Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review in 2023 – Breathe of Fresh Air?

Do you want an LED grow light that gives Highest PAR/Lumen output per Watt? Would you want an LED equipped with Latest Technology of Brighter Dual Chips? So, read this Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review before buying your LED for your indoor plants or hydroponics.

But before getting into the scrutiny of Bestva 600w LED Grow Light, let’s have a glance of it.

Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review 2023

Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review


Bestva 600w LED Grow Light is also known as “BESTVA 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Dual-Chip Growing Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower“. Dual chips and higher intensity are its USP.

This LED is an excellent miscellany of brand new technology, full-spectrum, energy optimization, heat dissipation, massive coverage area, presentation, affordability, and reliable customer care.

I know you are excited about the features, but you have to wait for some while. Read some information about the brand.

About Bestva

Ruling the LED market, Bestva is a leading LED grow light manufacturing company. Its strength lies in its R&D and Superior quality.

Its experience comes from 7 long years of mastery in LED production. And, that experience is clearly seen in its products. They are globally present around the UK, USA, Canada, and many other countries.

Moreover, Bestva brand products often find a place among the best sellers at e-commerce mammoth Amazon.

Also, they have a huge factory in Shenzhen, China. The factory has PPC, the important manufacturing cycle. Because of PPC, this brand has improved its quality. It also conducts many technical and standard tests to ensure the best performance of LED.

Moreover, it does shipping like thunder.

The brand image speaks for itself.


What makes Bestva 600W LED different?
  • More bright Dual Chips
  • Highest PAR/LUMEN Output PER Watt
  • Full Spectrum
  • Separate VEG and BLOOM switches
  • Eminent Heat Dissipation
  • Large Coverage Area
  • Easy replacement to conventional bulbs
  • Awesome Customer Care
  • Attractive Design
  • Economic

Who can use this LED?

  • Indoor plantation enthusiasts
  • Hydroponics enthusiasts
  • Intermediate level growers of indoor plantation
  • Intermediate level growers of hydroponics
  • Professionals in indoor plantation
  • Professionals in hydroponics

Brilliant Features of Bestva 600w LED

Brand New Technology

Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: Brand New Technology
Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: Brand New Technology

Bestva 600w LED comprises of dual chips. The wattage capacity of each chip is 10w. Two single 5w chips, combine into one 10w single diode making them brighter and efficient. There are 60 such pieces of BridgeLux/EpiLEDs LEDs.

Separate VEG and BLOOM switches

This LED has different switches for VEG and BLOOM stage. So what advantage lies in this feature? Having separate switches saves many recurring electricity costs.

During the VEG stage of the plant, switch ON the VEG switch. During the BLOOM stage of the plant, switch ON the BLOOM switch. Hence each stage uses the required electricity. In case you need more intensity, go for both switches simultaneously.

Optimal Spectrum

Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: Optimal Spectrum
Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: Optimal Spectrum

Bestva 600w LED has a full spectrum. It is the best alternative to natural sunlight. Your plants will never feel the absence of the sun. They have such power and are as effective as natural sunlight.

Optimal spectrum is made up of nine different bands consisting of Visible band, UV, and IR band. Their wavelength ranges from 380nm to 780nm.

Productive Heat Dissipation

Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: Heat Sink
Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: Heat Sink

LEDs are preferred over conventional HPS/MH lights because they have effective heat dissipation mechanism.

Bestva LED has cooling fans mounted. Apart from that, this LED has holes on glass, box, and panel for ventilation.

Moreover, this LED has aluminum heat sinks for better heat dissipation.

Energy Optimization

Optimization is much appreciated feature in any product. This LED is an intuitive replacement of orthodox 400w HPS/MH Lights. This LED draws much less power(125w only). Hence, it is optimized.

Large Coverage area

We all are aware of one fact in indoor plantation, “More Coverage Area, More Yields“. This LED offers massive coverage area, 4′ x 3.6′ coverage area at 24″ height.

Brilliant Customer Care

Bestva 600w LED is proactive. It responds well and quick to its customers. It offer a 3 year warranty and 90 days return policy to its customers.

Have you made up your mind to buy this LED? Click here.

