Get Weed Out of Your System – Best Drug Test Hacks

The amount of energy and time it takes to flush Weed out of your system depends on several factors. It includes how much and how frequently you use it. Whether it’s for general body cleansing or arrangement before a drug test, the relief is that Weed’s THC is not a permanent element in one’s bloodstream, and we can remove it in different lengths of time.

Here’s the list of THC detox methods and products along with a complete guide on how to get Weed out of your system.

If you used Marijuana just once, you could expect it to be in your blood, hair, saliva, or urine for around seven days. Still, if you use it frequently, it may show up to 90-110 days in your system if you don’t flush it out with any of the cleaning methods.

So, what is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a drug obtained from the flowers of the plant cannabis. This unique drug has an element called THC that makes the user feel comfortable and high. Marijuana plants got a bad reputation because people use it to get high. Nonetheless, these plants are advantageous in terms of making medical drugs that we can use in many chronic diseases.

Even with low volumes of THC, we can use it to make different medicines to cure many chronic illnesses and reducing pain. Medical Marijuana is allowed in many countries, and some use it for various purposes, be it relief in nausea or aid in cancer or back pain.

This plant also provides hemp fiber that is very useful to make cloths, papers, and many other valuable materials. The cannabis plant overgrows and requires minimal supervision. That’s the reason it’s more sustainable than some of the trees and other plants. 

How Is Marijuana Absorbed Into the Body?

THC (or Tetrahydrocannabinol or delta-9-THC) is the active component in Weed. Smoking the drug implies a fast consumption of THC into the blood, and ingesting it into the belly holds the THC consumption by around 20 to 90 minutes. While THC is metabolized, it becomes metabolites of about 80 different varieties.

It stays in the body’s fat and excretes over time. How long does it hold until your body eliminates every metabolite? Well, it depends upon how frequently you use the drug and by which method you ingest it.

How Long Does it Take to Get Weed Out of Your System?

The timeline for drug detection will change depending on the testing method for the presence of Weed. When testing saliva, the test can detect THC for up to 48 hours after the last intake. 

In the case of a urine test, which is the most common drug test, the time frame for the identification also depends on the rotation of usage. Infrequent users who take drugs less than two times per week can be tested positive for up to 3 days after the last use.

Moderate users who consume it multiple times per week can be tested positive for 7 to 21 days after the previous usage. Heavy users can be tested positive for up to 45 days after the last intake. 

Hair samples could contain THC for up to 90 days. Moreover, the Weed may show up in a blood test for up to 36 hours.

Drug tests scan two properties to detect the consumption of Marijuana:
1) THC – the psychoactive ingredient of Marijuana that makes you high,
2) Metabolites – the released composites after your body processes the THC.

How long it stays in your body depends on two essential factors:
1) your body type,
2) how often you consume Weed.

The body stores THC and its metabolites in fat tissue, and it slowly excretes them over time. It indicates that the more fat you have, the more storage space the THC has. It makes the Weed more detectable for a more extended period. Besides, the rate of your metabolism dictates how long THC resides in fat cells. The more active your metabolism, the swifter it discharges the THC.

People who are slim and working can flush Weed out of their system quicker than people who are obese and idle.

Apart from that, the quantity of Marijuana you consume determines how long it stays in your system. The nasty reality is: the more THC your body contains, the longer it’s detectable.


It suggests that both how often you take, and what power your product has, play a significant role. Occasionally taking a few puffs off a joint may expose you to a less THC than smoking full-shelf bongs every other day, for instance.

Marijuana detoxification for Occasional and Prolonged Users

One of the cornerstone characteristics of physical dependency is the symptoms associated with Marijuana withdrawal. As notable marijuana dependency may evolve with regular usage, people might encounter withdrawal symptoms while starting detoxification.

Marijuana withdrawal urge is more likely to transpire after a massive and prolonged consumption, several months of near-daily to daily use, for instance.

The Occasional Users

Occasional marijuana smokers do not have the THC compound severely rooted in their system. It suggests that the efforts and level of detoxification for such users could be minimal.

For example, a 5-day detox program from the TestClear website can help you out. The detox program includes the use of detox drinks and pills. If you stick to the five-day program, you will have your system thoroughly cleaned. After that, you will be ready to pass a drug test.

The Heavy Users

For a heavy Marijuana consumer, the efforts will be different. Such users surely need a more severe detox program. They can look for a 10-day detox program to get their system back on track.

