Advanced Platinum Series P300 – Is It Worth Buying? [Complete Review]

Have you heard the name Advanced Platinum?

Yeah, they’re known for producing top-notch grow lights for indoor cultivators.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 is one of their basic levels grow light with various modern advancement.

In this Advanced Platinum Series P300 Review, we’ll uncover all the secret behind its fame amongst indoor cultivators and beginners.

There’re many manufacturers available on the market and they’re too producing Quality Grow Lights For Indoor Cannabis Growing.

But, advanced platinum stays on the top of the list because of its unbeatable quality product line.

But, what we believe is “Actions speaks better than words.” And in this case, we relied on the results instead of just research.

We’ve taken opinions from several existing cultivators who’re already using Advanced Platinum Series P300 for their Hemp business.

And, this review is completely designed based on the experiences rather depending on just information.

So, now let’s proceed further and take a detailed look at this amazing piece of satisfaction for your Houseplant.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 : A Complete Review

As stated earlier, in this review we’ll try to uncover all the abilities of Platinum LED P300. And we’ll start with its strengths with detailed explanation.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 : Strengths

Here, we’ll discuss all strengths of Platinum LED P300 to grow light where it stands high on the competition with its quality build.

Build – That Makes It An Investment

There are many 300W LED Grow Lights For Weed.

But, None can beat Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED when it comes to the build quality and materials used in its making.

This grow light comes from a well known and US-based manufacturers.

And, All the LED Chips are made in the USA only. Drivers in the LED Panel are produced in there own manufacturing unit.

Yeah, Quality of the body speaks it all for this beast.

And, People who are using it says that it’s durable and highly reliable that you can trust on their statement regarding 100000 hours of lifespan.

So, Durability of this product and quality of materials makes it an investment for the longer run.

Spectrum And PAR Abilities : You Can’t Doubt That.

Yeah, Advanced Platinum Series P300 isn’t like other cheap LED grow lights where it’s labeled as full spectrum without any actual effect while using.

Experience of the people says that spectrum ability of Platinum led p300 is far better than other grow lights with a comparatively lower price.

Grow Light is equipped with 100 LEDs of 3W each. And it also has a secondary focusing angle of 90 degrees which deliver a core and purely intense light on the plants.

This masterpiece is covering all the essential lights for your cannabis plants. Yeah, starting from dippest UV to highest IR, it covers all the 12 bands of essential spectrum.

Following image will give you a brief idea about its spectrum.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 - Spectrum
Advanced Platinum Series P300 – Spectrum

If we concern about PAR values of this grow light then platinum p300 offers 1050 PAR from the height of 18″ while 683 PAR from the height of 24″.

This PAR values are obtained and recorded in a video by manufacturer itself which can be seen in following video.

Watch now.!

This results are benchmark results obtained by Advanced Platinum Series P only and not yet beaten by any of the competitors.

Imagine, How will it feel with Heavy and Resinous buds on your hand after your first grow?

Yeah, Really this abilities of this grow light can produces marvelously amazing results for you.

Best in the class combination of UV, IR and high PAR value improves process of Photosynthesis. By which plants will sustain better health.

Advanced Platinum Series P300’s light is 100% usable to your marijuana plants. While other grow lights fail at this point in most cases.

Because this combination will keep gram-negative bacteria out of the track And will improve leaf building and process of germination in the plants.

Coverage Area : Will Beat Everyone

When it comes to the growing space covered by a grow light then this beast will beat all the competition.

Yeah, Advanced Platinum Series P300 has far better coverage than its competition. This grow light can be fitted inside your 5 X 4 Grow Tent and will enlight around 4.5′ x 3.8′ from the height of 24-18″ during vegetation and during blooming it’ll cover an area of around 3′ x 2′ from the height of 18″.

Yeah, This grow light can cover two different area size because it has veg bloom switch. You’ll only need to change the height of this grow light in case you notice any side effects in your plants.

During veg, it’ll generate minimal and less bright light while during blooming intensity of this grow light will get doubled.

This states are fabulous and make it a Buy It Now Product for sure. You’ll rarely get an LED Grow Light with this ability at this price on the market.

Cost In Long Run : Ultimate Power Saver

We agree, that you need more money initially for buying this grow light.

But, this grow light isn’t meant for those who are focusing on budget only. Results are exceptionally marvelous and another plus point of this grow light is its power savvy nature.

This grow light is an ultimate power saver for the long run. Because during vegetation average power draw of this grow light will be 93W while during blooming it can be boosted to 180W.

And, with this much low power consumption, its light still can replace a 400W equivalent HPS system with an ease.


Yeah, it is.

Because, If we think about competition then all other grow lights will give you states above 200W and that’ll be an average power draw for entire lifecycle. And still, they’ll only replace an under 300W HPS.

Low electricity consumption saves you few bucks every month instead of wasting it.