  • LED Size: 12.2×8.26×2.36 inches
  • Easy Replacement to 250 watts HPS/MH
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • LEDs Angle: 120°
  • 60 pcs Dual-Chip 10W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs
  • Avg. Power Draw: 125W
  • Input Voltage: AC85-265V
  • Working Temp: -68~104℉
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours
  • Up to date technology of dual chips
  • More bright
  • More efficient
  • Separate VEG and BLOOM switch
  • Energy Saver
  • Enhanced Heat Dissipation
  • Large Coverage area
  • Robust Design
  • Affordable price
  • More Lifespan
  • Product from a reputed brand
  • This LED is not waterproof.
  • Direct contact with naked eyes for a long time may damage the eyes.
  • Absence of features like Daisy chain.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Bestva 600w LED is for Indoor use only.
  • This LED is not waterproof, so take care of dripping and leakage while watering plants.
  • Extremely bright, do not look directly.
  • No extra ballast is needed.
  • Place it at a suitable height to avoid burning of leaves.
  • Monitor the LED for proper nourishment and light schedule.
  • A timer can control it.

Package Inclusions

Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: Package Inclusions
Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: Package Inclusions
  • BESTVA 600W LED grow light
  • A 6ft Power Cord
  • Hanging Kits
  • User Manual
  • Adjustable Rope
  • Grow Room Glasses

Check Bestva 600w LED Grow Light video here

Important metrics to consider while buying an LED


Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: The PAR
Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: The PAR

PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation. In simple terms, it is that part of the spectrum, that falls on plant and helps in the process of photosynthesis. The range it mainly uses is that is visible light from the spectrum. It ranges from 380 ~ 720 nm.

Core Coverage Area

Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: Coverage Area
Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: Coverage Area

We can explain Coverage Area to laymen as the amount of PAR falling exactly on the plant(on the spot)/ unit area/ unit time.

Recommended PAR for plants is greater than 100 µmol/m^2/s.

The Spectrum

Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: The Spectrum
Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: The Spectrum

Because of this feature, LEDs were thought of as a possible alternative to the natural sunlight. Full-spectrum has all components of natural sunlight, and it acts as if it is natural sunlight.

This LED is made up of nine bands. It mainly has Visible, UV, and IR bands.

There are two variants of spectrum available. One is full-spectrum, and one is a partial spectrum. It is also significant to mention that not all LEDs are full spectrum. But, this LED has a full spectrum.

Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review:Results

Human beings tend to believe the results that they see with their own eyes.

Below are the pictures, straight from the lenses of the customers who are actual users of the Bestva 600w LED.

Samples of all variants are attached.




After seeing the results, all I can say is “This LED is a solid purchase.”

Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review:Wide Applications

Bestva 600w LED grow lights can be broadly used in two fields namely, indoor plant cultivation and hydroponics. These LEDs can be used to grow fruits, vegetables, cannabis, medicinal plants, organic herbs, lettuces, and succulents.

Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: FAQ’s

How many Lumens does this LED give as an output?

The Lumen Output of this LED is 11,800 lm.

How does this LED affect electricity consumption?

The deciding factor is the electricity cost of where you live.

Assuming: 190W (.19 kW)is drawn from the outlet, 15 cents per kwh US average,

18 hours per day:

That’s .19kw * 18 hours = 3.4kwH * $.15/kwh = $.51/day or ~$15.50 per month.

How many plants will be covered under one LED grow light?

Approximately, 7 plants will be covered under one LED grow light.

Can multiple LED units be connected?

No, multiple units cannot be connected. It does not support the Daisy Chaining feature.

What type of timer can be used?

Any timer, with which you are comfortable can be used. You may use 7 day 2 cycle digital, costing around $10.

Are timers compulsory?

No. Timers facilitate automation. You need not worry about Switching On/OFF the LED as per light schedule, manually.
Hence it’s not compulsory, but recommended if you want hassle-free LED operation.

What are People Saying?

The average rating of this LED is 4.5 stars from 500+ customers *. This statistics itself speaks volume of the quality and performance of the LED while considering all aspects.

Around 88% of people liked the LED and have good words to say about it. I have compiled a few of them for you.

“This LED is going strong 2 years later.”

“Just go for this grow light LED.”

“This LED has better PAR,1/8th of heat, and 1/8th of power drawn.”

“I love these lights.”

“It is the power of the sun in my house.”

“A real pleasure to own it.”

On the other hand, 12% have some issues. Those issues are also mentioned for your decision making.

“Hanging hooks must be adjustable.”

“The defective bulbs messed up my plants and ruined my complete harvest.”

“This LED Burnt Out after 8 months.”

“I got a different LED than the description.”

(*Subject to Change)

Bestva 600w LED Grow Light Review: Overall Verdict

Bestva 600w LED Grow Light has passed the litmus test of a perfect LED. While doing the final grading of this LED, we considered various rubrics as follows.

Most important of them are; Newly updated technology, look and feel, affordability, durable, energy optimization, high intensity, more coverage area, full-spectrum, and proactive customer service.

Bestva 600w LED grow light satisfies above all criteria properly.

Therefore, we recommend this LED for your grow space and hydroponics.

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