G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow Light Reviews – Worth the MONEY?

Do you have a large indoor garden with demanding needs? Are you looking for an LED grow light delivering highest PPFD PAR values, massive coverage, increased yield, better taste, and pleasant aroma? Then stay glued till the end of this G8LED MEGA 900W LED Review.

Among the vast options available in the LED grow light market, this G8LED 900 Watt MEGA LED Review will help you to select the best LED grow light for your indoor plantation.

But before moving ahead , let us review the brand and things will gradually unfold for you!

Describing the G8LED Company,

G8LED is a product of DormGrow brand. They’re a California based grow light manufacturing company. They manufacture a full product line of grow lights that range from 240 watts to 900 watts. So these lights are for both the professional as well as beginner cultivators.

We will get back to more details of the company, but before that have a sneak peak of how the LED looks like.

G8LED MEGA 900W LED review 2023

Noteworthy to mention is “It was ranked number #1 LED GROW LIGHT in Wikipedia in 2018 and HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE”. Apart from that, this light has been the recipient of many prestigious awards.

One thing that truly sticks out about G8LED is they have perhaps the most satisfied customer base of any LED grow light manufacturer we’ve encountered so far. DormGrow has been in business for roughly ten years.

They’ve indeed spent some time figuring out what type of grow light people are demanding.

Why should you choose G8LED MEGA 900W LED?
  • G8LED’s, a top player in its field, ranks among LED’s that give the highest yield.
  • They perform better than white lights.
  • The Unique Selling Proposition of G8LED 900 Watt LED is the best quality dense network of diodes used in its design.
  • They also boast of the full-spectrum along with added advantage of UV, far-red and infra-red rays.
  • In addition to that, they draw less power and have an effective cooling system.

G8LED MEGA 900W LED:Who are its best users?

Beginners, intermediate or full-fledged professionals in the field of indoor plant cultivation, can use G8LED 900 Watt MEGA LED to their full advantage.

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Key features of G8LED MEGA 900W LED

Highest PPFD PAR values and coverage area

G8LED MEGA 900W LED gives (1540-1580) μMol/m2/s at 18″, 920μMol/m2/s, at 24″, which is laudable.

All other models we researched, put out less than 1000 umol at 18″ hanging height, compared to G8LED’s 1580 micro mols at the same height. So G8LED 900 watt MEGA LED clearly emerges out as a winner.

G8LED Mega 900W LED Grow Light gives a remarkable 1580 umols at 18″ hang height. If You hang the light higher, the extra light intensity spreads out a bit wider. It is recommended that you hang the light at 24 inches.

As shown in the figure above, this grow light will provide you a great coverage area for 3’×3’ and 4’ x 6’ space.

Outstanding cooling system


G8LED grow light comes out to be the best to balance temperature inside your grow space.

The brand equipped this Grow Light with eight internal cooling fans and an aluminum heat sink.

That’s the maximum number of fans embedded in a grow light.

Wide Spectrum Coverage

G8LED 900w MEGA has full-spectrum support, widely covering bands from visible, IR, and UV. It also has an 8-band wavelength ratio, due to which UV and IR be used simultaneously, and aid in plant growth and development.

Better taste, aroma, and yield

Due to the highest PAR values with increased LED density, G8LED 900 Watt MEGA LED results in better taste, aroma, and yield. Thus, G8LED gives impeccable quality and performance.

Easy replacement to 1000-1200 HPS

You get a sufficient amount of power for your plant, while consuming minimal 540 watts.

Reliable Customer Service

G8LED lights give customer service their no #1 priority.

G8LED offers a two-year warranty and 90-days money-back guarantee.

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Product Specifications:-

Power Drawn – 540 Watts

PAR Value – 1580 umol at 18″

HID equivalent -1000-1200 Watts

Veg Coverage – 4 feet x 6 feet (122 cm x 183 cm)

Flowering Coverage – 4 feet x 6 feet (122 cm x 183 cm)

Amperage- (110V) 4.6 Amp | (220 V) 2.3 Amp

Dimensions -20 inches x 12 inches x 3 inches (51 cm x 30 cm x 8 cm)

Weight-23 lbs

Certifications and Standards:-

USA: ETL Conforms to UL Std. 1598

Canada: ETL Cert. to CSA Std. C 22.2#250.0

EU: CE, Rohs

What did we love in G8LED MEGA 900W LED?
  • Prestigious grow light, which is the recipient of multiple awards by reputed organizations like High Times Magazine.
  • Full-spectrum with UV and IR.
  • Quality material manufacturing
  • Vast coverage area
  • Energy efficient
  • Highest yield
  • Easy installation
  • No heavy material required for stability.
  • Global voltage
  • Best cooling system and heat dissipation
  • Good lifespan
A few points of concern
  • A separate bloom buster is recommended but not compulsory.
  • G8LED 900 Watt MEGA LED is not waterproof.
Recommended User Settings for cannabis
  • For best yields, hang this grow light at 18-24” from your marijuana plant canopy.
  • Cannabis needs a lot of attention. Also, keep adjusting the height according to requirements.
  • Prefer a light schedule of 18/6 ON. LED lights do need some rest.
  • In the vegetation stage, have a light schedule of 18/6 ON.
  • In the flowering stage, DormGrow’s Bloom Buster is recommended along with your G8LED MEGA 900W for better flowering.
  • Rest both lights for 12 hours during flowering.
  • Take care of watering your plants and also keep humidity
  • in check.
  • If any diseased or loose plant is observed, remove it from your grow space immediately.
  • Keep grow light away from leaking or dripping water as it’s not waterproof.
  • Take your safety precautions too, and always wear safety gloves and safety glasses while inside grow space.

Review from the masses

Undoubtedly, the majority of the customers voted in for G8LED MEGA 900W LED. Looking at the broader perspective of the customer reviews, all of them were really happy and satisfied by the value G8LED MEGA 900W LED has to offer.

A major accomplishment for the brand is, not even a single complaint or grievance was recorded for the brand and this product.

One of the customers exclaimed in joy; Incremental Awesomeness.” Other suggested that “It’s a perfect LED for scorg tent.”

Thus, summarizing the customer reviews, overall it’s an inevitable product, with major customer base supporting it strongly.

G8LED MEGA 900W LED: Is it worth adding to your cart?

G8LED MEGA 900W LED is indeed reining the marketplace. Being a recipient of numerous awards and accolades, the performance and high yields of G8LED MEGA 900W LED are praise-worthy. In a nutshell, you cannot afford to miss this product, owing to its overall value it has to offer.

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