Advanced Platinum Series 450w LED Grow Light Reviews 2023 {Worth the Money?}

Hey buddies! Today, I have brought Advanced Platinum Series 450w LED Grow Light Reviews for you. What we will do here is, showing each and every reality identified with this 450W model, what’s more, that, we will help you in making sense of how great is this grow light to purchase.

We never put stock incomplete learning. Along these lines, what we have given here is the thorough information about this grow light. We are almost certain that once you have perused our review, you won’t feel the need of getting counsel from somebody. You would have the external data, yet we are here to uncover something genuine. I must say, my team of experts has nailed in testing this LED grow light!

So, wait no longer now, let us unwrap the review!

Advanced Platinum Series 450w LED Grow Light Reviews in 2023

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Advanced Platinum Series 450w LED Grow Light Reviews : The first glance

This grow light is additionally for small-scale cultivators, we encounter a high rage of this grow light among the intermediates also. However, I will not highly recommend it if you are someone among large scale grower.

The characteristics and the positives are particularly like the 300W model, however here, a couple of more cons are what we have. Truly, the opposite side of the coin matters the most, and that is the reason I have thoroughly secured the “not very great” part in “cons” segment which you will come across later on in my review.

Even though, it is an exceptionally useful item and gives a full spectrum. It has demonstrated that it is extraordinary compared to other 450W models in regards to developing weed and cannabis. The outcomes have been better than average also, however, a “mind-boggling expense” issue is screwed over thanks to this model. Along these lines, we will elucidate that too.


Product Dimensions 19 x 3 x 11 inches
Item Weight 18 pounds
Replacing capabilities 600w HPS
Vegetative Coverage 4.5’x4′
Flowering Coverage 3’x2.5′
Avg. Power Draw 137w Veg / 255w Bloom
LED chips quality 150x3w US made LEDs
LEDs Angle 90°
Input Voltage AC85V-260V
Working Frequency 50-60Hz
Lifespan 100,000 hours
Warranty period 5 Years
Money back guarantee period 90 days


When you read about what all features of Advanced Platinum Series 450w LED Grow Light has, you will end up feeling on edge about getting it. In the event that you ask what highlight is missing, sad, we don’t have anything to bring up. Like other models of this series, this one is also highly featured. Read below if you want to know what all it has.

Full 12 band spectrum of lights:

The full spectrum this grow light gives includes 12 groups of lights. With this much flawless range, you can grow anything you need, and don’t stress; it will bolster all phases of the growth. Your plants will work appropriately in an ideal way. The yield that you get particularly relies on the nature of range given by the grow light. In the event that all lights are discharged in the perfect sum, your yield will be better than your expectations.

The huge in addition to the point is that you are likewise getting the extra preferred standpoint of the UV and IR, which are steady in gigantic development of your plants. Besides that, the power of this model is also unquestionable.

Extraordinary PAR output:

PAR value determines how solid the grow light is. 1385 umols you are getting from your Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light from 24 inches stature, and from 18 inches tallness, you get 943 umols. Truly, that is a record for the 450W models. Thus, with that much iridescent force, you can flourish anything you desire under this grow light. The 300W model is a record breaker, as is its senior sister (450W model).

Huge Coverage area:

We let you know, on the off chance that you contrast this grow light and other 450W models accessible in the present market, at that point you will find that it stands miles ahead in regards to inclusion region. At 18 inches, it covers 3 x 2.5 feet, and from 24 inches, you get 4.5 x 4 feet.

Not just that, you are getting the choice of daisy chaining with this 450W grow light, and with the help of that, you can advantageously extend the growing territory. Such a huge benefit!

Veg and Bloom switches are there:

It is straightforward, turn On the veg switch amid the veg arrange, and also do the correct thing with the Bloom switch, amid the sprout switch. No advanced science. These switches are extremely valuable, as they change the entire LED by your craving. However, you don’t attempt to be additional extravagant, as the wrong utilization of this switches may likewise hurt your plant. Along these lines, be insightful.