Such a program also includes detox drinks and pills. You can follow all the detox steps uncompromisingly and rest assured that your body will be THC-free, and get confidence that you can even pass the drug test. 

These detoxification programs are helpful as they assist the body in removing the week’s worth of weed intake in a single day!

Testing for Marijuana

Blood tests and saliva tests are useful techniques in detecting Marijuana if you take the test soon after the drug use. Thus, most places that test for drug use pick urine tests – they are more affordable than hair tests. 

They can detect Marijuana up to 14 days after use, depending upon the dosage the pace, which is variable. Some proof proposes that if somebody uses the drug regularly and in huge sums, it tends to be detected much following 45 days for standard users and as long as 90 days for heavy users. 

Standard tests used to detect Marijuana

How would you realize how long Marijuana will remain in your system? Pot is detectable in the body long after the “high” wears off. Various variables influence how long it stays in your body and how long tests will have the option to obtain a positive result. A couple of components are how tall you are, how much you gauge, how much muscle versus fat you have, and how quick your metabolism is. 

There are four different ways by which research centers can orchestrate a drug test to detect Weed. If possible, you need to realize which test you’ll be facing, so you have the best chances of beating it. Notwithstanding, the means on how to get Weed out of your system to pass the tests continue as before. The four tests include: 

  1. Blood tests 
  2. Hair tests 
  3. Saliva tests 
  4. Urine tests 

How To Pass A Blood Test

When you realize that you have a drug test coming up, the first and most essential thing is to quit using Marijuana. The additional time you have before the test to go without, the better: time is your partner in permitting your metabolism to take out hints of Weed that is still in your body. 

The first and least basic of everything is the blood test. It fills in as you’d expect: somebody embeds a needle in your arm, draws blood, and breaks it down. Labs never use this to test for weed pre-work for a couple of reasons. 

For one, blood tests just break down pure THC in your blood – not its metabolites. As a result, you’ll possibly test positive if you’ve used Marijuana over the most recent four days at without a doubt the longest. And once more, these tests are expensive for organizations to employ. That is the reason they quite often keep away from them if it’s pre-work screening. 

The drawback of a blood test is that if you have used Marijuana as of late, you will most probably fail the test. The best way to beat a blood test is to clear the THC from your bloodstream. And remarkably, it is unlikely to speed up that procedure. Luckily, the THC level can be reduced from the blood rapidly. Indeed, even two days of keeping away from smoking will be useful to pass the test. 

How To Pass A Hair Test

This sort of drug screening strategy is uncommon than urine and saliva techniques. It’s is because it’s significantly more costly to perform. If you don’t have an idea about the type of test they’ll take, odds are it won’t be a hair test. If you realize well in advance that it’s hair test, at that point, this is what you have to understand. 

This testing goes by taking a hair sample and investigating it for THC metabolites. These metabolites tie to the pole of your hair if you’ve consumed Weed. Besides, water and standard shampoo won’t wash them out. As indicated by the National Institute of Justice, these metabolites might remain in your hair for a long time.

You just cannot shave your head to pass this test; it’s beyond an alternative. Regardless of whether you’re willing to test, they’ll most likely fail you if you show up to your testing lab bald. Besides, they could take hair from somewhere else on your body and perform the testing. 

To beat a hair follicle test, you’ve just got one alternative: a detox shampoo. These specific shampoos use an acidic base to devastate the metabolites found in your hair without harming the hair itself. When you locate a decent company with some great product reviews, order it, and adhere to the directions. 

How To Pass A Saliva Test

Testers control saliva tests utilizing a little gadget that appears as though a Q-tip by swabbing within your mouth to check for THC. The results are then accessible in practically no time – no laboratory required. They’re useful for random and on-location testing because of their comfort. Fortunately, they’re manageable to pass for weed smokers. 

Not at all like practically every other drug test, the saliva test is less delicate to Marijuana than other drugs. The test will typically just detect pot usage inside 24 hours. One examination on the effectiveness of the swab for weed testing found that the swab doesn’t detect weed usage after a day of smoking. So if it’s been 24 hours or longer since your last puff, you’ll presumably be fine. 

For additional care, you’ll need to stay aware of your oral cleanliness paving the way to your test. Drinking a lot of water, and utilizing mouthwash the day will help evacuate any THC in your mouth. Moreover, you can use a saliva-killing gum preceding your test. The less saliva is accessible by the swab, the more odds to avoid THC detection. 

