of procure time were better in G8LED diverged from Advanced Platinum LEDs.

No doubt, it’s difficult to pick the reason for this investigation, yet this is what we got by social event end and bantering with people. In any case, as shown by my expert team, it could be a direct result of the restriction of a couple of additional gatherings in the range.

In like manner, None of the G8LED variety incorporates any mode controlling instrument. For example, I would say veg bloom dimmer or switches. In contrast to that, Platinum LED offers veg grow switches in the aggregate of their varieties. No doubt, it gives you the chance of controlling the beasts.

Thusly, better trust it paying little heed to whether Platinum LED is on winning side in basically all of the perspectives G8LED has something fundamental to substantiate themselves.

In any case, in light of the particular points of view in this G8LED versus Platinum LED review battle, we assume that Platinum LED is a champ stamp. In like manner, one can’t slight G8LED as a result of the species as it can make better results. That is what I figured out after vast testing.

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