Even the manufacturers of Advanced Platinum Series 450w LED Grow Light also do not recommend you to use both those switches during the veg stage.

The warranty:

The most noteworthy preferences of bringing an Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light home is that you get a huge guarantee period. Truly, mates, 5 years is the thing that you are getting as the guarantee time frame. Typically, all the leading companies give a three years restricted guarantee, yet Advance LED has included two additional years for extra accommodation!

Other than that, Advance LED is liberal in giving the unconditional promise too. Truly, they have stretched out this certification to 90 days. Disappointed with this grow light? Return it inside 90 days, and full payment will be returned.

What were the results?

The results were much better than what it can be figured out by reading the public reviews of this 450W model. Now, better than using the words, I shall provide you with the pics so that you easily understand what kind of yield is this grow light going to provide you with. You can check the pics HERE!

Hey Amazon, what do you have to say about Advanced Platinum Series 450w LED Grow Light?

It profoundly astonishes that being such a splendid grow light, it has gotten quite recently 4+ stars out of five from 100+ buyers aggregately! We have tried this grow light with various plants, and the yield was exceptionally fulfilling. At that point for what reason is the achievement rate 80%+ as it were?

There are sure little cases that were in charge of the bother of a couple of clients. Some of them found that the client benefit doesn’t react well, some were not content with the sprout work, some said that the LED chips came up short on work soon. The nonappearance of a controlling manual has assumed an enormous job in bringing burden.

On the off chance that a managing manual was given, with all directions in it, nobody had confronted issues of plant harm, because of turning On wrong switches at the wrong time or putting the LED and wrong separation. In the event that a controlling manual was there, the achievement rate would have been more than what actually it is.

Advanced Platinum Series 450w LED Grow Light reviews : Cons

Now here comes the part of the review, where I am going to expose some ugly facts about this grow light. Some of the growers, particularly those, who are tenderfoots, probably won’t have the capacity to control the dimmer switches that appropriately. They unquestionably require some direction. That is the first ugly fact. Want to know more of them? Keep reading.

Not a perfect balance of Red and Blue light:

Although Advanced Platinum Series 450w LED Grow Light is providing you with 12 bands spectrum, but we cannot call that a perfect spectrum still. The reason is that the percentage of red light and blue right aren’t that good. In the customer reviews also, some cultivators have mentioned that this 450W is supplying more blue light and less red light.

But if you ask for advice from an expert like me, I do not find anything wrong there. After all, the light is giving you good results, right? Means the spectrum is not questionable here.

No guiding manual:

The nonattendance of a directing manual has assumed a colossal job in bringing burden. On the off chance that a directing manual was given, with all guidelines in it, nobody had confronted issues of plant harm, because of turning On wrong switches at the wrong time or putting the LED and wrong separation.

  • Great PAR output.
  • Presence of advanced features such as daisy chaining and Veg/Bloom switches.
  • 12 bands spectrum.
  • long lasting model.
  • Huge coverage area.
  • 90 days money return policy.
  • Bigger warranty period of 5 years.
  • No guiding manual provided along with.
  • Price might seem higher to a few buyers.
  • The proportion of blue and red light isn’t very well balanced.

Advanced Platinum Series 450w LED Grow Light reviews : The verdict

Advanced Platinum Series 450w LED Grow Light has profoundly satisfied with the features and grow territory. What to tell about the PAR esteem, that is greatest! Yields that cultivators got were fantastic, furthermore that, not a solitary protestation with respect to the warmth dissemination division. Along these lines, this grow light has shaken!

Be that as it may, people in general reviews don’t express its actual picture. Truly, the directing manual is missing, that may convey bother to you, yet the company has given all information at their site, you can see.

Following a while of testing and testing, we discover this grow light fit one and a valuable one, even with that sticker price. With respect to working, you can’t gripe about a thing. In this way, we exceedingly prescribe you to purchase Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light, and it is worth buy.

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