How To Pass A Urine Test

There are a few strategies to pass Urine tests. Luckily, the urine test furnishes us with two or three reliable alternatives to beat it. If you are going to have a test any other way, don’t worry; we have some different ways around.

Technique #1 – Dilution Method: 

Understanding this method requires some information. Something critical to remember is that urine tests are just reliable at detecting THC and its metabolites at a specific concentration. As per an investigation by the National Drug Court Institute, it should be 50ng/mL, which is moderately high. 

Thus, if your urine is beneath that concentration point, most probably, you will pass the test. As your body stores THC and its metabolites in your fat tissue, it is essential not to do any demanding exercise for 24 hours before the test. 

Movement implies consuming fat and consuming overweight methods the entirety of that putaway THC gets discharged into your system. It’s what you have to abstain from paving the way to your test. In this way, avoid the exercise center the day preceding the screening. 

The key with dilution is to give a ‘watered-down’ urine sample that gets the measure of THC of the sample beneath this point. However, testing labs are watching out for individuals attempting to do this. That implies your sample must be diluted, or you won’t pass the test. Try not to worry: it’s simpler than it sounds. 

For this, you’ll require: 

  • Water 
  • Vitamin B 
  • Creatine 

Next steps to follow dilution method:

Drinking water suggests as to how you weaken your urine. The more water you drink, your urine will have more water in it. And, therefore, it will have less THC. So upon the arrival of your test, drink around 2 liters of water. Notwithstanding that, you’ll need to drink another 1 or 2 liters around 2 hours before your test. 

It will make your urine quite watery, driving the measure of THC in your sample beneath the 50ng/mL limit. Doing just this will hail your sample as diluted, and you’ll fail your test. That is the place vitamin B and creatine come in. 

Vitamin B furnishes your urine with a yellow shading that is normal for the non-diluted stream. With no vitamin B and such water, your urine would be clear; this is the most noticeable sign a sample is diluted. 

You can purchase Vitamin B2 or Vitamin B12 tablets to use a 100mg dose 2 hours before your test. Thus, your diluted sample will seem yellow and looks real. 

The laboratory is more enthusiastically to trick than the unaided eye. At the point when the lab tests a urine sample for Weed and different drugs, it likewise searches for a concoction known as Creatinine. 

It’s a scrap product that the body makes typically after some time and removes through urination. If the degree of Creatinine in a sample is excessively low, the lab realizes you’ve given a diluted urine sample. This way, you may fail your test. 

Fortunately, the arrangement is as straightforward as taking a significant enhancement called creatine. Your body separates the creatine and changes over it into Creatinine. 

It implies the lab will no longer banner your diluted sample because it will contain the Creatinine it should. You can discover it at any wellbeing food store for moderately modest. 

Just take more than the suggested portion 2 hours before your test, and your sample won’t fail. The sum will shift depending on your weight – simply adhere to the enhancement’s guidelines, and you’ll be alright. 

Does it guarantee a safe result?

When you’ve played it safe, you’re well en route to passing your urine test. To expand your odds, however, you’ll likewise need to give just the urine from the middle of your stream. 

The purpose behind this is there are more metabolites toward the start and end of your stream. Giving the ‘center’ parcel as a sample is the best method to provide a sample with the least metabolites – and consequently, THC – as could be expected under the circumstances. 

Remember that any ‘detox drink’ companies offer to assist you with passing a drug test is simply a drink with the above fixings that they consolidate into one blend. At that point, they raise the cost and promote it to you. The more significant part of these drinks will work if they have the perfect measures of vitamin B and creatine. However, it’s far less expensive just to get the fixings yourself. That way, you can be confident you’ve dosed effectively too. 

Technique #2 – Extraneous Urine Method

Some may feel that dilution is undoubtedly not a sheltered enough guarantee, especially for industrious users, or those with a great deal of fat tissue. In this occurrence, giving synthetic urine, or urine of a companion who doesn’t use is an elective that will guarantee your success if you follow a couple of significant steps. For this, you’ll require: 

  • Clean (or fake) urine
  • Empty bottle 
  • Hand-warmer 
  • Rubber band 

In the first place, you have to get extraneous urine. Fake urine is generally accessible for procurement, or you can ask a companion or relative whom you trust to give you theirs (insofar as you’re sure it’s clean). You’ll need to store it in a holder that is watertight and moderately little. Void pill bottles work preferably; for this reason, anything that can hold around 6 ounces of fluid will work. 