One of existing user has recommended this grow light to us by saying that Don’t look at its initial price, I’ve already used other grow lights but Advanced Platinum Series P300 is still saving my money every month while some of the others which are still there in my grow space wasting money saved by Advanced platinum series p300 by each passing month.”

Warranty : Consumer Support That You Can Rely On

Advanced Platinum Series P300 is a grow light made for cultivators.

And its support speaks it all itself. This grow panel comes with an exclusive warranty of massive 5 years and manufacturer also offers a 90 days money back guarantee.

In case, you don’t feel satisfied with the product within 90 days then you can return it.

People whom we’ve concerned regarding service of Advanced Platinum given a thumbs up and praised customer support provided by the manufacturer.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 : Weakness

With an attractive price tag, this grow light is performing pretty well inside many cultivators grow tent.

Its performance doesn’t allow us to speak even a single negative side of it actually.

But, one of the existing users have expected a bit more and he also admitted that it’d be too much at this price if he asks for it but he shared his expectation with us as an advice to the manufacturer.

WaterProof : It’s Not, But It Don’t Need To Be

Joseph expected this grow light to be a waterproof unit. So, that it can stay there in his indoor garden for a long time.

Actually, Its built quality is near to a waterproof unit but still, it needs a special care from dripping water because it may harm unit and another thing is it’s an electric device so dripping water may cause the short circuit which may harm your plant.

Yeah, its a grow light made for indoor use only.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 : Final Words

In our bottom line, we’ll give you our final opinion with a justification.


I don’t have any reason for saying NO to the advanced platinum.

This manufacturer has always provided more than user expectation.

Yeah, starting from Materials to The Consumer Support. They’re giving everything above expectation at a fairly labeled price tag.

Performance of Advanced Platinum Series P300 is exceptionally well that it won’t ever let you down.

Just imagine, How will your plant thank you in return after you’ll provide them with this quality Grow Light?

Yeah, that gives you goosebumps. We know that.

It’s a definite worth to buy product, and we don’t need to speak it because its quality, its brightness, its PAR Readings, Its Intensity, Its power consumption, Its large coverage ability, All these things speak it for itself.

Buy Advanced Platinum P300 right now. Because “Now is better than never.”

If you’ve comparatively larger coverage area than 4′ X 5′ then you may like our detailed review on it’s older sister named Advanced Platinum Series P600 Or You can buy it right now from Here. And in case you wants to take a look at other manufacturers as well then read our review about 600 Watt LED Grow Lights For  your Marijuana

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Happy Growing Mate.!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are platinum-led grow lights effective?

Platinum LED claims to offer the highest PAR rating of any market grow light. PlatinumLED grows lights feature the most incredible PAR per watt of any LED grow light available today, thanks to a patented mix of ultra-efficient drivers and top-tier US-made diodes. also check Best COB LED Grow Light

How do you put a grow light to the test?

Take an average of the PAR values measured throughout the entire footprint of the grow light. Measure PAR at the distance from which the light will be placed, but tries with other heights to determine whether you are even at the ideal height. Consider the complete spectrum, not just what is found inside PAR (400-700nm).

What should be the ideal height of the lights be placed for the best usage of the grow lights?

The height of the lights varies depending on the stage of growth of the plants. For the early phases of development with the veg switch, a height of at least 40 inches is required. Also, a shorter height of 18 inches is recommended for the flowering period. As a flower lover, you should keep track of your plants’ growth stages so that you may alter the height of the lights for optimal coverage.

Can the light harm plants if left on all the time?

Yes. A grow light is used to boost plant development to its full potential. And if it is left open all the time, your plants may get burned.

How do I use the Platinum LED P300 300W LED Grow Light’s selectable VEG/FLOWER switches?

You may program the switches based on the stage of the plant’s lifetime. For example, keep the VEG switch turned on during seedling and vegetation, and during bloom, turn on both the VEG and BLOOM switches. However, during the harvesting period, you can only utilize BLOOM.

How far away from plants should a 300w LED be placed?

During the flowering stage, grow lights should be placed between 16 and 36 inches from the plant canopy. Moving the grow light closer will enhance the intensity of the light, allowing for more photosynthesis. check LED Grow Light Distance Chart.

What is the most productive grow light?

HPS grow lights have been regarded as the most effective alternative for attaining large yields for a long time. check strains that give highest yield

What size LED light should I use for a 5×5 grow tent?

So, if your 5′ by 5′ growing space necessitates 320-480 watts of grow lights, and you choose LED, be sure your LED light has an accurate wattage of 320-480.

Is it true that purple grows lights are superior?

 Purple growth lights are fantastic for plants because it gives them just what they need to develop and thrive while avoiding giving them too much light that they would squander. The red to blue diode ratio of a grow light will also assist your plants.

Is it true that more light equals more yield?

The light intensity rule of thumb states that a 1% increase in light equals a 1% increase in yield. In research, Wageningen University discovered this true of all horticulture crops tested, including fruiting (vine) crops and flowers.

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