G8 LED 240W Grow Light Reviews 2023 – Worth it?

There are such a significant number of LED grow lights that have overflowed the market. Such overwhelming perplexities exist among purchasers about which item to purchase and which brand to trust. Exceptionally overpowering! Try not to stress. We are here with our G8 240V LED Reviews to enable you to out.

Presently, what the number you think about this company? Without a doubtless! When are you as of now not having data about the company? At that point in what capacity will you think about the item?

Truly, we will make you acquainted with this company and item too.

G8 is another comapny, engaged with the assembling of LED grow lights and giving a high challenge to the main grow light comapnies of the present date. You can depend on G8 LED without a doubt.

Our information about G8 LED 240V grow light is credible and more profound than others. Our group of specialists has contributed an enormous time examining this grow light and tried it to its best. Need to whether this grow light merits your cash or not?

At that point simply ahead and value the audit until the end!

G8 LED 240W Grow Light Reviews in 2023

G8 LED 240W Grow Lights
G8 LED 240W Grow Light

G8 LED 240W Grow Light Reviews : The first glance

This grow light firmly guarantees that it gives ideal wavelengths to advancing and affecting veg growth and blossom sprouting. It supplies a full range. Truly, the case is valid! A full range is an exceptionally significant component required by the plant for growing, and it is worked to give that as it were.

Numerous individuals have discovered this grow light amazingly supportive as it draws out the best plant out of your seed, and later on, the best blooms and organic products from that plant! That is the manner in which it rolls.

In any case, when we tried G8 240V grow light, we found that it bolsters veg arrange more than the sprout organize. There is considerably more than we have to clarify about this grow light. Give us a chance to move towards the highlights as a matter of first importance.


Product Dimensions 16 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches
Item Weight 8 pounds
Replacing capabilities 300-400W HID system
Vegetative Coverage 6 Square feet
Flowering Coverage 5 Square feet
Avg. Power Draw 140W
LED chips quality 80 bulbs 3W
LEDs Angle 90 degrees
Input Voltage 110V-240V
Working Frequency 50-60Hz
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Warranty period 2 years
Money back guarantee period 90 days


This one is without a doubt an amazing decision for the indoor producers, particularly cannabis cultivators, however, the quality isn’t the main thing that issues. Features must be there. In this way, we will know the highlights of G8 LED 240V, and we will clarify how basic these features and capacities are. On the off chance that anything is powerless or missing, we will without a doubt notice.

PAR value and Penetration

Standard esteem is only the power of light in a given unit territory. Standard esteem is a major thing to concern when you are looking at purchasing a LED grow light. More the PAR esteem, progressively extraordinary the light is, more it will bolster your plant development.

In G8 LED 240V grow light, 890 umol is the thing that you get as PAR an incentive from tallness of 12 inches. That is so noteworthy. Coincidentally, this is solid light, so don’t put it as close an as 12 inches, it may hurt your plants. When you increment the tallness to 18 inches, the PAR esteem will diminish, and once more, when you increment the stature further, PAR esteem will keep on diminishing. Infiltration up to 60 crawls past your plant shade.

Decent cooling system

As a rule, grow lights of this value level accompany several ventilation fans, yet this grow light accompanies 3! They all together cool the warmth in the base of the board. In this way, even you are growing in a little place, and after that likewise, you are not going to endure any overheating issues.

We went all through the purchaser audits area, and scarcely discovered anybody griping anything with respect to the cooling arrangement of this grow light. That implies it is impeccable in itself.

Full spectrum

That is a standout amongst the essential things to take note. Your plant growth thoroughly relies on what sort of range is your grow light giving. Here we are discussing Spectrum of G8 LED 240V. This grow light furnishes with 8 groups of the shading range appropriate from 380 nm to 780 nm. Nm represents nanometer, which is the estimating unit for light wavelengths.

Shorter wavelengths are utilized by your plants amid the early growth arrange, better called as the veg organize by your plant. Thus, the more drawn out wavelengths are utilized by the plants amid the blossom organize.

In this way, if a grow light needs to help the plant amid both these stages, it needs to give wavelengths of different frequencies. So does G8 LED 240V. In particular, the range given by G8 LED 240V, the UV, IR and white light are in enormous extents.

Strong LED bulbs used

What you get in this grow light is 80 globules, of 3W each. Sounds less and frail? Is it accurate to say that you are wrong completely? You get 5W, or 10W knobs with the majority of the grow lights these days, yet here, this grow light gives you 3W globules. Never under-gauge that!

These knobs are amazingly ground-breaking. This grow light equipped for supplanting numerous incredible lights while devouring much low power in correlation — no compelling reason to feel frightened about the overheating. This LED grow light works cool and calm.

The Warranty

The guarantee of this grow light has an or more point and a less point. The in addition to the point is that the company is extremely dynamic in hearing the issue, and does your fix, discount, and substitution entirely in a matter of moments. You are constantly heard!

Presently, the short point is that you are getting just two years of guarantee with his item, which is relatively a year not as much as what you ordinarily get with the grow lights that have comparative value level. You get 90 days unconditional promise coincidentally, which is triple than the ordinary! That is a major preferred standpoint.

What were the results?

You can check the pics HERE

Hey Amazon, What do you say about G8 LED 240W Grow Light

There are just and just 80+ reviews on Amazon, which demonstrates this grow light has not accomplished that acclaim yet. 4+ is its star evaluations out of 5. That is great. We read a couple of shoppers, who referenced that they are making the most of their fifth and 6th yields while a couple was not content with its strength.

The globule combining issue that we referenced in the passage above is the greatest reason for disappointment. On the off chance that that part was right, this grow light would have been effective in making a progress rate of 92%-94%.

G8 LED 240W Grow Light Reviews : Cons

Don’t worry, there are just two of them, which are needed to be mentioned and explained here. keep reading.

Smaller warranty period:

The warranty that you get with G8 LED 240W Grow Light is 2 years while the other dominating LED grow light manufacturing companies are normally providing 3 years. some like Advanced platinum provide a five year warranty. So, this company is left behind regarding warranty period.

The bulbs do not work separately

The most noticeable bad factor is that the globules don’t work independently. In the event that any globule goes out, the entire LED quits working. At that point, you have to supplant the entire thing. That is a major thing to concern. We don’t discover it along these lines in other grow lights. With those lights, it continues working, regardless of a couple of the knobs get intertwined or wore out.

This specific issue has conveyed bothers to a couple of clients. Other than that, the globule life is lower than the typical.

  • Brilliant and quiet cooling system.
  • Less power draw.
  • Excellent PAR value and HID replacement capability.
  • Powerful and compact.
  • 90 days money back guarantee.
  • Absence of daisy chaining feature.
  • You cannot change bulbs.
  • The bulb life is less than expectations.
  • Stronger veg support, than bloom.

G8 LED 240W Grow Light Reviews : The final verdict

This grow light is totally fit for satisfying you with the incredible yield, regardless of you talk about the quality or amount. UV, IR, and 6000K White light elevate sound advancement to the best. Despite the fact that there are a couple of bothers, particularly because of the knob substitutions issue, when you view the execution of G8 LED 240V, it is splendid.

Client reviews are additionally exceptionally satisfying. On the off chance that you are having a little place, and need to grow cannabis or weed, at that point this grow light is entirely appropriate for you. Not simply that, you can grow significantly more. Other than that, the cooling arrangement of G8 LED 240V never allows you to whine.

In this way, we prescribe you to purchase G8 LED 240V, yet on the off chance that you are among those cultivators, who carry on greater size growing tasks, at that point sorry, this isn’t the one, that will satisfy your requests.

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