Note that when you present your sample, the principal thing they’ll do is take the temperature of the urine. If it’s not near body temperature, it very well may be hailed, and you may fail your test. Getting around this is as straightforward as popping it in the microwave before you leave for the test. 

Around 15 seconds on high will get it around 100 degrees Fahrenheit – somewhere in the range of 100 to 115 is excellent. Now, get a hand hotter and rubber band it around your holder to keep it warm for the rollover. 

When you’ve shown up, stash your holder with the rest of your personal effects. Anyplace that is warm is perfect, so save the container in your clothing for the best results. For any pre-business screening, you need to go inside a private restroom to present your sample. 

When you’re inside, just pee in the can, pour fake and clean urine into the sample container. Microwaving then settling the urine without wanting to keep it at the correct temperature, and it will pass the test. 


Weed Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Tension 
  • Weight reduction 
  • Cerebral pain 
  • Discouraged state of mind  
  • A sleeping problem 
  • Abnormal dreams 
  • Absence of hunger 
  • Fever, chills, and perspiring 
  • Nausea 
  • Tremor 

Regular issues of pot withdrawal incorporate the above symptoms. However, all in all, the symptoms of cannabis withdrawal may not be as extreme as those related to different substances, for example, narcotics, alcohol, and tranquilizers, some wellbeing dangers may emerge. Withdrawal from synthetic cannabinoids (Spice/K2) may and generally incorporate increasingly severe symptoms, for example, quick pulse and seizures. 

Is Medical Detox Necessary?

Medical detox includes proficient medical help all through the withdrawal procedure to guarantee the person’s wellbeing and solace. Substance detox may happen in either an inpatient or outpatient setting. 

Inpatient or private detox is by and large for those individuals who are in danger of severe or dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal, the board for Marijuana, may not generally require medical detox intercessions. 

If anybody experiences co-happening emotional wellness issues, they may get profits by the additional help from increasingly escalated administrations and programs. 

During inpatient detox, the individual who lives in the middle for the term of treatment to help recovery, keep the patient agreeable, and approach medical consideration should any intricacies emerge. 

Outpatient detoxes, then again, may include the individual introducing for planned arrangements to get oversight and direction from a treatment group. These choices are progressively fitting for individuals detoxing from drugs-related with less extreme withdrawal conditions who have no co-happening issue. 

If you or somebody you love is uncertain, which sort of detox is proper, a doctor or compulsion pro can assist you with mapping out your treatment plan.

7 Ways to NATURALLY flush out the Weed from your system

#1 – Drink lots of WATER: 

Presently, we didn’t state “liquids” because it doesn’t work the equivalent. Plain old water will hydrate your system; at that point, once your hydrated, water starts to flush out. That is because it has no place to go yet out. Alongside it, water gets a lot of poisons and disposes of them. 

Juices, pop, and some other “liquids” don’t work the equivalent. Indeed, you can use tea-based and fiber-based detoxes to accelerate the procedures; however, we will get into that in a matter of seconds. 

#2 – Start EXERCISING and get active: 

Two hours of moderate action (for example, an energetic walk) or 75 minutes of incredible movement (for example, a round of squash) seven days will help keep the liver and the remainder of your body sound. Exercise improves the dissemination of blood to the organ, assisting with controlling and procedure poisonous substances quicker. 

#3 – DIET is the key! 

It appears glaringly evident, however in the wake of overindulging, bouncing on the latest trend diet to get you in the groove again could appear to be enticing. Deciding to eat a sensible diet containing all the significant food gatherings (protein, dull sugars, dairy products, and fruits and vegetables) is bound to succeed long haul. 

If you don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin, simply roll out one little improvement (for example, a bit of vegetable with your lunch and supper) or look for counsel from an enlisted dietitian. 

#4 – Increase your intake of FRUITS and VEGETABLES

It appears glaringly evident; however, most Britons don’t eat in any event five segments of fruit and vegetables daily. New, tinned, or solidified all include and are plentiful in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. 

If you’ve enjoyed, you’ll be inadequate with regards to these supplements, so you’ll have to renew your stores if you need to cause a fruit and vegetable juice or smoothie, to proceed. Simply ensure you eat a reasonable diet close by it. 

#5 – More and more FIBERS: 

In all honesty, fiber is as significant as water with regards to cleansing your body. Not expanding your fiber admission is a colossal slip-up and one reason why the vast majority fail. So how would you get more fiber? Basic, eat more servings of mixed greens. 

Lettuce is nearly the ideal detox food. It is high in fiber and water. The best wager has, in any event, two significant plates of mixed greens a day to keep everything moving along! 

#6 – Stopping ALCOHOL could help: 

Individuals regularly disparage how much lager, wine, and spirits they devour every week, and, after some time, this can harm the liver, among other medical issues. An excessive amount of alcohol can cause cirrhosis (scarring of the liver), and when this organ turns out to be brimming with scar tissue, it gets ancient. 

#7 – SMOKING? Nah! it’s a bad idea

The various dangers of smoking incorporate liver harm from unsafe synthetics, which increment the risk of malignant liver growth. There are administrations to assist you with quitting or address your GP. 

How to detox THC with Detox Products?

Contingent upon your degrees of THC, your course of events, and your BMI, various products might be the best fit for your circumstance. If you use concentrates, the THC in your body will be higher. 

Exploring available products, perusing client surveys, and consulting with trustworthy dispensary staff is the best method to guarantee you are getting a quality detox product. There are vast amounts of “detox” products accessible on the web, however not every one of them is useful. 

The accompanying products are not all engineered for removing THC. It is for detoxifying the body by eliminating contaminating particles and toxins. A portion of these products may adjust in relationship with standard detox techniques. 

Note: We have not used or tested these detox products. Thus, we cannot guarantee their capacity for decreasing THC and THC metabolites. You can purchase and use it at your own discretion. However, you should read customer reviews before buying it.

Detox Kit

Detox kits for THC regularly incorporate different things, for example, homegrown containers, just as for guidelines about how to appropriately use the kit’s system to free the body of poisons. Bio Cleanse Detox, for instance, can be used as a THC detox kit and incorporates 90 homegrown vegetarian cases of Digest Power equation to animate the entrails and organs. 

It likewise comprises of 300 grams of Toxin Remover powder to retain the discharged poisons and divert them securely. And, it contains 30 veggie tops of vegetarian probiotics. The kit likewise accompanies guidelines and a decision of either a nine or 14 days cleanse. 

Detox Drinks

Detox drinks brimming with detox-accommodating fixings like lemon, mint, and watermelon are anything but difficult to collect and appreciate. There are plenty of plans accessible on locales like Pinterest. Furthermore, there are a lot of pre-collected detox drinks for Weed accessible available. 

As referenced beforehand, there aren’t many “handy solutions” for the detox procedure, so use watchfulness and psyche fixings if you pick to attempt this course. If the aim is to discover a detox drink for a drug test, make sure to gauge the upsides and downsides before choosing this technique. 

Bentonite Clay

It’s a well-known volcanic clay made of mature volcanic debris. Bentonite clay has many detoxifying properties as it’s known for absorbing poisons, synthetic substances, pollution, and heavy metals. It has inside and outside usage, and can without much of a stretch fuse into a detox system. Use a bentonite clay detox in a shower, on the skin, or even in a glass of drinking water.

Final Verdict

For all test types mentioned above, we have a few take-home tips for our readers that you can apply before a drug test. If you need to know whether you’ll pass or fail before taking a drug test, obtain a Testkit for Home of the same drug testing method to test yourself before the real test. Thus, you’ll know the result well in advance before even stepping a foot in the testing lab. 

It is not fanciful to have to take a drug test, particularly in an era where Marijuana consumption is deliberately being accepted in many countries. There are many alternatives for cleaning your system to remove the THC content and prepare for a drug test well in advance. 

You should do your analysis and consult with a doctor and educated cannabis users before preparing to flush out Weed from your system. Thus, you can effectively achieve a cleaner system and get the confidence to pass your drug test. 

The secret to conquering a drug test is preparation. If you’ve got this handy guide on How to Get Weed Out of Your System, you can understand and apply everything you lack before. 

Getting Weed out of your system might be a challenging practice for habitual smokers. Nevertheless, you can do it by improving your habits and lifestyle. Besides, focusing on simple, natural methods and routines that we explained above could help tremendously!

If you’re reading this article and have reached this point, congratulations, you’ve already shown your commitment to stop using Marijuana and getting yourself clean. We wish you good luck to stay determined on your decision.

It’s never TOO late to stop! 

If you ever feel demoralized in the middle of your withdrawal program, just remember, don’t think of it as quitting, think of it as gaining!

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